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  1. Since I cannot edit anymore I will just add on. Maybe there won't be many for resale maybe the people that get the tickets will go to all the games, but things always will and do come up. Maybe someone will have to quarantine for a couple of weeks and therefore sell their tickets. Who knows.
  2. Why would resale be any different, other than they may have to sell them all instead of individually.
  3. It will be interesting to see what the season ticket holders do... Will I be able to get a lot of cheap tickets this year or will they be at a premium because so few will be available? I'm betting I will get a lot of cheap tickets.
  4. It's fine you feel that way and I don't want you to take my posts as telling you I think you're wrong, just that we look at different things from a QB.
  5. How is it a double standard? Manning had the tag for years that he could not win in a big game, until he did. when comparing Watson and Luck first two years, Watson had a solid running game, a top 3 WR and a top defense. Luck had a solid running game, a top WR in Wayne and a horrible defense. They both had bad offensive lines. Another item to note, after 2 years in the league Luck was 1-2 in the playoffs. After 2 years in the league Watson was 0-1 in the playoffs.
  6. Yeah, even with someone like Watson, you like his toughness (both mental and physical) he doesn't have a monster arm but he has good arm and he is improving as well. Even last year, he still looks like a primarily first read QB. And if his first read isn't open and there is a rush, he panics (One of the big reasons why I'm not a Eason fan).
  7. See above on explanation of Jackson. And IMO Watson is one of the most over-rated players in the league and Matt Ryan is pretty much the same as Rivers, so one or the other the results will be the same.
  8. I debated about that one, TBH. I know he had a great season but I only watched him a couple of times, against KC early in the season and against the Titans in the playoffs. In those games, as a football player he is impressive, speed, stronger than you'd think, reads the field well while running, and fearless, all excellent traits but as a QB he is not accurate in that critical 8-12 yard range and his progressions are usually limited to half the field. So when comparing him to Rivers as a QB, he is not as good. On the flip side of that, if I had to pick one for a team I'd probably go with Jackson because of age and the fact that he seems like a hard worker and someone who works hard to improve his craft, so I don't think we've seen the best of Jackson yet.
  9. Now it won't be an issue. Per the current CBA players can no longer be suspended for failed drug tests, they can only be fined. That is by the league. I don't know if the teams can then suspend a player or not.
  10. I know and you are correct.
  11. Not I. I don't tweet, facebook, instagram, TikTok or any of that. I was just breaking it down for NCF who asked if he was reading it incorrectly.
  12. You are reading it incorrectly. He is saying that he said he was the first to say that Luck's injury (shoulder) was due to a snowboarding accident and everyone laughed at him. He then says that he said, 3 weeks before Luck retired, that Luck was going to retire.
  13. He'll come back so what... he can find another excuse to quit and pocket a few million more?
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