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  1. Yup, no single stat ever tells the whole picture. But even with that 3rd down conversion, by itself, is one of the critical stats, it's right up there with TDs, yards per attempt and turnovers that indicates a team's efficiency in must have situations. And, quite frankly, the Colts are not doing well in that category so far this year. Some of it's to be expected with a new QB plus no offseason, Rovers has not developed that chemistry to know where a WR will be in each 3rd down situation. Nor has Reich and Rivers been in the film room enough together to so reich knows what Rivers
  2. Good post Zoltan and it is concerning, anything below 40% is concerning but below 35% is a major concern. The Colts are fortunate they have played two really bad offenses in a row.
  3. You would have thought he would have found it when it hit him right in his hands.
  4. Oh well, if the reporters agree :rolleyes: He threw 2 INTs and would have had three if not for a penalty. Those are the facts, anything else is changing facts to fit a narrative.
  5. More Wolverines is always a good thing.
  6. The main reason I don't consider that fluky is because teams practice that... the front defender tipping the ball up so the back defender can make a play on it. Also 3rd and 10 a QB is going to go to his go-to receiver so it wasn't necessarily a poor decision on Cousins' part.
  7. A lot of truth in this post. Only one of the INTs was a great play by the D. One was a poor pass that also went through the receivers hands and one was on a hail mary at the end of the half. The run defense was inconsistent, they still gave up over 4 yards per carry, they benefitted by the Vikes going away from the run. Also, a little disappointing that the Colts only got 6 points off the two INTs, both of which gave the Colts the ball in Vikings territory. That being said, I would still put the defensive performance as great against the Vikes. It's just not great i
  8. That is why I've never liked the NFL style of amount of yardage being the cway to rank offense or defense. There is no way a team gives up 19-20 passing and 3 TDs to any QB, let alone an middle of the road QB like Minshew, and be considered the #1 defense. it's about efficiency and the Colts D was very efficient against the Vikes but they were below bad against the Jags.
  9. Another unexpected good game came from TJ Carrie. Outside of one penalty he played a very good game. But, personally, I'm going to wait a bit on an evaluation of Blackmon and Carrie because Minnesota is really, really bad. They may even be in the Lose for Lawrence club. But Blackmon did play well, and as someone who has long thought that Hooker was a mediocre player, I think Blackmon will prove to be better than Hooker. But, again, I was to see him play against a good QB a few times before making a declaration.
  10. People can be impressed or not impressed with whomever they want. Just like me, I've never been impressed with Wilkins, he goes down on first contact too often for my liking. He's opportunistic and has great speed so when the hole is there he hits it fast but he's not an impressive runner. Nickster has every right to not be impressed with JT.
  11. You forgot to add his 8 receptions for 76 yards, so he has 43 touches for 199 yards (4.63 yards per touch) in his 1st two games as a pro. That is more than Zeke had in his 1st two games, 45 touches for 139 yards (3.09 yards per touch) And not too far behind Barkley (45 touches for 236 yards) And both of them were game 1 starters.
  12. Thank you for using "corp" not core. Sorry to be off topic, but people using "core" when they mean "corp" is a pet peeve of mine :).
  13. Wilkins had a good game. No doubt.
  14. I was just going by the NFL Gamebook. And it looks like they are crediting the JB play as a sack.
  15. You don't agree with what? That he got 5 yards instead of the 2 yards you claimed above?
  16. According to the official gamebook the Colts gave up 1 sack for 5 yards, 2 TFL and 4 QH (QB Hits). So I agree, that is really good for 46 pass attempts. And only 2 TFL on 22 running plays is really good as well. It shows that the oline was playing on the positive side of the LOS most of the game. As I mentioned earlier in the thread, I also did not think Taylor looked impressive running, to me it looked like he was expecting things to work like they did in college, some of the moves he tried in the hole were things in college lead to big gains but the NFL lead to getting tackled faster.
  17. The Colts have had issues starting well for years, not just the last couple. I think it's been 6 years since the Colts won on opening weekend.
  18. We'll see in the next couple of games. But I am reminded of 2018. The Colts were 1-5 but the offense was playing well the defense showed some flashed but it seemed like 2 or 3 critical plays in the game lead to a loss.
  19. I probably need to review the game but it seemed that most of the damage in the pass game between the numbers, not from numbers to sideline. That, to me, indicates more an issue with LBers and safeties and less on the CBs. I'm not saying the Cbs didn't give up catches and there were throws to the outside but not enough to blame the CBs for the high completion percentage. As I was typing, I decided to look it up. And according to Next Gen Stats the above is correct. Some other interesting things in that. only 5 of his 20 passes were more than 1
  20. So, you don't know. When the Colts were winning or tied they were still running the ball regularly, so I guess it was inspired play calling. You mean like the similar play with the 170 pound receiving back (actually he's 200lbs but don't worry about facts) that he scored on a 12 yard TD run earlier in the game? Innovative, inspired, give some specific examples? Also the Colts went for it on 4th down in the redzone in the 1st half, I thought is was uninspired 2nd half play calling. I didn't understand the JB play call either, but isn't that an example of inspired play
  21. Yes because he's going to get the tough yards and not just benefit when a huge hole opens. That is where Wilkins speed is a benefit. But even when Mack went down, Wilkins got 0 carries. He may get a couple in the next game but he's not going to see a lot. And he's not going to take carries away from either JT or Hines.
  22. What plays could they have called in the 2nd half that would have indicated inspired play calling?
  23. Yet despite those career stats Hines figures more into their game plan than Wilkins. Hines is a better receiver, better blocker and runs harder. Despite 40 times, I think Wilkins is faster though. But Wilkins goes down to easily on first contact, he is not good when asked to stay in pass protection and last year there were times when he misread the defense and went to the wrong side to block.
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