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  1. He would be a much better hire than Pagano was. I think people underestimate the role of a ST coach. Can forget that Belicheck(throws up) started as a ST coach as well
  2. I got a bad feeling if we make the playoffs next year(which won't take much to do so) it will mean that Pagano will keep his job.
  3. No the Chargers fired their coach. But you're right the Broncos just recently got a head coach but they were interested in Toub earlier this month
  4. People have compared him to John Madden/Jim Harbaugh. Chargers and Broncos have requested to interview for a HC position
  5. If we hire Ballard, I hope he brings Toub along as a package deal
  6. Yea those jerseys are pretty tough..i wouldnt mind the change
  7. Was never really big in him anyway
  8. that is not the Harlem shake..that is a mockery.. I understand its all in good fun but I'm getting tired of these 'Harlem Shake' videos..I mean is this the year 2000 all over again?
  9. New York will show how its done..fyi how much on average does a SB ticket go for
  10. I like both of these scenarios..get on it Grigson!
  11. Davis and Revis at CB? pick up the phone Grigson!
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