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1 minute ago, TaylorTheStudMuffin said:

That’s a lot of scrambling to get back to the line. They did right thing throwing it 4 times. They ended up getting more plays.

I would of ran it once, that would have gave them 1 less play but Tennessee was expecting the pass. Wentz fakes a hand off and runs around the end probably untouched. People think Frank is bad at being creative, Ronny takes the cake.

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56 minutes ago, Chrisaaron1023 said:

Bucs got the refs in their pocket... wow


What happened? 


51 minutes ago, runthepost said:

Wentz throws a pick lol


Why do you all dislike him so much? The amount of venom against him is incredible (not you).

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Just now, NFLfan said:

@2006Coltsbestever Ryan has to play better. He has had as many INTs as Wentz had all season last year.


I don't think Wentz is as bad as you say. 

2-2-1 is better than 1-4. I don't hate Wentz, nothing personal against the guy, I just think he chokes a lot. That is pretty much fact. Ryan is a Hall of Fame type QB, our issues are with the line from the film I am watching. WR's aren't getting separation either very well. 


Matt's fumbling is more concerning to me than his INT's, his INT's are due to him forcing the issue trying to comeback. Reminds me of Luck at times when we had a bad line.

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Just now, 2006Coltsbestever said:

Your are too funny, I love Jim Carey. Do the Mets play tonight?


Yes, at 7. I better go out and get a few things done before 7. I work tomorrow (from home) but won't have time to get much done. I travel on Wed. I will still put up the game thread on Sunday. 

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3 minutes ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

Ryan is more clutch.

Who cares if he is  clutch when he is the one that got us behind in the first place.

2 minutes ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

If Matt Ryan had the ball 1st and goal at the 2, he would tell Tennessee to hold my beer. See the difference.

Yeah like every week so far we have turned it over when we are about To score. 

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10 minutes ago, NFLfan said:


He has a bad team. He had a better team last year and was not as bad.

I think Washington has way more weapons than the Colts did last year.


Scary Terry








And a pretty good defense








Guess I will add:







I was thinking Commanders should of been borderline playoff team this year, prior to the season. Weak schedule prior to season, seems to of strengthened up a little bit.



Think they expected to be way better than this at this point.



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Yeah, Washington isn't a bad team, their coaches have no clue how to make use of all of their weapons. Their game plan, play calling, use of RBs (Gibson, McKissic, Samuel, now Robinson) and pass-run ratio all leave a lot to be desired. When it works well, offense looks good but most of the games, they try to make Wentz pass a lot like he's an elite QB when they could be using a lot of formations, tricks and plays. They utilize Curtis Samuel well sometimes, then they abandon him. They don't give many carries to Gibson, who could do some damage with consistent run game. Those things will open up a lot of opportunities for their good receiver group. Maybe, they will figure it out this season. 


But they're not a bad team. It's similar to how many said Jags were bad team after week 1. Or Tennessee for instance. 


It's all about who wants to win and executes well on the game day. 

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