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  1. Yes it plays a role. And I also believe that JB will be the Colts starter next year. On the flip side, there are a lot of things to look at to analyze a QB and his effectiveness. And looking at some of those things is what makes me think JB is not going to be a long term answer at QB. For example, all year no matter the receivers he has on the field he has hesitated to throw the ball even when a receiver is open. Also, he has shown some lack of recognition in his presnap reads all season, that is completely independant of the weapons he has on the field. Or changing the play at the LOS. Now, I dn't know how often he changes the play but when it's obvious the play he changes to rarely becomes a positive play for the Colts. I think he will be a starter for another year because I do not think the Colts will spend a 1st round pick on a QB nor trade for a starter. I think they will draft a QB in the 2nd or 3rd round with the belief to let him sit for a year before moving to the starting lineup.
  2. too true, But since Irsay and the Colts agreed to a huge settlement, I don't think they would have been opposed to an IR/let him get think about his future if that was a preference of Luck.
  3. Nope, not a loser at all. Good guy who did what he thought was best for him. Just what was best for him meant he quit on his team. You know what's funny, when Tarik Glenn retired right before training camp, so many Colts fans called him a quitter. So many people still hold a grudge against Corey Simon. But with Luck, it's different. Also, I agree with @Superman if it was an issue that Luck thought he needed to get his head back into it, he would have asked the Colts to put him on IR. But by retiring I think he wanted to show that it was a permanent decision.
  4. You sound like that kid that has to ride the short bus to school. But really, show me where all I do on here is whine? As far as moving on, I responded to a thread about Luck. It's not like some where I try to post the same narrative in every thread whether it's related to Luck or not.
  5. Well, no I wouldn't. Two, luck didn't retire because of injury or because his skills eroded he retired because he was tired of having to work to overcome injury. @NewColtsFan perhaps that is the difference in my mind. If it was a issue where as long as he played football the injury would always be there that is one thing. But that was not the case, he said he was just tired of going through the process of recovering from injury.
  6. Good point and a good question. I don't know if I have a real answer for it. Of course you don't consider him a quitter, you're a Luck fan and only became a Colt fan when they drafted Luck (if I remember your history correctly). I'm not saying that is a bad thing, just that you may be a bit biased. :)
  7. What if he doesn't play well? Will the Colts still move on from AV next year?
  8. I have to admit, I'm surprised but I think it's a good Doyle is a real lunch pail guy that is good to have on a team.
  9. And his issues made him quit on his team He's 30 years old hall of Fame talent who quit on his team No he cannot, because he quit on the team. Quite frankly, lightning didn't strike twice. The 2nd lightning quit on his team.
  10. You say you look at more than one variable but you have not really proven that you do. Ok, if you want to believe that about yourself that is fine.
  11. Why would you want a guy who quit on the team to come back, just to quit on the team again? I wish no ill will on Luck and I hope in future years he can look back on his decision and feel it was the right decision. But I also don't want him back on my favorite team.
  12. because you said everyone and every body. That included me, so that was an incorrect statement by you. I see you say a lot of nonsense. Wow, you are as bad as some other posters about chaging the subject. But I will play, Mahomes and Jackson are not similar QBs at all. Jackson is having a great year no doubt, it's yet to be determined if he will causes problems for years to come.
  13. I agree, I'm not saying he was wrong. I'm just saying I drew the wrong conclusion based on that statement from CB.
  14. I figured you would respond in this fashion. You always tell us how smart you are and how you look at all the variables to draw your own conclusion. All I'm saying is prove it.
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