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  1. It's funny, Luck's two highest passing games last year were against Houston. It seems like Reich and Sirianni have Crennel's D figured out pretty well.
  2. Glow is struggling a bit with the new coach's philosophy and technique. He still seems good in a phone booth but when he has to move first to engage is where he seems to be struggling to get proper position on the defender. A couple of examples. I think it was against the Raiders the DT lined up on Glow's right shoulder, the play called for Glow to get to the defenders left shoulder but Glow over extended himself and did not stay square to the LOS. The result was the DT, looped towards Glow's left shoulder and got in the backfield nearly untouched. On another play, the blocking called for Glow and Smith to crash left but there was a DT directly over glow, a near impossible distance to Smith to cover. Glow's technique should have been to extend his arm while moving to the left to slow the guy over him and give Smith a chance to get into position. But again, Glow turned his body too far and did not even attempt to get a hand on the DT. The result was the guy Smith as supposed to get blew the play up in the backfield. Another issue that Glow is having to deal with is teams are not lining someone over Nelson very often, so they shift towards the offensive right side so Kelly is not able to help with Glow as much as he did last year. Lastly, a lot of the technique in this blocking scheme requires excellent balance and playing with the ball of the foot and heel being in contact with the ground at the same time. And Glow seems to be thinking a lot about his body position and foot placement, so his mirroring ability and hand placement are suffering.
  3. Sorry, if somehow I indicated I thought you were trying to say the Colts were playing dirty, that was not my intent. Just pointing out it wasn't really a Colts player that injured Mahommes.
  4. Well, Mahommes' ankle was already injured and his own player stepped on it to re-aggravate the injury. I guess physical play pushed the lineman back so he could step on Mahommes ankle. To the OP, yeah the Colts are suffering from the Full Nelson effect. While some may complain that will make the Colts players targets, it's nice to see.
  5. It was a concern last year as well. It may improve, Reich and Co. like to change things up about every 3-4 weeks. But just because something happened before and turnaround does not mean it will do so again.
  6. my first reply was while I was on a tablet and I hate typing on a tablet but I did want to expand a bit of my response. yes, I was thinking the traditional Qb rating or passer rating. And from the little I read of the QB and the methodology it does seem to be a more accurate rating than the passer rating. There was a QB a while ago, Rob Johnson, where team mates actually accused him of taking sacks rather than throwing the ball away or possibly getting a turnover to keep his passer rating up. So I have always thought that any QB rating that does not factor in sacks or, for example, throwing a 3 yard pass on 3rd and long was not an accurate gauge. And the numbers from the QBR seem to match what I have been seeing. While Jacoby has impressed me more than I thought he would, I have mentioned a few times that his yards per attempt and yards per completion have been very low. So thanks again for providing the link.
  7. in all seriousness, this could be a tough game. It's not like Denver has been blown out in any games except the KC game. Their offense is not good (27 in AER) but their defense is tough (#4 AER). They still have Von Miller and a FS that is playing as well any any FS in the NFL. The Colts are going to have to bring their A game to come away with a win.
  8. Denver has two RBs that are good at catching the ball out of the backfield. So, if I were the Colts I would get a 5lb bag of cement to shadow Flacco and then take a LB and play man coverage on the the RB.
  9. Pooh got drug tested? That's just not right. The fact that many people have responded to this thread, there is something to discuss here.
  10. I have mentioned it in a few threads, I had my doubts about JB before the season. My biggest concern was he did not seem to handle pressure well (pass rush pressure nor situational pressure) but he has proven my concern false this year. The Houston game was a step in the right direction but his yards per attempt and yards per completion is still very low for a starting QB. During the Houston game I thought, imagine what this team would do with an elite QB. And then I wondered what would an elite QB do that JB wasn't doing in the game. I don't think he's elite but he is still trending up which is great after 7 weeks.
  11. I would sign Manning. Use him to hire better coaches, then trade Manning for a Good QB, a great oline and and a couple of great LBers (yes Manning is good enough to make that trade) and then go win a SB with a 6th round QB like Brady. That, people, is how you think outside the box.
  12. In all fairness, random doesn't mean there are no circumstances to prompt it, it just means it does not happen at regular intervals. and @Steamboat_Shaun, yes it's pretty common for the NFL to drug test players after a career game or even if they have a career quarter.
  13. personally, I think it's because they think they have a superstar Qb and play accordingly but they don't and so they put him in situations where he has to be a superstar to win and he cannot do that often enough. Although I will admit Watson seems improved this year over last year but I still think he is just a good QB who can extend plays but looks pretty lost in the pocket when his first ready is not open.
  14. Dungy was one of my favorite coaches and favorite people (I would recommend his book on Leadership to everyone). That being said, I think Reich could prove to be a better coach. We need a few more years to see what type of sustained success he can have.
  15. No he didn't. He had a 95 QBR for the season prior to the Houston game. Now's it's just over 100
  16. A few things about this. I believe it was the correct call, they have blown plays dead on the QB when he was stopped for less than Watson. Two, I don't think the TD would have stood up after replay. Hopkins never established control of the ball before it was knocked out. Had the TD stood it would have been a 4 point difference, Houston lost by 7. Now with chaos theory, we know that everything else would not have played out exactly the same if the circumstances were different, I don't think the extra 4 points would have mattered in the end.
  17. They probably would if Lock had not been injured in the preseason. Next week will be telling if Locke is designated to return.
  18. All good points and Hill's injury was not the same... it didn't require surgery, so again has no bearing. All I'm asking is, is there anything being reported that indicates Funchess is ready to start practicing next week? And it would appear the answer is no.
  19. So, is there anything in the articles that talks about Funchess being ready to practice next week? Sorry but a QB with a similar injury on his non throwing arm doesn't mean much for a WR.
  20. I sit next to a Patriot fan at work, and even he doesn't spout nonsense like this. But let me see if I can summarize your stance. The Patriots didn't really cheat because everyone does it. Brady didn't cheat but was investigated and falsely suspended. Manning did cheat and was investigated and falsely cleared. The only reason Brady was suspended and Manning was cleared was because Irsay has more pull in the NFL system than Kraft? The double standards and delusions from your posts go well beyond anything I have seen on this forum. You can respond or reply to this post but I'm done (I should have been done a long time ago) with this line because there is no discussing something with someone that totally ignores facts and logic to spout this type of nonsense.
  21. Oh man, you're hilarious.... keep reaching. Quote from the very first paragraph of the article "After a seven-month investigation, the NFL announced on Monday that it found “no credible evidence” Peyton Manning used human growth hormone (HGH) or other substances in violation of the league’s performance-enhancing drug policy. " So again, Manning was investigated and cleared, Brady was investigated and suspended for 4 games.
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