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  1. This pipeline runs oneway. Colts to Jets. The Jets have signed five previous Colt players who were free agents at the time (Pierre Desir, Josh Andrews, Matthias Farley, Jonotthan Harrison, and Benjamin Ijalan). The Jets claimed two Colts players off waivers (Ross Travis, Tarell Basham). The Colts traded four players to the Jets. Three for draft picks (Quincy Wilson, Nate Hairston, and Henry Anderson), while only one was for another player (Thomas Hennessy). And finally, the Colts traded a single draft pick for four Jet's draft picks. By the way that one draft pick, which the Jets u
  2. https://www.foxnews.com/sports/former-nfl-player-attacked-deputy-guard-at-hospital-indianapolis
  3. Rivers should no problem throwing to a wide receiver who is properly socially distanced. Brissett on the other hand...
  4. Jacksonville receives the most benefit according to the analysis and is still a dumpster fire on a regular basis. The Colts receive almost the least benefit according to the analysis and are more than competitive on a regular basis.
  5. Not nonsense. I don't deny he is mentally ill. Mentally ill people who have committed crimes should be in prison, receiving treatment if possible. His sickness doesn't take away his wife's, children's, or neighbor's right to be safe. His metal illness and criminal history definitely void his right to possess a firearm.
  6. "Morrison allegedly threatened to strike workers with a chair before punching one worker" "the neighbor said Morrison came to his door and said he was going to kill him. Court documents state a Ring doorbell camera recorded the threat." "Morrison challenged him to a gun fight" He's mentally ill until he kills his wife and child with a gun and then we're all asking how it happened and how did he posses a gun with his criminal history. He should have been charged with any number of felony crimes and had his right to possess a firearm taken away from him. Do you know why he
  7. I am pro Second Amendment, but how does a dude with that criminal history possess firearms? Charge him with any number of crimes which he committed and put him in prison. His wife, children, neighbors, and the general public will not longer be at risk. Done deal.
  8. Miami does not belong in the AFC East. Baltimore belongs in the AFC East Indianapolis belongs in the AFC North Dallas does not belong in the NFC East. Sort the rest out however you like.
  9. Super Bowl-winning quarterback Nick Foles was traded for a fourth round, three time Pro Bowl quarterback Andy Dalton could not generate a trade and had to be released, three time Pro Bowl quarterback Cam Newton could not generate a trade and had to be released. No one is giving the Colts a 5th round pick for Jacoby Brissett and his contact.
  10. If I were a General Manger of a NFL football team the chance of me signing a 47 year old placekicker who has statically been on the decline for a number of seasons, just had surgery on his knee, and does not expect to be fully healed and ready to play when the regular season stars is absolutely 0%.
  11. He likes to tuck it to tight spots. He just pulls back and launches. He has no touch on short passes. He just pulls back and launches. He doesn't throw an accurate long ball. He just pulls back and launches. Cannon arm and no finesse. He just pulls back and launches. He had a receiver or two who couldn't catch Did I mention he just pulls back and launches?
  12. An experienced quarterback playing for a head coach, offensive coordinator and in a system in which he is familiar. Incorrect, Chad Kelly was drafted by the Denver Broncos. His record has little to do with his ability to play football. I could fill an all-star team with players who have records. A "flyer" who many thought possessed first round talent, so we'll see how he works out.
  13. Philip Rivers has said he wants to play for a maximum of two more years. There is no way he would play for a third team in three years. If he still has it and the Colts offer him another one year contract he'll play here again. Chad Kelly becomes an Exclusive Rights Free Agent. He must sign a one year deal at the league minimum if offered by the Colts. Jacob Eason was drafted in the fourth round and will sign a four year contract according the the rookie wage scale. For all intents and purposes the Colts have three quarterbacks after this season.
  14. "The most talented quarterback in the draft is probably Chad Kelly, but he has a ton of baggage," - Bill Polian You're half right. https://www.newyorkupstate.com/buffalo-bills/2017/02/former_bills_gm_bill_polian_says_chad_kelly_is_most_talented_qb_in_2017_nfl_draf.html
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