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  1. I was more than willing to give JB the benefit of the doubt but after what I have seen this season he is a large part of our offensive problem. No team is concerned about JB stealing a game. He is a "good" NFL caliber QB which is actually an incredible accomplishment but he is not an excellent NFL QB. I am glad we have him right now or things would be so much worse but regardless of injuries he is not the answer for this team. Maybe given another off season but I doubt it...................as it stands right now he is making it difficult for us to have a chance to win this game against the Saints. With an O-Line as good as ours (can't believe I am able to say that) he should be better and yes I understand some of our receivers haven't helped but ultimately he just isn't cutting it. I am ok with one more year of JB but outside of that we really need to address the position if possible................... Anyway had to get that out...................................GO COLTS
  2. I think Andrew did the right thing, first we weren't left to wonder week to week if he was going to return so it eliminated the distraction for the team. Secondly the majority on this board and I am saying 99% would not be able to deal with the injuries and still play pro football so for all those slamming him get over yourselves and remember it is a game and your life doesn't end when the Colts lose oh and your family wont have to deal with the long term effects of years of injuries on your body. Now the real reason for my post: Did Andrew ever actually file his papers? I don't think he would come back I am just wondering if anyone here knows for sure?
  3. That is kind of what I meant....Every week the best QB's in the game make a play where you just dont know what it is they were looking at doesnt matter who it is. We have bigger issues than AL thats for sure.
  4. So you mean he is like every other QB in the league then? Good to know.
  5. You completely missed the point of the post........It is a BAD look and undermines AL period.....You might want to think big picture............I dont think anything is wrong etc. but that was bush league...........I actually really like where this team is headed and I think next season we will be a force but that was unnecessary we werent going to win without a lucky throw anyway...........You are so wrong on this. NUFF SAID enjoy your day
  6. Finally someone mentions a defensive holding while being triple teamed........I am sorry but that was such a horrible call.........how does that happen.
  7. Really how so? If you are the franchise QB and just come back from an injury that everyone was/has been talking about and the ball is given to the backup at the end of the game how does that look good? The media will have a field day it is a bad look for the Colts somewhat like that ridiculous banner. Think about and if you are going to respond then provide something other than a thin response. Go Colts
  8. All I know is if I am Luck I am upset as the undermines my credibility as the QB of this team and causes a circus around whether I am good or not. That was a huge mistake by the staff and is unacceptable, you have essentially cause a media storm and said you are not confident in Andrews ability to throw on that hail Mary play regardless of what his health is. I like where the team is headed but that was just a bad decision and very disappointing and shakes my faith in this staff from a leadership perspective. Just a really bad look from an otherwise decent showing against the SB champs.
  9. Like I said earlier this is much better than the alternative which is last week. We have a lot of holes and a QB who has been with us 2 weeks this is much better than most of us expected.
  10. I will take this any day over what we saw last week. No matter how this game ends it is a substantial improvement.
  11. Oh and welcome to INDY Grover cant wait to see you play for the horseshoe
  12. He said that the orangutan making the pick was disrespectful to the player......and I couldnt agree more the NFL needs to stop with this ridiculousness. Grover Stewart deserves a little more respect than a gimmick like that...If that was your son getting picked using an ape I think you would be a little upset. This is just more of garbage that the NFL continues to do its football not the circus.
  13. I like our new GM already, I was never a fan of Allen and especially the deal he got from Grigs.
  14. I agree a win is always great and well Mathis I cant say enough. But the problem I think most of us have is we are down by a large margin quite often and that is not good and no matter if we come back or not we shouldn't be in that position so often.
  15. Gotta say that was horrible. We went down 17 on the day Mathis is going to retire, really? Say what you want about coming back and winning this team has to do that way to often. I am/was one of the people who didnt want to get rid of the coach/GM to quickly I dont believe in constant turnover and the history of the league says I am right. However this team is just plain bad and change might be a good thing as long as the change is well thought out, unlike what we did last time. Anyway whatever happens I am blue through and through so go COLTS
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