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  1. Just waiting for a Luck diss track: "Antonio Brown" ft Lil' FlipPhone.
  2. To be fair, for Cleveland: From 2000 to today, they selected 4 QB. Only Mayfield was a top 10 pick. And for Jaguars: 3QBs, all on top 10. The thing about the draft is you need to have a good scout team. And sometimes, of course, there will be a gamble.
  3. Colts will win 30-21 just because we don't want good draft position
  4. Well, it already has been discussed this topic time and time again. In every game our WR appears free for some deep passes, but JB never sees them or he just ignore them.
  5. Man, congratulations @SteelCityColt really. This post is simply amazing in all aspects of it. Like @EastStreet said, I wish that some people on the forum read it so we can stop talking some nonsense lol. Now about the post. I kind of fell in love with ANY/A right now, really. It's a very nice stat to measure QB play, as stated on the post. As about the correlation of the third downs (and about downs, sacks etc), I guess that the situation and othe variables plays a huge amount on the weight of these ones. So I ain't too surprised by that in the end. You can say that about the turnovers too. Well, congrats again, and now I'm eager for part 2 lol
  6. I guess the point about the stats in which @SteelCityColt is showing us, is not about predict with 100% accuracy, but to only show us that most of the time, when a team have "X YPA" or "Z YPG" or whatever, the win or lose. It's obvious that you'll never predict all the games, and to be fair, it's crazy to think that people keep saying that he wants to only use stat and never consider any other thing. There will be upsets, bad teams can sometimes win against good teams, but like the stats show MOST of the time, it'll happen as the history (and stats) show us.
  7. And just imagine, with all those injuries on their secondaries, if TY plays. God, a massacre would insue.
  8. He can have all the heart he wants, but at the end of the day, what matters is his performance. About the OP, it's nice to see all the stats in one post. If JB could just turn up a notch in terms of YPA, we would've a very nice offense, even with this group of WR. As a matter of curiosity, why didn't you used the PIT and MIA stats?
  9. It's kind of mind-blowing considering the considerable success when we use it.
  10. I really can't think of any incredible good motive to not use more PA. It would at least help Brissett on the passing game. I've been asking myself every game this same question: Why? Why wouldn't we abuse of the PA when (mainly) our running games is destroying the competition. Well, I guess that's one more question to a season full of them.
  11. I feel you. Where I live no one knows nothing about the more in-depth stuff, so I just focus on searching and learning by myself. You guys are cool I guess I'll start to lurk less and participate more lol
  12. I'm always lurking in the forum reading all the messages. And you, @Superman and @EastStreet has been like teachers for me in terms of statistics and all that. Thank you all!
  13. Jackpot here. C'mon people, our WR is kinda fine. It could've a upgrade, but it's nothing so serious right now. Most of the problems with our receivers are tied with how our QB is reading the field and progressions. So please, stop talking a little about how we should go find a awesome WR or things like that.
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