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Indianapolis Colts


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Colts @ Steelers Game Day Thread

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Ben always seems to play well against the Colts


The Colts just suck against the Steelers.


Peyton was 2-2. Johnny was 0-1. Bert Jones was 1-3.


We're 6-14 all-time. And winless in the playoffs. An we've faced them more than any other team in the playoffs.

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Ugly start so far, but it's still very early.  Shake off the mistakes and play the kind of football that has you on this winning streak.

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I don't have confidence in the Colts on the road. I've been saying these next two games will show a lot. Still early but Colts are going to have to play a lot better to have a chance..

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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    • The fans who believe this is a misunderstanding, or a mistake....are playing checkers, and BB is playing three level chess.    It's not about teams...it's about offenses, defenses, and the coordinators that run them. Bill B has been cataloging and updating tendencies of coordinators through illegal filming for decades. He might be filming the Bengals, but it's just more info in the catalog. When he faces a team in the NFL, based on the information he has acquired, he has a much higher percentage of success against teams. I can remember games where the Colts played them that it seemed every single play, they knew exactly what was coming....exactly. Peyton devised a way to change plays at the line and confuse them, and that is why the Colts were pretty successful against them in the later part of the rivalry.    The Patriots are a cheating franchise. They are also very well run, and no one can deny that. However, When the filming evidence was destroyed, it was nail in the coffin proof that their practices....revealed, would have struck a blow to the integrity of the NFL.    Cheaters. Period. 
    • Nope. Everyone not named pascal has got hurt. He has been on IR. 
    • Makes sense.  I hope the best for him but I doubt it makes any real difference.
    • This should have been done weeks ago, but whatever. If he has a few nice games he can get work next year, hypothetically.  Droopy Dog. 
    • I recognize that cartoon dog but cannot think of his name.  do you know it?
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