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  1. Coffeedrinker

    Nelson Fined for leading with helmet

    Interesting side note. So Judge Brown is from the Kansas City area and he is a partner in one of the largest ambulance chasing law firms in both Kansas and Missouri. So I get to see his commercials all the time... yay me.
  2. Coffeedrinker

    Nelson Fined for leading with helmet

    So, in your opinion, if EVERYONE who commits a crime is not convicted of committing a crime, then no one should be convicted of a crime? I know that is an extreme, but that is applying your thoughts to another situation.
  3. Coffeedrinker

    Nelson Fined for leading with helmet

    It was definitely leading with the helmet, they probably used the facemask shaped bruise on Church's chest as evidence. But good for him and like @Lucky Colts Fan stated/// worth every penny. I guarantee the next time the Colts and Jags play, Church will not be running up there to support the run. He will take a different angle to try to avoid Big Q.
  4. Coffeedrinker

    How do we beat the titans

    Very well could be. The Colts made it more of a game than the final score indicated. Not only missing the starters but then they lost another 3 or 4 during the game.
  5. Coffeedrinker

    2nd half goose egg

    Yup those did kills drives, along with a bogus holding call on B.Smith on the Colts first drive of the 2nd half. Started them off in a hole.
  6. Coffeedrinker

    Colts work out Jalen Collins

    I agree with all that as the starting point. But once someone is in the grip of an addiction it, the solution goes well beyond just growing up and being more mature.
  7. Coffeedrinker

    2nd half goose egg

    I think it was somewhat by design and it almost backfired. If you watch a couple of runs, Mack had huge holes and all he had to do was step to the left, something we have seen him do several times during his 3 game streak but in the 2nd half he just lowered his head and plowed forward. When the Jags made it interesting, Luck hit some big throws... one to TY that he caught along the sideline and one to a wide open Allie-Cox who flipped it up in the area to the LB (that was the one that lead to it almost backfiring). But, I personally think, the Colts didn't want to so Jax their adjustments. if there is one thing the Colts coaches have shown all year is the ability to alter their game plan from quarter to quarter and half to half. I find it really hard to believe they were stymied by Jax's adjustments which basically included continuing to focus on the running game with 5 guys and dropping an extra guy into zone coverage.
  8. Coffeedrinker

    How do we beat the titans

    Welcome to the Colts forum. It used to be we would get 3-8 fans from the opposing team every week to post on here and maybe that will start up again now that the Colts are becoming a football team again. The Pats was a good win for the Titans but against the Chargers Vrabels decision didn't cost the Titans the win, it cost the Titans a tie and a chance for a win. Big difference. Anyway the Titans are a good team, and like the Colts, are trending upwards. The Colts D is not as bad as they have looked the last couple of weeks because they will be getting some bodies back that help the D to click, I think this will be a good game and it very well could be the team that has the ball last will win it.
  9. Coffeedrinker

    Colts work out Jalen Collins

    I don't think it's a grow up thing. It's a substance abuse thing and that is not about maturity. With multiple failed drug tests in college and now multiple failed drugs tests in the NFL, it's about a life changing decision to get clean. Personally, I don't have a lot of sympathy for for people with substance abuse problems because no matter how it ends, it starts with that persona making a choice. That being said I do have empathy for them, and once that person has a substance abuse problem it's not just a "buck up" or a grow up solution. It is a severe challenge that pushes a persons mental and physical capacity well beyond their limits. I wish him well and I hope anyone reading this remembers the best way and sometimes the only way to beat a substance abuse problem is to never engage in the activities that can start one.
  10. Coffeedrinker

    Blue on Blue Uniforms

    More reasons why football is better than soccer.
  11. Coffeedrinker

    Defensive Outlook

    Goode is a good depth player at all 3 LBer positions. But Matt Adams as been the starting SAM the last two games and Franklin was the starting SAM the previous 3 or 4 games. Goode started at same weeks 1 and 2 only (I'm going off memory so I may be missing a week somewhere)
  12. Coffeedrinker

    Colts #4 in PFF O-Line Rankings

    That is easy enough to answer.. it's because sacks are not as important a stat as we fans make it out to be. That being said, I don't know what they are looking at; when you look beyond the sacks. The Titans also have fewer net yards per pass attempt, fewer yards per carry in the running game, lower score percentage, fewer 1st downs (although they do have 4 more rushing 1st downs than the Colts). So, if the line is as good as PFF is grading them, then that must mean their skill position players aren't that good, right?
  13. Coffeedrinker

    How do we beat the titans

    Pressure and sacks is a good point, but they also have to be careful with it. They need to get pressure without letting him scramble. If they can provide pressure to make him get rid of the ball before he wants to that is great. But if they provide pressure that forces him to scramble and escape the pocket, he is very good on the move and will pick apart the D.
  14. Coffeedrinker

    Colts work out Jalen Collins

    I don't think they can use that wording but a team just needs to make the salary the base minimum and the rest incentives.