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Cowboys fan here. 

I wouldn't be too down on yourselves as I see around this thread. 


I visit other teams' boards to get a pulse on what the fans see in upcoming games.

To be honest, I worry when I see posts predicting the Cowboys to 'dominate' or 'destroy' insert team name here.


Denver had those posts last year.

Green Bay had those posts this year.


Respectfully, I think you guys will give us all we can handle on Sunday night.


Good luck



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Micah Parsons won 23% of his pass-rush reps against Andrew Thomas in Week 12, a significant win against one of the best tackles in the league.

by Timo Riske • 4 days ago

 The Refs won't let Rookie Raimann do more than very minimal holding so at least 2 holding calls, killing 2 possesions. Will Ryan have a nervous breakdown? 

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1 minute ago, OLD FAN MAN said:

watson starting for browns, jax losing to lions, titans tied with eagles. want jax to win to finish season in second place in our division

I like the Lions to be a good team soon.


Watson looks very rusty. 

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On 12/1/2022 at 9:51 PM, 2006Coltsbestever said:

Cowboys in a blowout. 31-9. If we win somehow I will be doing this The Simpsons GIF by KiwiGo (KGO)- I don't see it though. Maybe Matt will play like 2016 Matt again and our Line will quit playing like  garbage and Taylor will quit fumbling at the 1 yard line. 

Yep ...not as bad as that infamous Saints Monday night debacle a few years ago but a beat down. 38- 10 ish.

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The Colts baffle me.  In many seasons, I've seen them lose royally to teams that they should have beaten and beat teams that they should have lost to on the national stage.    They had the Eagles until the PI call (a few other mistakes are to be taken into account, also).  


That said, I think the Cowboys win.  

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On 11/29/2022 at 12:52 PM, Lancer1 said:

Opening line has us as 10.5 point underdogs at Dallas.

   Wouldn’t it be something if somehow, the Colts pull this off? With Smith out, they don’t have much of a chance but I can hope until all reason for hope is gone.

     Maybe they can play keep away with Taylor?
    BTW - I’m still checking the Titans remaining games and could see them losing away games vs the Chargers and Cowboys and possibly splitting with Jacksonville. Stranger things have happened….. okay, I’ll stop :default_20smile:

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