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  1. Coffeedrinker

    Big Grover doin Work

    I think it's because a lot of teams have so many specialty packages or situational personnel packages that it makes running the no huddle tougher. And even if teams run the no huddle while substituting they still have to give the D time to substitute players. The ref over the ball waiting to give the QB permission to snap has taken away some of the benefits of running the no huddle.
  2. Coffeedrinker

    Tyquan Lewis bowl game.

    That is interesting. The reason EN doesn't seem to mean much is because 70 is considered Top tier, yet there are numerous players that ARE top tier on your list (and were top tier in college) yet are not top tier in EN. But it is like any statistic... in the right situation it can help provide a clearer picture as long as it's not used to paint the entire canvas (which I know YOU are not doing).
  3. Coffeedrinker

    Tyquan Lewis bowl game.

    Thanks for providing the numbers, I'm sure that took some time. All that list shows me is that explosion number really means very little and is not a useful tool at all. The PR number seems to be a more viable tool to use in player evaluation. Lewis' is definitely more impressive than I thought it would be, especially considering it's based on games played not snaps and Lewis was not a full time starter for OSU.
  4. Coffeedrinker

    Big Grover doin Work

    The point of the drill is not to see how far or if he can toss him, it's getting the timing down on when to do it. As Reggie White showed NFL fans for years, if you time it right it doesn't matter if the guy across from you is bigger or stronger, if you time that hook correctly you can throw anyone.
  5. Coffeedrinker

    Colts Projected OL Rankings PFF

    They must have recently changed it. They mention Mewhort in the dialogue but they have Slaussen as a projected starter.
  6. Coffeedrinker

    Colts Projected OL Rankings PFF

    I'm going to throw a bit of fuel on the fire. So on that list, of all the project starting LT on that list, four (4) had a higher 2017 grade than the Colts AC. Wouldn't that mean AC a Top 5 LT?
  7. Coffeedrinker

    Take The Colts Out Of The Picture For This

    The Jags played in the AFCCG. How could they NOT be the off-season favorites to win the South?
  8. Coffeedrinker

    Andrew got his wallet returned

    The security guard probably pocketed the $1600 on the way to deliver it.
  9. Coffeedrinker

    Kung Fu Kemoko

    I'm sure we will see one of these this year then.
  10. Coffeedrinker

    Anthony Castonzo

    I have said this before but I will say it again: AC has been the starting LT from day 1 for: - 3 GMs - 2 (soon to be 3 could be 4 if you count Arians at the Interim HC role) HCs - 4 (soon to be 5, if you don't count Arians in the HC row) OCs - 4 (soon to be 5 if I remember correctly) offensive line coaches. So much so, that none of those guys have done anything to try and replace him... they have not drafted a future LT, they have not brought in free agents, they have not asked him to renegotiate his contract, he hasn't been involved in any trade rumors. They have watched the game film of him, they have presumably talked to him and after all that, the Colts go into the season with AC penciled in as the starting LT. That says more than any PFF rating and definitely more than anything we fans can say on a forum.
  11. Coffeedrinker

    Robert Turbin Suspended 4 Games

    The YPC number is a bit misleading because he was often brought in on short yardage and goaline situations. which is why even with that low YPC average he has 29 first downs and 8 TDs in 21 games with the Colts.
  12. Coffeedrinker

    Braden Smith has signed Rookie Contract

    5 defensive tackles on that list.... that is why a team spends the 6th pick on a guard and then follows up with another guard in the 2nd round.
  13. Coffeedrinker

    The "Slauson Effect"

    raiders had a top line if you look at sacks only. They had 44 penalties from the line, gave up quite a bit of pressure and their running game was feast or famine. Also let's look at the sacks. Two years ago the Raiders oline gave up 9 sacks (great number) 5 of those sacks were given up by Howard. He has given up 12 sacks in the last three years and 35 sacks in 92 career games. Ahh, PFF rating. I guess this conversation is over.
  14. Coffeedrinker

    The "Slauson Effect"

    To the first part, he got first team reps when Good was playing LT. When AC was at practice Good was getting first team reps at RT. To the 2nd part, not really, neither the Raiders nor the Ravens had stellar olines when he was there and both teams thought they would get the same production from younger, cheaper guys. Yes he's been an average starter. Good has been good as a starter at RT, the only thing that has stopped him has been injuries.
  15. Coffeedrinker

    The "Slauson Effect"

    Based on what? Howard is a serviceable RT, whom every team he has played for has decided to move on with other options even though his salary has been relatively low. Good, on the other hand, has worked his way into the starting lineup the last two years and played while as the starter only to be derailed by injury. I think the position is Good's to lose and, if the past is any indication, he very well could lose it to injury.
  16. Coffeedrinker

    The "Slauson Effect"

    I thought from reports when AC was practicing he was the starting LT and Good was the starting RT. I will not be surprised at all to see Good emerge from training camp as the starting RT. The big question for him is if he can stay healthy.
  17. Coffeedrinker

    Defensive Backs

    The WRs, OL, DL, RBs and even the QB position each have more unknowns than the DBs and LBers, so why are those solid positions but the DBs and LBers are weak? For the CBs the Colts have three guys they all saw playing time and each improved each time they took the field. The LBers are lead by a veteran, Goode who can play all three LBer positions well, a coveted rookie and a Mike that played extremely well in his two starts last year. For the safety position the Colts have 3 starting quality safeties. They are not all superstar players, nor will all of them ever be, but based on last years production, especially at the end of the year, there are quite a few reasons to thing the DBs and LBs will be solid The oline on the other, other than Howard, I think all the signings/draft were good ones but the possibility of 60% new lineman of the line... huge question mark. WR, the Colts have 1 WR that has who has caught more than 45 balls in a season and scored more than 4 TDs. huge question marks. DL - the hole DL is a question mark. QB - Signs are looking good for Luck but there is no way that's not a question mark. RB - the Colts have no RBs that have started an NFL game. Huge question mark.
  18. Coffeedrinker

    A Trade I Wish Ballard Would Make.

    I hope you are correct.
  19. Coffeedrinker

    Colts Minicamp 6/14/18

    One, there is no such thing as a white lie. Either it's a lie or it's a truth, IMO. But anyway. it very well could be the team is being creative with their wording to try and protect themselves, or it could be completely truthful. I've seen it in my own non contact practices... someone runs to get in position, pulls up right then someone trips or cuts or jukes right then and the person that pulls up gets caught in it gets knocked to the ground and slams their head off the turf. Creative wording aside, I am sure the NFL will( have already) investigate(d), they will not make a decision by how the team discusses it to the media.
  20. Coffeedrinker

    If you could..

    Offense: Me (center) Defense: My son (OLB) I don't think we'd help the team at all but it would be so cool to play for the Colts and be the only father/son tandem in the NFL.
  21. Coffeedrinker

    Grigson Lands a Job in Seattle

    Not from the way I'm breaking it down. If Grigs was not good at scouting he would not have risen through the ranks with the Eagles. I wasn't there, I didn't read his scouting reports so I don't know for sure, all I can use is that fact that he kept getting promoted as a scout. And I don't know how I can explain this any more clearly. Think of it like an assembly line work. The assembling line work may be excellent at his job, have some good ideas on improvement and gets promoted up through the ranks to line manager and he does that very well. Then he gets a job where, instead of making his line the best it can be he has to decide what parts are going to be ran now and every year for the next 5 years. Some people can make that jump, some people cannot. Grigson was good when he was finding what he was told to find. He was not good at deciding what needed to be found.
  22. Coffeedrinker

    Grigson Lands a Job in Seattle

    The only part that was incorrect that it's done in the offseason. All aspects that I mentioned are done all year round. A coach may change an attribute that it's important, they may change what they consider elite/good/poor and they discuss that all with the GM. They definitely do more of it during the offseason because they have more time for it. But that kind of stuff doesn't stop when the season starts.
  23. Coffeedrinker

    Any news on Leonard or Braden Smith signing their contracts?

    That's not true. If a player gets injured before he signs a contract the team still has negotiate in good faith and offer a contract as if the player is not injured. And with the new rookie wage scale and that all contracts are reviewed by both the NFL and players union a team cannnot get away with juster offering a settlement.
  24. What? We can tell more about who the better players are by reading tweets and, maybe, going to a training camp or two. All the coaches do is see them constantly in practices/meeting rooms/weight rooms and then review practice videos every night, test their knowledge of the playbook, etc. They don't read tweets from Zak keefer and the like... what do they know.
  25. Coffeedrinker

    Grigson Lands a Job in Seattle

    That is incorrect. A GM's job (and this is an overly simplistic version, it would take a few pages to really break it down) is to sit down with the coaches and determine the attributes they want in the players for each position. They then decide the order of importance of the attributes and then they watch film (not of players to scout but of numerous players) get on the same page as to what constitutes "elite" of an attribute, "good" and of attribute" and "poor of an attribute". And they do that for every attribute and every position, most positions are going to have 10-15 attributes. And they they write it all down to hand to their scouts and then with their scouts they have meetings to do the same thing, show them film of what elite, good and poor looks like. Then the scouts go out and grade players based on that information. Good scouts take that information and do a good job of grading players based on the information given, poor scouts don't last long. Good GMs know how to break a player down into attributes and fine tune what the coach is looking for. But that process happens all year long. That is why I think Grigs was a bad GM, he did not seem to get the coaches input on the attributes they wanted in a player, because, especially of defense, he seemed to draft the same type of players whether it was Manusky or Monachino. A lot of that seemed to stem from Grigs thought he knew what made a good football player... he did not. It is also why saying that Grigson scouted as the Colts GM is really not an accurate statement. A scout takes information from others and grades a player based on that information. A GM develops that information and a scout an only be as good as the information they are given to use as a basis.