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  1. I've been better. I have worked out 4 days in a row in the pool even though I need back surgery by the beginning of fall. My new doctor is cutting meds instead of increasing them. Pain 7 out of 10 when not 10 out of 10. Pain sucks. I can handle it. Thanks for asking. I did say on my friend Kent Sterling's Sports show that I had never seen so many last second game winners in my entire life as in the Pacers and Toronto series. That does put him in my Top 5 or higher. You mention winning 'mentally.' I have seen Magic, Bird, and Jordan do it sooooo many times. I think there are several players who are better in the hypothetical Top 10 mentally better or stronger than Lebron. One of them wore the number 31 for Indiana. (Pacers) Again...my opinion. BTW, I watched almost every Pacers game this past year. I finally got to one game.....had to leave early....zero stamina at the time. Love those Pacers.
  2. Instead of dogging the guy on a bad game...why not praise the Celtics and Morris and Stevens for doing an incredible job of defending him and game planning for him. That was text book awesome performance. I marvel more of how well they defended him more then trying to take away from Lebrons greatness. To me that diminishes the Celtics Game 1 performance. The whole Cavs team played awful outside perhaps Tristen Thompson....that was a masterful Celtics performance there. Let's recognize that. I totally agree with this more than anything. The Celtics were ready to play. The Cavs....not so much. The Celts made JR Smith look stupid several times, and Kevin Love got skilled all evening long.
  3. You must have forgotten about me Jay Kirk and I have called him out since his Miami days. I lost further respect for him when he said that Brad Stevens' coaching is overrated. Maybe that is why Big Al Horford is kicking some Cavalier BUTT this entire series......IMO!!
  4. Smonroe said 302....that's a little better Someone can correct me, but I don't think there an OT in the NFL 280 or under. I bet he is quick on his feet without seeing film on him.
  5. He is 6' 7" and listed as 280 unless he has put on more weight since the article I was reading. I would love for a D-2 kid to get his shot. I think I tend to get excited about any OL addition. Machorro needs to beef up a bit.
  6. Just like us Lolly! HA! When I am not on all of these extended vacations I need to really hold my thoughts on this team until I get a chance to see them on the field. I think I am as worried about the coaching as I am about Luck's health and new talent/lack of on the team. If I am not familiar with a couple of the guys....it is a strange choice. I hope these coaches are hidden gems...I really do.
  7. And same with Lebron. Bogie set the tone for Game 6 with a take down. Same mentality today! I am ready to turn on pregame.
  8. Open shots off of the break. Kick it out to Bogie on the left top or left corner. He needs to get to the foul line too or get a lay up to get him going. Same with Vic. Those here who know me also know I like that punch him when he's down and keep him down philosophy....this is game 7. we have plenty of fouls to give even if we have to bring big Al and Leaf. I want a 1980's Game!! Who's with me. Go Pacers. You guys are the better TEAM!!!!! Bmc
  9. Tegray Scales had an off-year. He would have been drafted last year. Cobbs is not afraid of going over the middle and getting hit. Good call on Wadley. Agree. ####Edit.....Tennessee plucked him
  10. That and just throwing away Keenum. Who did they get? Cousins? (Bridgewater please) Thank you. I don't know if I am in the new baseball thread. I love that it is getting going. Radiogirl got promoted in her job and barely has time to change clothes. She is well. I have gone through the mill for just over a year. Long story. Bad year and a half. Thanks again.
  11. I have 3 out of four of my final 4 still left, but it is not in the pool I am in. HAHA!
  12. Thank you. I appreciate You saying that. Weird not being a 'fixture' on here. Game is 1210 on CBS. I am hoping that the NCAA approves the brace Haas used in practice yesterday.
  13. This draft has a lot of good centers that can also play guard or started out as a guard. We need interior Maulers and I would not put it past Ballard, however to draft Nelson at 6.(Pure guard) This trade has me excited about protecting Luck and building the defense. I personally love the 3-4, but am anxious to see how we play the 4-3. If it is an aggressive D with press coverage and new speed we can keep the offense on the field. Excited to see the draft and continued Free agency. Bmc
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