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  1. As someone who doesn't really look around for news, can you provide links of the "everywhere" this is being discussed?
  2. Oh man, A dline with Houston, Buckner, Stewart and Watt would be unbelievable. Unfortunately, that is a pipe dream, but what a dream.
  3. The same people that think Dak Prescot and Deshaun Watson are good passers. They are all good QBs but they all struggle when they need to sit in the pocket, go through their progressions, make the correct read and throw the ball on the money... they are all lacking.
  4. Not the same thing and not the point I was making. Some poster mentioned that it was funny that Colts fans talk about his playoff record since he owned the Colts in the playoffs. I was not saying he has a good playoff record but take away the victories over the Colts means he has a bad playoff record. I was making the point that he only has 2 victories over the Colts in the playoffs and even with that, he still does not have a good playoff record.
  5. So is that percentage on plays where JT ran the ball or is the percentage on plays where JT was lined up in the backfield? The reason I'm asking is because if it's on plays where JT runs the ball, then it adds credence to @chad72 comment about the predictability of Reich's play calling. If it's on plays were JT is in the backfield, then I think it shows more that teams are not as worried about the Colts going deep in the passing game whether that is because of Rivers or because the Colts don't have a receiver that can take the top off a defense is open for debate.
  6. I guess I don't have the inside information about the Bengals organization that you do to determine if they go above and beyond to try and win. I can see from the outside they are not very good at it, but that does not mean it is from a lack of trying.
  7. If he takes snaps away from Autry then that is probably a good thing.
  8. I'm not sure if I follow your logic on this one, especially since, in football, winning equates to more money. Additionally there is nothing wrong with a business owner turning a profiit... that is why most business owners, you know own a business.
  9. Yeah, us yanks just draw an arrow in the bottom right corner of the page.
  10. Yeah, there are quite a few people that would not be in the HOF based on my criteria.
  11. That doesn't even make sense. Whether the Chargers beat the Colts or not does not determine his playoff success. That would only make sense if the Chargers ONLY played the Colts in the playoffs. The fact is he is 5-6 in the playoffs. That is not a lot of playoff games for a 17 year career and it's not a lot of playoff wins. Take out the Colts and he is 3-6 against other playoff teams.
  12. When I think of HOF, how did the player change the game compared to his peers at the time he was playing? And IMO, Rivers has not really done anything to change the game. He's a good QB and does a good job but he does not have the yards/TDs of a Brady or Manning or Brees. He has not changed the way an offense functions nor a way a defense prepares, like Peyton, He does not have the SBs of a Eli Manning, SBs are not a huge factor, but between similar candidates it has to play a factor. He probably will get into the HOF, and while I'm glad he is a Colt, I don't think he has done a
  13. Is PTO like a PS(Post script). Addition at the end of a letter after the signature?
  14. Sorry, I don't think I paint with that broad of a brush. There were times when JB's fear of throwing the ball downfield was a significant reason the Colts lost. But there were also other games where his caution helped the Colts win. I'm not really sure what JB has to do with this thread.
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