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  1. If I talk to Jay, I like to know a few things. Mostly the up and coming youngsters.
  2. The Celtics are simply warn out. I read someone called the team soft. Must not have watched the Bulls and Wizard series. Those two series were throwbacks to the late 80's with all of the banging going on. They are tired and the Cavs are fresh. Lets get on to the draft and FA. I hope Lebron beats the Warriors again with KD.
  3. Pritchard said that he is going to spend more than Larry did. It was Larry's choice to stay under the luxury tax. I am going to let this play out as we ditch some salaries moving forward. I never have seen anything about the 4 number 1's being offered to us for him.....I will look for that. I honestly could care less if George stays. His play is great in the playoffs and he does not play hard against teams we should beat every night. My preference would be for him to go to the West instead of the East
  4. When Roger's knees were good he was terrific all over the floor. When his knees gave out he only had 2 more good years. Now McGinnis was referred to as the Baby Bull because he got a little ticked when Slick told him to get his 'butt' in the game. Big Mac turned it on big time in the playoffs. Sounds familiar doesn't it?
  5. I wish Teague played with emotion all of the time like when Lance arrived.
  6. We have seen that lazy a few too many times too. I remember Alex English was considered lazy by some as was Billy Knight with his glide down the court. Neither of these prolific scorers were lazy.
  7. I would like to as well. I think he and Lance will be better next year together when Lance is actually in shape. I have not seen much of Russell in the NBA. He was hell on wheels at Ohio State. Jeff Teague?
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