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  1. There is no report showing Rice ran a 4.7, it's a myth. here is a quote from Brandt Now, one could say, 4.7 is not under a 4.55. But there is a reason Brandt picked 4.55, if he was a 4.7 guy he would have picked 4.65 or some other number, you know, closer to 4.7
  2. No, but Rice ran a 4.5 so, that is probably why he didn't look like a 4.7 guy.
  3. Round 1 - #26 A: Clelin Ferrell, DE, Clemson B: Jerry Tillery, DT, Notre Dame C: A.J. Brown, WR, Miss Round 2a - #34 A: Darnell Savage , S, Maryland B: Renell Wren, DT, AZ STate C: Jeffrey Simmon, DT, Miss. State Round 2b - #59 A: Chase Winovich, DE, Michigan B: Deebo Samuel, WR, South Carolina C: N'keal Harry, WR, AZ State Round 3 - #89 A: Trayveon Williams, RB, Texas A&M B: J J Arcega Whiteside, WR, Stanford C: Rock Ya-Sin, CB, Temple Round 4a - #129 A: Khalen Saunders, DT, Western Illinois B: David Long, CB, Michigan Round 4b - #135 A: Hunter Renfrow, WR, Clemson B: T.J. Edwards, LB, Wisconsin Round 5 - #164 A: Cortez Broughton, DT, Cincinatti B: Trey Pipkins, OT, Sioux Falls Round 6 - #199 A: Ben Burr-Kirven, LB, Washington B: Chuma Edoga, OT, USC Round 7 - #240 A: Phil Haynes, OG, Wake Forest B: Brett Rypien, QB, Boise State
  4. So, if I understood it properly, moving from left to right (or right to left, I wasn't clear on that) is positional value and then moving up and down is player value for each position. So let's say the far left(or right) is DE and a few spots down is WR, if the top spot for DE is gone then they go to the WR. Not to toot my own horn but that is kind of what I've been saying the whole time, each position has a weight or value based on their season review and current personnel scouting. That is how teams factor need into BPA.
  5. Good to see you again Jshipp, I have not seen you post in a while but I have not been spending as much time on the board so maybe I missed it. Your take is a bit unusual. For Metcalf it's usually the opposite, the more people study him the more they realize he is more an athlete than a WR.
  6. I'm not going to say anything about who the Colts play when, because who knows which teams may be good or bad. But I will say the schedule makers did not do the Colts any favors. - All three prime time games are away - 3 of 5 games to open the season are away - 3 of 4 games to end the season are away It's not as bad as 2005 or 2006 when the Colts had 4 games in an 18 day span but it's it's not favorable.
  7. I don't think they expire but once they reach the age of 30 they "are not getting any younger". Apparently, guys in their 20s still have the capability of getting younger. I don't know if I should laugh or cry at this statement. That is the attitude of many of this forum.
  8. I don't know, those 3 cone drill, vertical and broad jump numbers are pretty bad for a WR. His 3 cone would not have placed him in the top 15 TEs at the combine, let alone the WR and his vertical and broad jump would have kept him out of the Top 5 at the combine (again among TEs). Why am I comparing him to TEs? Because I am trying to stave off the argument that his numbers are good for someone his size. His 40 was good but that is really about it.
  9. I've been on the Savage band wagon for a while, I was hoping the Colts could grab him in the 3rd but he has been impressive enough in the Senior bowl practice and then at the combine and proday I don't know if that is possible any more.
  10. First, let's get the quote correct I will not be surprised if the Colts draft a WR in the 2nd round, but to me, this is a whole lot of nothing. Other teams speculating the Colts could target a WR at #34. Well, of course, they could target a WR at 34. They could also target a LB, OL DL, Safety, CB, RB, TE. I think the only sure bets are the Colts will NOT target a QB, kicker or punter at pick #34.
  11. Ofcourse his catches helped the team more than his drops. Luck's completed passes help the team more than his incomplete passes. His TDs passes help the team more than his INTs. That is one of those non-comments. Positive plays will always help the team more than negative plays, that is why they are considered positive plays. I'm not twisting it, I'm just paraphrasing. But if it helps, why worry about his drops when his catches help the team. IMO, what's wrong with mentioning an area he needs to improve upon? Again, no one (or at least no one, at least no one who is not known to be a regular troll) is suggesting that Ebron should not remain a Colt. But when someone leads the league in any category it is something to take notice. Ebron lead all TEs in TDs... very good. Ebron lead all TEs in drops, not very good. I guess I just don't understand the mindset of only focusing on good things and dismissing or ignoring the bad things. As far as playing the what if game, that's funny you want to focus so much on ignoring his drop issue that you take something positive I said and make it seem like a negative. But in case you want to argue some more, let me be very clear. I think Ebron is a great TE and I think he's a great Colt. I think he would easily be one of the best TEs in the league if he improved catching and dropped fewer passes. Right now he is right on the verge, top 5 instead of Top 2.
  12. The most reliable stat site I know, playerprofiler.com has him listed at 9, #1 among TEs (I am assuming it's among TEs but it's not listed on the site) with an 8.2% drop rate, #4. Breaking down drops per game doesn't mean much. When compared to other NFL TEs, he has more drops than any other and he has one of the worst drop rates. Like I said, I'm not advocating getting rid of him, I am a big fan of Ebron, but I am resigned to the fact that he is going to drop passes at a higher rate than most other TEs in the NFL. And to act like he doesn't have a drop problem is ignoring facts.
  13. The Colts have played the Bengals in the final preseason game since 2004 or 2005. I don't see in changing anytime soon.
  14. Thanks for posting. And yeah, all he's saying is it's not a reason to cut a guy or not sign a guy if they also have big plays. But that article was not specific to Ebron and he did say if a player has an "inordinate amount" so that would depend on his definition of inordinate. But none of that has anything to do with the fact that Ebron dropped a lot of passes last year. He had a great year, despite the drops, he could have an even better year this year if he improves his catching.
  15. I appreciate it, don't spend any time on it though... it's not that important. Approximately when was the interview? I've already done a search but did not find anything but if I have a date range I can narrow down my search some.
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