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Colts @ Lions Game Day Thread

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Greetings to everyone here at the Colts Game Day Forum! :) Our 7-4 Colts will try to win their eighth game of their 2012 NFL season as they are in Detroit to play the 4-7 Lions in the 41st regular season meeting between the teams. Colts lead the all-time regular season series 20 games to 18, and have won five of the last seven meetings, and also winning four of the last six games as the Indianapolis Colts.

NO injuries to both teams, as the Indianapolis continue to win for themselves, and Coach Pagano, and stay both 'Chuck Strong,' and 'Colts Strong.' GO COLTS!!! :cheer::helmet::coltslogo::coltshorse::coltsfb::colts::1colts::excited::D

Colts @ Lions Pregame Injury Reports:



Colts @ Lions Complete Pregame Press Release On Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF:


Colts @ Lions NFL Gamecenter:



Colts @ Lions NFL On CBS Early GameTV Distribution Map In Blue Shade:


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Any word on whether or not Luck brought his titanium jockstrap?

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only the Vic Secret Model picked the Colts

Let's hope she wasn't thong....ermmm I mean wrong. Let's hope she wasn't wrong.

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How can ALL the experts pick Detroit

We don't really have an answer for Calvin and we haven't done well on the road this year.

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    • When is funchess supposed to be back, anyone know???
    • Luck with his higher ceiling probably could get away with INTs, just like Peyton. Brissett, because of a lower ceiling, plays within his limitations without taking too many chances and thus keeps us in games, and if the support comes through in the form of the running game, D and ST, his efficiency will be magnified. If the D comes out flat like the first 2 drives for the Falcons in the second half, Brissett can only shoulder so much, IMO.   That is why, we will be an underrated team even if we continue building our D and OL but we will win more games if we play more complete games in all 3 phases. Ballard will put his money where his mouth is, on building a complete team that is not dependent on the QB, no matter who it is and it will become more important with Brissett.
    • Nothing like providing proof you don't even watch the games.
    • Yah I know you can’t compare them one to one exactly but I think a lot of people either overated luck based on potential or under rate brissett because he wasn’t some stud prospect.  I hope as the season goes on we can bump this thread and update it so we can see how brissett compares to luck.  Obviously I would rather have luck but I don’t think he’s head and shoulders above brissett either. I can’t wait to see how the season plays out either way. 
    • I don't see Ballard giving up picks for either of those guys. Minkah is good, but Ramsey is a head case.    I also think Ya-Sin will figure it out and eventually be good. Desir and Moore are legit, but seem to be better in man. 
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