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  1. yeah, but what about the position they played in college AND their PFF grade in college. That is a better indicator of what they will do in the NFL than their actual play in the NFL.
  2. You mean other than his play where he has already proven to be a very good tackle? Perhaps. Of course, smaller, faster rushers always gave T. Glenn considerable problems until he spent a year going against Freeney in practice. One, he got a lot of help with Watt last year and Watt is not a DT. He is smaller than majority of DTs a guard faces.
  3. Fair enough What do you consider depth? The Colts have two guys that have 47 starts between them ( I don't know the exact break down) with greater than half those starts at right and left tackle. I'm not a Clark nor Haeg fan but Clark played well last year when called upon... not great but didn't make any major mistakes and Haeg is a solid guy at all positions who has reached his ceiling on effectiveness. But this post seems to be a far different concept (no depth at the position) than your original post where the Colts have only one true tackle. Which both Clark and Haeg were tackles in college so I guess they are both "true tackles: as well.
  4. I was going to respond to each point but it's not really worth it so I will just say, the fact that he was suspended and fined was not proof enough for you?
  5. there is the crux, I agree 100% he is very strong in the upper body, but I disagree he's strong in the lower body... thus one of the main reasons why I think he would struggle inside. Combine that with his punch being slow coming out of his stance. Those are two items that are critical for a guard to be elite in the NFL. He does have good footwork and quickness in a short area. It's why I didn't list that as a possible weakness on the insde. I've never said anything about his quickness Your conclusion does not match the information you provided. He struggled against Bosa, I watched the Tenn game a few times on gamepass and Smith, regardless of the PFF grade, played a good game. And I didn't see anything yet that would make me think... he would be a great guard. To match him with a past colt, he reminds me a lot of Diem but a bit better athletically.
  6. Actually, I don't care about what the "experts" say even when they do agree with me. Of course, I picked comments, it would have been silly to just quote the entire thing again, you already did that. None of the additional comments you quoted go against anything I have said. He has a strong upper body but he has a weaker lower body (that is one of the reasons when players, play "top heavy". But since you like the experts so much, how about this. The Colts' experts moved him to RT. Even when they changed experts after 1 season, the new experts kept him at RT and signed the RG to a 3 year $18 million extension indicating they have no plans to replace neither the RT nor the RG in the immediate future. But perhaps the Colts' experts should pay attention to an NFL.com draft profile and change up one of the best olines in the NFL.
  7. before the Chiefs game, I was as well. But, IMO, the Colts don't beat the Chiefs without Houston in that game and it goes beyond the TFL on 4th and 1. I'm hoping he is finally getting comfortable with a 4-3 DE vs a 3-4 OLB and the nuances that change entails.
  8. no, he played the interior mostly. There were times when the Colts were in goaline or less than 2 yard situation when they went to their big package where he'd slide to DE (with Woods and Stewart at DTs). But that was rare.
  9. Again easy, here is some quote from your NFL.com paste "He has size and power, but the holes in his game are unlikely to be patched up with coaching. He can become an average to solid starter." "Needs to play faster with hands" "Plays robotic and top-heavy at times" "Punch is adequate" The main item is bolded Again, I don't care about PFF grades for olineman. I do not find them to be accurate. Again if you want to base your opinion on the words of others, I can't stop you... I will continue to base my opinions on my observations and knowledge.
  10. Easy, because I know the skills needed to play guard in the NFL, especially with the Colts current blocking scheme and I listed the skills that I think he is lacking in order to become a great NFL guard. I like NFL.com's draft prospects page and I read it quite a bit leading up to the draft. Funny that you would post that, since it goes along with what I've been saying, he would be a good guard but his weaknesses would stop him from becoming great. He is quickly becoming a great tackle. I would say he is already a top 15 RT and he is still showing improvement every week. If you want to base your opinions on what most people think, that's fine.
  11. Saying JJ Watt is playing well is kind of like saying that water is wet. That guy is my favorite non Colt player to watch (when he's not playing the Colts). He plays the game like it should be played. With Clowney gone, they don't seem to switch Watt much, he will stunt and things but I don't see a lot of opportunities for Nelson and Watt to be matched up. But man, when they do it will be fun to watch.
  12. Making it work through athleticism is an incorrect statement and does a huge disservice to Smith. Smith is making it work at tackle by working hard and becoming a tackle. I'm not sure what makes a "true tackle" but to me a guy that plays tackle and plays it very well is as much of a true tackle as anyone else. As far as AC (or AT if you prefer ) aging... yup, every player on the team is aging so that is not a shock. But he is still just 30 and tackles often play into their mid to late 30s so that is not much of a concern. Not to say they won't draft a tackle in the next couple of drafts, but I doubt they will try to find a starting tackle in the next couple of drafts.
  13. I didn't watch him much in college, I typically watch Big 10 football but I have watched him closely in the NFL and if the "experts" think he would make a better guard then yes I disagree with them. While he would be a good guard in a zone blocking scheme like the Colts use, his lack of lower body strength and quick hand punch off the snap would hamper him going against NFL DTs. Additionally, Smith does better when he has a bit of space to work with before engaging and that would not happen often at RG. Again what "most" people on this board or in general think has no relevance on anything. It's not unheard of for a tackle to move spots but it is uncommon, it's happening a bit more in the past few years as the skillsets for RT and LT are becoming closer because it's not just the LT that is dealing with the speed rushers, but it's still not preferred among oline coaches and teams. that is why guys like Haeg are considered valuable assets to a team, he's not a great lineman but he is good and he can switch sides seamlessly and that is rare.
  14. Ram would have been better off trading for Minschew (or however it's spelled).
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