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Not a bad first half. We have not really put pressure on Pryor but i am thinking it's more due with the option possibilities so we have not dialed it up yet. i think another TD for us would have allowed us to start sending more at a higher count. it seemed like we had got away from the run a little but we just have not had the ball much lol. I think if we can come out and get 7 on the first drive it will  force Oakland to feel they need to go to the air more.

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Offensive Line sucks like last season


And the year before that....and the year before that...repeat until year 2006. Going on 6-7 seasons of this crap is inexcusable.


We can't run OR pass block well. Most teams can do at least one or the other. The best teams can do BOTH at least respectably. (IE: NE - Great/vest pass blocking, decent run blocking.)


Our run blocking is better this and last season, but it's still poor/mediocre at best.

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