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  1. JB criticized the colts and accused them of racism in now deleted tweets after parting ways. He has an axe to grind, which is ridiculous considering that he was given EVERY opportunity to succeed here.
  2. I was gonna say QB hits. The people blaming Wentz for the wheels falling off this team arent watching the games. Wentz has looked great at times, above average in others, and being completely hobbled in one game. I also doubt his ability to stay healthy but he is tough as nails and he's done the best with everything he's been given. I cant say that for most other players on this team.
  3. Hoyer threw something like 11 INTs that game if my booze soaked brain remembers correctly...
  4. I'd much rather they play Sam. If he can read defenses and we shore up the O line, lean on the running game - this team can win. I I dont think our chances with him are much better than Eason but it is at least along the lines of how the team is built. I cant see any scenario in which Eason isnt forcing balls into triple coverage even with a clean pocket. The man cannot read a defense.
  5. Two sprained ankles (one high) is virtually guaranteed to sideline Wentz for at least a few weeks and likely longer. This is a bad team with him and an awful team without him. I dont think I've judged an offseason so poorly. This is gonna be a long season.
  6. There were so many cringy posts when Austin Collie broke out. "We should all go WOOF WOOF WOOF when he makes a catch!"
  7. No way would Ballard give up a pick. My guess is we sign Foles once he is cut, or we just roll with Eason.
  8. People forget that Jacoby had a rocket deep ball too. But, he couldn't make use of it because his ability to read a defense was very limited. I think that Eason's play will end up looking similar to Brisset with a similar career trajectory. This is based on very little at this point. I'm just some guy on the intertubes
  9. We were cursed when we cut Peyton. I think it was the right move for him - he wouldnt have won another SB here. But, it angered the football gods.
  10. I think Wentz is going to ball out. Everyone said Vontae was washed and he went on to play his best football here. Frank would not put his neck on the line if he wasnt 100% sure that Wentz would be successful here. He knows that his legacy is tied to this move.
  11. Following that logic, why has he not earned more playing time? I know he is a fan favorite and he has some clutch catches (because he is a receiver in the NFL and that is necessary to keep your job), but the guy is an average receiver.
  12. Zach Pascal has had two years in a row of 40ish for 600ish and 5 TDs each. The dude is the very definition of average.
  13. This game was amazing!! I honestly wont be bothered if we get smoked in the next round. This game was truly memorable and some of the most fun I've had watching ball in years. Just makes it all that much sweeter about the fairweather whiners ITT. I hear the Chargers forum could use some more fans.
  14. The alternative game plan of prison shanking KC players seems to be going well. Maybe Chuck is better than we give him credit for
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