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Good point. What I said was wth are you? And you might read your comments before posting about mine. He is a rookie making mistakes. You peoe bashing Luck through these games each week, it happens, he is a rookie not a vet. He has thrown passes that are under thrown and they are bad but tbh, his line is giving him nothing and his OC want his routes 30+ yards down field. BA has to get more middle of the pattern passes for Luck and quit making him throw so many down field. BA is too stubborn and so am I. Just enjoy, no biggie :)

I wasn't bashing Luck at all. I simply said he needs to work on his decision making, which he will. I'm a huge Luck supporter. If I was bashing Luck you would know. However, I wouldn't.

Great pass & catch by Donnie!!!!

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I thought they gave him the completion?

The announcers were acting like they called it a catch.

Not sure. I'm at work watching the game on my laptop. I had to take a call and muted the volume so idk what they called it as. Just assumed they called it incomplete and tossed in the PI penalty.

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