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  1. And that list is even longer. Shawn King, Tito Wooten, Fred Lane... some LB but his name is slipping my mind but he got suspended. It makes sense too, the GM has the best and most accurate scouting reports on those players.
  2. What part of "the mudd technique" does not translate to speedier defensive lines?
  3. I remember that play. I did not know that was a dip attempt, I thought he stumbled over a a clump of grass. I will stop with the bashing now because I do have confidence that he will bounce back, he showed some flashes last year, he just had a really, really bad game against a middle of the road starting oline and pretty bad back-up olines.
  4. https://www.colts.com/team/players-roster/obum-gwacham/ They allow teams to have players with the same number in the preseason. With a roster of 90, retired numbers and position groups being confined to blocks of numbers, they have to allow it, but I think they cannot play on the same side of the field. The Colts also have two: #8, #9, #38, and #47
  5. I did notice it... it just wasn't a good play. Well it was, it was a great play for Barkley and the WR. it was not a good play for the Colts.
  6. In the football world that is not considered a tackle. And it's funny you picked a play where Turay was once again stopped and the QB stepped up past his lineman to Turay. It was not a great play by Turay.
  7. Sorry, I thought we were talking about the game last night.
  8. Obviously, since you are responding to my comment about Clark, I disagree. Clark showed good movement last night and did not get pushed back like he has in seasons past. He didn't look like a starter but he did look like someone who can fill in if need be. Scheme means nothing during the preseason. During the preseason you look at technique and his technique was poor.
  9. He had no moves and no hand play on rushes, poor hand placement, no bend, no strength.. he would just run straight forward and then play pat a cake with the tackle until the play was over.
  10. Thanks for the link. Pretty much matches the eye test from last night. Stewart of beast last night and he was so quick off the snap. Fountain looked good. Like Kelly, I'd like to see him against better competition. I also thought Turray had a horrible game and looked like he does NOT belong in the NFL. Clark looked pretty good at LT. I will be surprised if Barton is not replaced by Saturday, he looked absolutely horrible against the 3s and 4s.
  11. Hilton already owns their stadium, he might as well own their viewership as well.
  12. How'd that strategy work for opposing teams last year? The throwing shoulder seems to be a bigger weakness than a strained calf muscle.
  13. With gamepass can you watch preseason games live?
  14. I remember it differently. Wilson got in the dog house quickly in camp and went from starter to backup between the 1st and 2nd or 2nd and 3rd preseason game and then he only got the start in the first couple of regular season games because of injuries. But I'm getting old my memory could be fading.
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