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You've said not one positive thing since you've posted here. Yeah you must be a lot of fun to be around.

Well I'm flattered you've read all of my posts.

Absurd claim aside, I praised the entire team last week on a great overall team effort. I say positive things when there are positives to take.


51 points and counting? Sorry. I don't take much good away from that. Again if you want to settle for that be my guest.

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Well hooray for your 1 every 2447.

And Luck and the receivers on a near weekly basis. And the special teams for continuing to play well. After years of being horrible outside our punters/kickers, they've come to play each and every week.


The team still has problems. If you want to ignore that and settle, go right ahead.

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Colts suffered their third loss of the 2014 NFL season with their 51-34 loss to the Steelers. Colts have a chance to win their six game before their bye week, as they should put this game behind them, and prepare for their next game on the road with Eli Manning, and the New York Giants. Colts have an extra day to prepare for them between games. Colts still lead the AFC South, though. Until next Monday Niight for ESPN's MNF, GO COLTS!!!!

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    • Yes I expected to lose in Tampa. Huge win!
    • Pinter's too small and not strong enough to play guard in the NFL. He's a huge liability, and his struggles are affecting Smith and Kelly's play. Reich needs to bench Pinter ASAP.
    • You are definitely right about blown blocking assignments and blown coverages.  That is impossible to grade without knowing the play call.   But there is a lot that can be graded and I think PFF does a decent job of giving us an idea.   You can certainly grade man on man matchups on the line  and things and football is at the same time way more complex and less complex than people realise.  Remember that most players receive no grade on most plays.  For instance a QB gets no grade on a handoff.    Graders can tell coverages for the most part by looking at what everyone is doing, not necessarily the person or two involved in the play.   Blocking assignments are harder to grade without the play calls.  So I agree there are things that can't be graded accurately, but overall PFF gives you a pretty good ball park idea how guys are playing.    Grading really isn't that hard.  Anyone can do it if they are told what to look for.  It's hard to collate but it's not hard to look at a guy on a play and note   either  ++   +  0   -     --     If you are given good guidelines, most people will come up with similar grades on individual plays.  
    • The Skyy's the limit for Matt Haack.
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