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  1. If you did not block...your name was Mudd.
  2. BrentMc11

    Addy And Daddy 14

    She is going to be soooo pretty. I can tell. Must be taking after her mom....
  3. BrentMc11


    Hey buddy! Love the pics. Season Tickets?? That close? Who the hell are related to? We need to get together. You are not far from Geist are you? Miss my Colts family. I have been wounded in the leg since September 11. Huge deep cut. I was checked for a stroke. Finally it was heart related. I am 3 days out of heart surgery and I feel better than before the surgery. You can post this if you want unless everyone knows Thanks for including me. B
  4. If I talk to Jay, I like to know a few things. Mostly the up and coming youngsters.
  5. Another 1-2 inches Wednesday night through Thursday. A stray thunderstorm Friday...then perfect weather Saturday through Thursday next week. Pool time this weekend and next.
  6. We got about 2 more inches today. High water on roads everywhere. Glad I drove my old truck.
  7. I am a firm believer that when the weather heats up the bats and pitching will as well. I was a terrible hitter in the spring when cold, and I was hotter than a firecracker when it was warm/hot. Curves hang, sliders don't always slide, and fastballs do not move as much. Heck wasn't it 32 degrees in Chicago? We were 33 with a hard frost.
  8. The Reds are on a nice roll. When Billy Hamilton gets on base the Reds win...
  9. Lester missed out on some strikes early with Contreras NOT framing well. Good point PT.
  10. Strop and Montgomery were out there last year too.....the set ups have not gone well. I would like to add more but we are not getting very many of the games. Bummer.
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