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  1. Everyone is rooting for this kid. We want to think that CB is the smartest GM in the NFL and he saw this kid when no one else did. What we should really hope is that once camp starts, the best 53 players they have end up on the roster. This doesn't always happen. GM's and coaches get attached to certain players, usually because of where they were drafted, and don't evaluate their performance correctly. It's like in poker. Once the money is on the table, it's not yours anymore. Once the players are in camp, everyone should be blind to the "investment" in them.
  2. I would like to know what Mo's stats were for run blocking. That's where Doyle has excelled and has been touted as one of the reasons for our successful running game. Granson has been talked about as a Move TE, but if he's not willing to block, he shouldn't be able to stay on the field.
  3. There is one person getting attention and that is Carson Wentz. If the Colts are fast out of the gate, it will be "He's back. All of the problems in Philly are behind him. He loves the organization in Indy. Frank Reich is the genius QB-whisperer." . If the Colts start off badly, it will be "That was a horrible decision giving up so much for an obviously washed-up QB who may have never been good." . If you want someone else, if everything goes well, it will be Taylor and/or Pittman. Maybe even add in Granson since he will be left with single coverage from a linebacker when he plays.
  4. I hate to say it, but you're right. For some guys, the injuries just keep coming. It was the same for Hooker. It's never if but when. I really hope Campbell can get past it, but I have my doubts.
  5. We all want to see that the Colts have a "diamond in the rough" somewhere. We've seen them before. Jeff Saturday and Gary Brackett were UDFAs. Robert Mathis was a fifth round choice. The list goes on. It depends so much on how good the coaching staff is and how well a player takes to coaching and training. Is a player willing and able to be a special teamer while being coached and developing their game? If he's a skill position player, is he also willing and able to block? That's a big part of why Zach Pascal has a job. Does someone in that position group get injured? Do I hope someone like St
  6. Here's something I'd really like to ask an NFL offensive lineman. Is it more difficult to block for a "mobile" QB because you may not be sure where the defense is trying to go? Their target is at your back and you may have less sense of where to push the defense. We all had our moments of being mad at Peyton for throwing the ball into the ground or out of bounds, but he stayed healthy for so long with a lack of mobility. We also loved to see Andrew Luck run around and make plays, but, in my view, the punishment was not worth it. I guess I want to see Carson Wentz learn to stay in the pocket un
  7. I would accept "average" with Wentz at the beginning of the season and hope that he becomes more and more comfortable with the offense and feels like the whole game is not on his shoulders. Just be an NFL quarterback. Go through the progressions and take what the defense gives. Don't do stupid things and turn the ball over. When the games get bigger, I hope he is able to step up when necessary.
  8. Given the numbers, the fourth TE will be a practice squad developmental player. Look for a converted college lineman or a college basketball player like MAC. They could also ask Strachan to bulk up and learn how to block. How frightening would it be to have a TE that fast?
  9. Most likely not, but I think Jackson may be a hedge against Mack not being what he was or someone else going down in camp. As far as the receivers, it would be great if someone unexpectedly showed better than what is expected.
  10. I'm just not sure they want to keep 4 active TE on the roster. Maybe if Granson is a special teamer also.
  11. I have to view what Chris Ballard is doing through a long lens, so I am mostly positive. Their first need this season was at QB. They addressed that at, if things work out, a good price and for many years. The next need, in their view, was at DE after losing Autry and, I'm guessing, seeing Justin Houston getting older. They addressed that in the draft. The next need was possibly at LT. They were not seeing a good solution to that in the fourth round. They also saw a need at TE where Jack Doyle is probably in his final season. They addressed that in the draft also. I'm guessing they will try to
  12. Trading down is what every team wants to do. Everyone is scared to put first round money into someone they don't feel like they have evaluated completely. That's pretty much everyone this year. This could be a year the Colts feel like they know someone better than anyone else does and make a trade up. If there's a top-level Edge guy there that they really want, it may be the year to go get him.
  13. I think this is pretty darned accurate. LDE may be a tackle who is a little light, but productive or a big linebacker who has rushed the passer a lot. TE will need to be addressed in some way even if MAC has a good year. CB loves LBs and Safeties, so never rule these out late second or third day.
  14. You say that, but tell me you would not want another Jonathon Taylor (or better) and then package Jordan Wilkins with pick(s) to add more picks to fill more holes. I am not saying that would happen. It's just never cut and dried.
  15. Things Chris Ballard has consistently done and, I assume, will continue to do: 1. Draft BPA for the Colts. This frequently does not match BPA for the national media. Need may play into this, but it's never the only factor. 2. Sign value free agents instead of big names. 3. If the value is not there, trade down for more picks. Things Chris Ballard does not do: 1. Spend "stupid" money for FA, especially if they are not his own players. 2. Overreach for draft picks because of need. 3. Acquire players who do not fit with the culture of the Colts.
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