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  1. I actually think the problems may be: 1. If they continue to have a good season, Eberflus and Sirianni will be in heavy consideration for head coaching jobs. 2. I love Frank Reich, but the two seasons he has been here so far have had low or unsure expectations. That makes coaching a much easier task, especially last year. When you were 4-12 the previous year, almost no one thinks his job is secure and everyone does exactly what the coaches want. This year, all the Luck drama kept the attention off everyone else. Next year, I hope they do not have that "luxury", but everyone may have to ignore the press clippings a lot more.
  2. This all being said, maybe it would have been better to use more man against Oakland's short, quick passing game. I know. Hindsight is 20/20.
  3. This shows that in the NFL, you need to be able to do it all. If you are in zone most of the time, you need to be capable of switching to man when the situation demands it. If you are a primarily man team, you need to be able to go zone. Everyone scouts everyone. If they see a tendency, any team can exploit it. At the same time, if you go away from a tendency, you can catch teams off-guard. No one is better at being able to switch tactics on offense and defense every game than the Patriots. The Colts need to great at some things and capable of others.
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