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  1. Not that we should, but I think since we had so much excess cap prior to the draft, and the fact he is still available, would it be worth to pay him a few million to have a 1-2-3 of Gore Charles Turbin? As a short term fix, anyhow... Since we went all out OL last year, then focus on the whole defense this offseason, we could afford to make this move and let Gore retire have Charles for 1-2 years and a 1st rd RB next year fill that gap! It may be an unpopular idea, and a bold move, but why not? Would it really make a difference giving him a short term deal?
  2. MAC DPLOY with 11.5 Sacks 29.5 career at Ohio University On some boards a 1st round talent (I don't buy it but...) Has a high motor Big Body For a 3RD pick and need of pass rush I like the pick
  3. Do we have a similar analysis of Quincy Wilson? CB from FL that we drafted 2nd round... Would be greatly appreciated if you could share
  4. COMPLETE overhaul of the defense this offseason. Just need another good pass rusher and we should be somewhat balanced between a solid offense and defense!
  5. Great video, and even better analysis! Makes me feel extremely comfortable with the pick, even though Safety wasn't their biggest need! #Ballhawk
  6. Ballard did say, he would make picks that may not be that popular. Also, at positions that may not be of high need. I certainly have mixed feelings, but got to trust him, I suppose! With Geathers/Green, and Butler moving to S, I definitely would've wanted to trade up and get Lattimore or Barnett. Or even D. Cook! Hooker is a very talented player, so I suppose it is okay, but definitely not an IDEAL pick...
  7. First things first, Luck HAS NOT established himself as THE BEST QB in the league! That doesn't mean, he doesn't deserve to be the highest paid in the league! He had one of the worst OL's in the league his first 4 seasons, and therefore no running game, yet he still produced at an elite level, while things were going well! That in itself says HE DOES deserve to be the highest paid player in the NFL. Especially now that he has a solid OL. You can't just trade him because players with his potential only come around once in a decade! I'm not too keen on paying him 25M/yr either,
  8. Give them 3-4 years, we will have one of the better OL's in the league.. but certainly with drafting the players we did AND hiring Philben, we are ensuring success for years to come@
  9. TBH I thought Kelly was a very realistic option for our #1 pick. However, I didn't know the Colts were that high on him! Best pick since the 2012 class IN ANY ROUND IMO. Certainly solidifies the whole left side of the line! Also, gives us plenty of completion within the right side, and allows for depth from whoever doesn't win the starting job for RG RT. With Philben taking over helm, and dedication through the draft, I have 100% confidence our OL will protect Luck, and give our run game the boost it needed to be an elite group! Truly the offense can carry the team now, even n
  10. Hold the phone! I don't think for a second we should be a "favorite" to be in the SB conversation! However, I'm certainly not on the doom and gloom bandwagon! Only time will tell how this team will fare. I for one, am fairly optimistic! I genuinely think we are headed in the right direction (especially with the revamped coaching staff and the dedication to the OL). Of course we neglected on the pass rush, but I can honestly say, that is okay! OL is BY FAR WAY MORE IMPORTANT, despite what any analyst or fan thinks. If you have a QB such as Luck, and need to cater to his needs, OL is the
  11. Projections don't mean ish... Look at projections for the Panthers (NFC Champs) last season! All of that is laughable. Take it with a grain of salt. I look for overall talent and the coaching staff as the main indication of how a team will perform. Just because the Colts fell apart last season means absolutely NOTHING, other than they didn't live up to expectations last season. How has Houston improved? New QB? Brock Oseweiler is God's gift to Earth or something, I suppose! IMO he is avg QB. That means they still are in control? Hardly! I would agree with Jacksonville improving,
  12. Let's be real for a minute... Jags are on the rise, but certainly aren't a team to beat! They haven't established themselves one bit. Just because you build off last season, sign a few high profile players, and a couple new draft picks doesn't mean it turns you into a favorite. Now I wouldn't count them out, but I don't think they will win the division. They should compete within, but at this point it's up for grabs. There is not hands down favorite of the AFC South. My predicition Cots 11-5 Jags 9-7 Texans 8-8 Titans 6-10 IMO this is the last
  13. It's sad that we always struggle with SD no matter how their season is going and the usual Pittsburg beatdown. This time it happens on primetime television. Hopefully most of the nation is either sleeping from the turkey or (early black Friday shopping) lol JK.
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