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  1. Coffeedrinker

    Obscure Colts Game

    John Gill - 2010 DE/DT Found face down in a ditch passed out drunk. Had a severe alcohol addiction. Bill Polian placed him on reserve non football illness list (basically the same as IR so he would till get paid for the season) and Jim Irsay paid for his rehab.
  2. Coffeedrinker

    Clayton Geathers may play vs Ravens

    I assumed he was talking about the 3rd if Geathers gets injured again. Don't worry, nobody is forgetting Farley
  3. Coffeedrinker

    Clayton Geathers may play vs Ravens

    Green can fill that third safety role just fine. He is one of the best tackling safeties on the team and his zone coverage skill is adequate.
  4. Coffeedrinker

    Bengals Week 1

    Colts have Luck. Thank you, I will be here all week, don't forget to tip your waitresses.
  5. Coffeedrinker

    Clayton Geathers may play vs Ravens

    I like Geathers but this has been a common theme throughout his career... Geathers may play this week.... If he plays an entire season for the Colts it will be a bonus... I don't think anyone is expecting it though.
  6. Coffeedrinker

    So... Uh...

    To the bolded, that is just simply not true. I know quite a few people in that 200K plus range and their money comes from income from their work. I know a few in the seven figure income range and that comes from working not from wealth someone else obtained and not from stocks, etc. I don't want to get into a whole tax discussion on the football forum we can definitely take this off line. But investment income should be taxed lower than earned income. It's riskier and fewer people would take that risk if it were taxed higher. As far as the wealthy paying such a large portion, it's not a way to disguise anything. It's a fact. Nor is it true that they pay a lower rate than lower income earners. Those that earn 2M + year have the highest average effective tax rate at over 27%, those that earn less than 30K have the lowest at 4.9%.
  7. Coffeedrinker

    Skai Moore & Leonard

    I have a different opinion of Skai Moore than most. His coverage was really good. But his support in the run game was horrible. He got absolutely planted a couple of times by a lineman. And even if he wasn't engaged he was hesitant to fill the hole with any force. Leonard took a bit too long to diagnose the play several times (to be expected from a rookie playing in his first game but definitely something that needs to improve). Showed good range and speed but he found out quickly that NFL players are a lot faster than college when he was juked and whiffed on a tackle attempt. Green, that TD was him getting outmaneuvered. No two ways around it. You don't want it to happen but it happens to every player... the guys on the other team get paid as well.
  8. Coffeedrinker

    [Lombardi] Deon Cain's injury might be season-ending

    See this is why I knew I should not have gotten involved in this thread. 1. Most fans watch the game, it doesn't mean they know what they are seeing. 2. Even if a fan knows what they are seeing, a fan can't watch all the players at once and determine what they are doing. To do a play by play break you have to watch the play several times from multiple angles... did you do that while watching the TV broadcast. 3. Stats and numbers in the preseason mean next to nothing to the coaches. It is common sense, it would be ridiculous for coaches to waste precious training camp time watching film and game planning for a preseason game. Typically, most teams, will develop a basic game plan for the 3rd preseason game because that is the one that is to prepare the team for the regular season. But that is it. The point of preseason, for the starters and primary backups, is not to win the game. It's to see if players make the right adjustments to how the opposing team lines up, it's to make sure that for whatever the play call is they start at the right point, they use the proper techniques when transitioning from one point to the next and they end up in the correct spot with the correct form. There are so many things for a coach to evaluate after a preseason game, one of the last things they look at is how many yards they gained or gave up. I can almost guarantee they do not pay any attention to the opposing QBs completion percentage.
  9. Coffeedrinker

    [Lombardi] Deon Cain's injury might be season-ending

    Yes, teams do not gameplan against the opponent for the preseason. They go in with the plays they want to run. I don't know about the Colts but some teams don't even make calls based on down and distance in the preseason games... they just want to see how the players apply what they have learned in practice.
  10. Coffeedrinker

    [Lombardi] Deon Cain's injury might be season-ending

    I should not jump in here and I don't know why I am but: You do realize what it means when a team does not develop a game plan don't you? And come on, stats and numbers tell the story but a play by play breakdown is inaccurate? Either you are being difficult on purpose or you really have no idea about that little thing called reality.
  11. Coffeedrinker

    So... Uh...

    Don't forget that his agent probably takes 10-15% of the pre tax amount. Sorry, you said agent fees. And it's not just professional athletes, it's any wealthy person. Although I am sure he has a good tax attorney to help reduce that tax burden some. Although people who make 200K/year or more (less than 5% of the population) pay nearly 60% of all federal income taxes.
  12. Coffeedrinker

    Passing Offense - Stop Stressing

    You are a funny little man. Keep it up, your posts provide a lot of comic relief during my work day.
  13. Coffeedrinker

    Quincy Wilson = Bust

    Ideally you want the CB to react quickly enough to get the the receiver when the ball gets there to either make a play on the ball or hit the receiver and hopefully jar the ball loose. But secondarily yes and long as he gets there and stops the yac then it's not a bad defensive play.
  14. Coffeedrinker

    LT position

    AC has started 105 of a possible 110 games in his career. Meaning has has missed 5 games in his career and none since 2015. Injuries can and do happen in football but based on history it's pretty narrow minded to claim AC is unreliable because the team held a veteran entering his 8th NFL season out of the first preseason game.