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  1. That is kind of what I meant....Every week the best QB's in the game make a play where you just dont know what it is they were looking at doesnt matter who it is. We have bigger issues than AL thats for sure.
  2. So you mean he is like every other QB in the league then? Good to know.
  3. antipatriot

    Something is wrong with luck.....

    You completely missed the point of the post........It is a BAD look and undermines AL period.....You might want to think big picture............I dont think anything is wrong etc. but that was bush league...........I actually really like where this team is headed and I think next season we will be a force but that was unnecessary we werent going to win without a lucky throw anyway...........You are so wrong on this. NUFF SAID enjoy your day
  4. antipatriot

    Dear NFL

    Finally someone mentions a defensive holding while being triple teamed........I am sorry but that was such a horrible does that happen.
  5. antipatriot

    Something is wrong with luck.....

    Really how so? If you are the franchise QB and just come back from an injury that everyone was/has been talking about and the ball is given to the backup at the end of the game how does that look good? The media will have a field day it is a bad look for the Colts somewhat like that ridiculous banner. Think about and if you are going to respond then provide something other than a thin response. Go Colts
  6. antipatriot

    Something is wrong with luck.....

    All I know is if I am Luck I am upset as the undermines my credibility as the QB of this team and causes a circus around whether I am good or not. That was a huge mistake by the staff and is unacceptable, you have essentially cause a media storm and said you are not confident in Andrews ability to throw on that hail Mary play regardless of what his health is. I like where the team is headed but that was just a bad decision and very disappointing and shakes my faith in this staff from a leadership perspective. Just a really bad look from an otherwise decent showing against the SB champs.