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  1. Coffeedrinker

    Luck post game interview

    1. It's a different league now when Walsh coached. Establishing a running game is not needed anymore in the NFL. It's a passing league and everything is being established to give the edge to the teams passing the ball a lot. I think that is changing in the NFL, but the Colts don't have the personnel yet to work on more of that. 2. I don't necessarily agree the Colts need to run the ball more, but they do need to run the ball more effectively.
  2. Coffeedrinker

    Luck post game interview

    I don't think they should be praised but the sky is definitely not falling and it's not time to change everything from the play calling to the WRs to Luck's mentality. They had no regard for the run because they were confident their front 4 could stop it. Philly is just about always confident their front 4 can stop the running game.
  3. Coffeedrinker

    Referees from yesterday should be fired

    No, I do keep it on the field. But for the next quarter and a half, I did let the ref on our sideline know what a bone headed call that was and they owe us one. When we were two yards short of a first down and the ref quickly placed the ball and signaled a 1st down, I quit giving him a hard time.
  4. Coffeedrinker

    Referees from yesterday should be fired

    You think those refs were bad, in my son's game he got called for blocking below the waist. My son plays linebacker and was making the tackle on the play.
  5. Coffeedrinker

    What we know now after eagles game

    I am too but Good really struggled in this game. Not surprising, he has not played in a while and he had a tough match up. But still, he was a big reason why the Colts didn't try many deep passes in the game.
  6. Coffeedrinker

    The Margus Hunt Appreciation Thread

    Just an FYI, Franklin is listed as the starter in the gamebook as well. Yes it was, but the Eagles attacked the Cover 2 type D the way you need to attack it, at the outsides and zone blocking. The o gets a numbers advantage, the CBs and safeties are dropping back and then the key is the closest LB, if the O gets him blocked or the RB makes him miss it's a good gain because it takes a while for the CBs and safeties to come up and make the stop. it is a weakness is the cover 2 type D. It's the difference between what Washington did, which was attack from outside shoulder of the tackle to outside shoulder of the tackle, vs what Philly did which was attack the outside shoulder of the tackle to the sideline. Then when the Colts started pursuing hard they would run between the tackles or a counter. All that being said the DC called a pretty good IMO. He made nice adjustments kept them out of the end except the first drive of the game and philly's last drive (which the refs helped them a lot). Gave up some yards
  7. Coffeedrinker

    The Margus Hunt Appreciation Thread

    Yeah, Franklin was the SAM on the entire opening drive. I didn't look for him much after that. Adams is the back-up WILL which is a good spot for him but I think he could fill in for either Leonard or Walker if need be.
  8. Coffeedrinker

    The Margus Hunt Appreciation Thread

    Hunt has been playing very well. The other team has to double him or he makes a play. Also to add to that, the CBs have been playing extremely well. Most of the big passes that have been completed against the Colts have come in the middle of the field attacking the LBers and safeties. Also, does anyone know why Franklin was starting SAM instead of Goode?
  9. Coffeedrinker

    Dear NFL

    Yeah, it's almost to the point of being unwatchable. The refs throw a flag on nearly every punt and kick return. Every time a DB makes a good play on the ball the first thing he does is look around and see if a ref decided to throw a flag on that play. The hits on the QB has been discussed. I have been a football fan for a long time, not only the Colts but I like watching football and now it's too easy to find better things to do that watch the joke the NFL is becoming.
  10. Coffeedrinker

    Aikman Efficiency Ratings

    I'm not sure why you are being obtuse about this but I will play along. Aikman's ratings is a formula and his purpose is not to predict but to quantify current results. So there are no overrides because all it does is calculate information that has already happened. But when I use AER to try and determine which team will win the game, I use "manual over-rides"; I factor in home field advantage, key injuries I will even average the last 5 weeks compared to the overall to see if a team is rising or falling in efficiency.
  11. Coffeedrinker

    Aikman Efficiency Ratings

    He doesn't have to know how BlueShoe's system works, what he stated is a known for any statistical or data based formula.
  12. Coffeedrinker

    Aikman Efficiency Ratings

    Sounds like an interesting formula. Do you care to share or is it something you want to keep private?
  13. Coffeedrinker

    Players Ruled OUT vs Eagles

    Desir had a good game against the Redskins, he was the one that knocked the pass away when the Washington receiver caught it in the endzone. Desir stuck his arm in there and pulled the ball out.. I'm not sure why Wilson was playing in the 2nd half. Loss of Wilson won't hurt. Loss of Autry just means more snaps for Hunt. I thought Mack was outplayed by both Wilkins and Hines against the Redskins. AC hurts but the Colts have dealt with it the last couple of games so nothing new. The Doyle and Ridgeway injuries hurt the most. Luck likes to go to Doyle in clutch situations. And Ridgeway was doing a good job in the 7 or 8 snaps he played last game before getting injured.
  14. Coffeedrinker

    Aikman Efficiency Ratings

    There are definitely some interesting things regarding the AERs. The 108.x for the Chiefs is the highest offensive number I have ever seen for a team. Conversely, the 49.1 defensive rating is the lowest I have seen for a defense. If the early scores are any indication the Rams are as tough as everyone talked about in the off season. For the Colts, it's interesting that the offense is quite a bit higher in the efficiency ratings than the NFL (yards) rankings and a few points lower on the defensive side than the NFL.
  15. Coffeedrinker

    When will the light turn on?

    It will click at 12.32 in the 2nd quarter of in Colts versus Texans game.