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  1. Fortunately, LV front 4 is not a dominant unit.
  2. Memorize this phrase. "Yes dear" Although the times I say it, just seems to make her temper shorter.
  3. This popped up on my phone from the nfl app but I cannot find the report but in NextGen stats has the fastest players each week. For week 13 Hines and JT were #1 and #2, https://nextgenstats.nfl.com/stats/top-plays/fastest-ball-carriers/2020/REG/13 The NFL had JT #1 and Hines #2 with JT hitting 21.99 mph on his 39 yard TD catch.
  4. if I were the coach, I would have kicked the FG. But let's remember, even though the Colts turned the ball over on downs, the call worked. The Colts got a safety to go up by 6 and they returned the free kick to the 10 (if not for a bogus holding call) and then they picked up a 1st down on the drive, if not for another bogus holding call. Reich has made no bones about he is an analytics guy and the analytics proved to be correct. The only reason fans are fussing about it is because of the holding penalties and because Houston made it interesting on their last drive.
  5. Considering the Colts are the only team to lose to the Jags this season, I'm not sure if they have to "try" to lose in the last week.
  6. Back in my playing days I had a knee injury that didn't really hinder anything other than playing with pain. So, during the game, I did things to manage the pain (for me it was aspirin before the game and then more at halftime) but then the rest of the week, I kept my knee wrapped to limit movement and limit pain. Sounds like that is Rivers' approach to his foot injury, he can still play and do his job it's just a matter of managing the pain during the game.
  7. I think this thread was started based on some misinformation. In 2019 Houston had 44 tackles, 11 sacks, 13 TFL 18 QB hits and 1 safety In 12 games he has 16 tackles 7.5 sacks 7 TFL 11 QB hits 2 safeties His tackle numbers are down but the rest are in line with the previous year and he has been playing roughly 53% of the snaps, similar to last year. Whether or not the Colts sign him to a new a contract next year, I don't know. But his play has not drastically dropped off, the Colts just have more guys along the line to make plays.
  8. Yeah I saw that as well. Made a comment to one of my kids watching the game with me. it was probably innocent enough. They probably changed it when Hines returned the free kick to the 5 and didn't change it back when the refs tried to give the game to Houston.
  9. Thanks, kind of hard to do that while driving.
  10. Yeah, I keep holding out hope. Pittman is not available in my league,
  11. My word, has it been nearly 5 years since we have been blessed to watch Peyton Manning under center? I watched a lot of Denver games when he became their QB because he was just so much fun to watch.
  12. I hope you're right. I have Hilton on my fantasy team and I keep starting him because I keep thinking this will be the week he explodes.
  13. I haven't been able to watch the last couple of Colts games just listened to them on the radio. But it seems they have gone a lot more no huddle the last two games and they do very well from it. So, if the Colts play a significant up temp game on offense, I don't think the Titans can hang with the Colts. But there are still a lot of unknowns. Will Reich stick with JT, even if he fumbles or is not lighting it up to start? Will Eberflus finally develop a 1st half game plan instead of waiting for the other team to have two scoring drives before he starts to figure out what they are doing and adjust things to stop it? Now that Pittman is going to get more attention, will someone else step up and be that consistent WR that can beat zone or 1 on 1 matchups. Will Reich play the field position game? I don't remember the exact stat but last year most of Tenn's scoring drives were 60 yards or less.
  14. The zone blitz always caused Manning problems, but they won a lot of games despite that. And they would have one that game but Dungy was not there the entire time to help them prepare and you could tell the heads of the Colts players and coaching staff were not in the game, especially at the beginning.
  15. The Chiefs seem to be playing on a different level right now. Their weak spot is their run defense, but they usually score so easily that many teams cannot run the ball consistently enough to take advantage of it.
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