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  1. Anymore that last couple of players on it have had good/amazing seasons after being put on the cover
  2. I personally liked the story of Costanzo getting drafted and him yelling "SHUT UP!" to his family while Polian was on the phone with him
  3. Understand that there will be more drafts, with more "can't miss" and "cornerstone" pieces that we will add. I will say that something I saw with Whitehair, and although I like him, he would step in and turn his back so you would immediately see his numbers too often. Idk if it was a coaching thing but it can't be hard to correct. Typically if you're watching from the sideline and you see your OLs numbers, it means they are getting beat.
  4. I'm really interested in Ridgeway and Clark. I think they could be the best players from our draft.
  5. Point to address OL has been made
  6. More talented than Brown and compared to Short. Yes please. Nice pick Grigson
  7. I will say. Our OL should be better fingers crossed and all that jazz
  8. La'raven Clark is the newest addition. Offensive tackle
  9. So let me get this straight. You're calling our center, who hasn't played a down yet in the NFL, really good but our DB we just drafted, who also hasn't played a down yet in the NFL, is a bad move. I understand about being a realist, we could have done better than Green, but at the same time maybe not. No one knows how these picks are going to pan out. So I'll wait until the season begins to make proper judgement
  10. Listen boys. We all love our Colts here. But it doesn't matter how devoted we are, anything we write on this message board has literally no impact on the team and how they will go about business. No need to get hasty
  11. Just remember the rest of the scouts have a say in the process too as well as Pagano, so they must like him a lot
  12. Must admit I'm not familiar with him but I feel like this was a reach. Would rather have had Billings
  13. Ahhhhh the wait. Billings, Alexander, Whitehair amongst others still on
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