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  1. If I talk to Jay, I like to know a few things. Mostly the up and coming youngsters.
  2. Another 1-2 inches Wednesday night through Thursday. A stray thunderstorm Friday...then perfect weather Saturday through Thursday next week. Pool time this weekend and next.
  3. We got about 2 more inches today. High water on roads everywhere. Glad I drove my old truck.
  4. I am a firm believer that when the weather heats up the bats and pitching will as well. I was a terrible hitter in the spring when cold, and I was hotter than a firecracker when it was warm/hot. Curves hang, sliders don't always slide, and fastballs do not move as much. Heck wasn't it 32 degrees in Chicago? We were 33 with a hard frost.
  5. The Reds are on a nice roll. When Billy Hamilton gets on base the Reds win...
  6. Lester missed out on some strikes early with Contreras NOT framing well. Good point PT.
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