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Indianapolis Colts


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Colts @ Steelers Game Day Thread

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Ben always seems to play well against the Colts


The Colts just suck against the Steelers.


Peyton was 2-2. Johnny was 0-1. Bert Jones was 1-3.


We're 6-14 all-time. And winless in the playoffs. An we've faced them more than any other team in the playoffs.

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Ugly start so far, but it's still very early.  Shake off the mistakes and play the kind of football that has you on this winning streak.

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I don't have confidence in the Colts on the road. I've been saying these next two games will show a lot. Still early but Colts are going to have to play a lot better to have a chance..

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    • Watson is 1-2 in the playoffs...same as Luck after his first two trips...but Watson was much better on the field (8 INT vs 1 INT...for example).    It's rare for QBs at that age (outside of  Mahomes or Wilson) to immediately perform big and win big in the playoffs...Colts fans should know that...we saw it with both Luck and Peyton. This lack of playoff success (to date) is also an argument that I hear about Dak (and now Lamar) as well...just seems like a bit of a double standard.    And looking at Watson's stats in his first two playoff years...it compares favorably to just about anybody not named Mahomes. And he's still a few years from entering that prime age range of 28-32...where most of the great QBs peak and start winning big in the postseason. That's a scary thought...and I would take Watson in a heartbeat.   And we are just talking about the playoffs...Watson's regular season production has been fantastic.
    • I know we want to see the chemistry of Rivers with Reich/Sirianni but it would also be good to see some highlights of the 2018 season when he lit it up, he read blitzes well, made excellent red zone reads, moved in and around the pocket well, led his pass catchers well etc.. Guys, this is just 1 year removed from last season, I expect him to be good this year.      
    • I mean we’re pretty well seeing that in the NFL as well. The players want an answer and a plan, but they aren’t exactly committing to it the way that NBA players have, and they don’t seem particularly interested in collectively doing so, either.    And the league (NFL) has done very little other than shrug and say “we have time”. Now they are quickly running out of that time and they still don’t really have a plan. At least not anything that suggests any chance of success.    Football’s back was against the wall from the moment this started. It only takes less than 1/3 of the teams in the NFL to have more players than the entire NBA. The numbers coupled with the way the virus spreads is a perfect recipe for disaster.    Even if the NFL ripped off every aspect of the NBA’s bubble the outlook would still be pretty bleak.    And maybe the league knows that. Maybe that’s why they haven’t seemingly put any effort into figuring something out. They understand that with the current circumstances there’s just nothing they can really do to work around it. Obviously revenue is going to be down this season, and rather than just cancel and take a total loss the whole plan is to just squeeze out as many games as they can and get as much revenue as they can before the inevitable.    Football was dealt a losing hand in this pandemic and it doesn’t matter how many cards they draw, until this virus is treatable and/or preventable that’s just the way it is.   
    • Some of you guys crack me up.  Rivers was not signed to be the future of this team.   Hopefully we all understand he is a 1-2 yr stop gap until we find the future franchise QB.   To think that because he is 38 that he can't play is silly.  Some of you thought we should go after an even older Tom Cheater.   Rivers can play, he a smart vet, a good leader and motivator.   Guys will rally around him, he knows the system, has excelled in this system and has almost all the pieces to take it to Feb. He doesnt have to win games by himself.    The FO knew this team is primed for a run, they didnt want to put this in the hands of a rookie and cross their fingers.   I have never been a fan of Rivers.   But he is the best possible QB the Colts could have signed this yr.  
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