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  1. I actually think the problems may be: 1. If they continue to have a good season, Eberflus and Sirianni will be in heavy consideration for head coaching jobs. 2. I love Frank Reich, but the two seasons he has been here so far have had low or unsure expectations. That makes coaching a much easier task, especially last year. When you were 4-12 the previous year, almost no one thinks his job is secure and everyone does exactly what the coaches want. This year, all the Luck drama kept the attention off everyone else. Next year, I hope they do not have that "luxury", but everyone may have to ignore the press clippings a lot more.
  2. I agree, except for putting Arians above Caldwell.
  3. This all being said, maybe it would have been better to use more man against Oakland's short, quick passing game. I know. Hindsight is 20/20.
  4. This shows that in the NFL, you need to be able to do it all. If you are in zone most of the time, you need to be capable of switching to man when the situation demands it. If you are a primarily man team, you need to be able to go zone. Everyone scouts everyone. If they see a tendency, any team can exploit it. At the same time, if you go away from a tendency, you can catch teams off-guard. No one is better at being able to switch tactics on offense and defense every game than the Patriots. The Colts need to great at some things and capable of others.
  5. You want to have both, of course, but that is rare. If you have an elite QB, you pay him and build around him. If you don't, you build everything so that the QB has the best possible chance of success. This includes acquiring and developing players who fit your system. Teams which do this well often make a QB look better than he actually is. It also helps if the QB knows his own limitations and plays to his strengths. I feel like this building and developing process is going well. We need Brissett to make some plays and limit mistakes.
  6. I agree that we could use more quality depth on the OL. The thing about the final 53 is that it's not final until everyone else has their final 53. I am sure Ballard will be watching for O-linemen who get cut from other teams and might help here. The other thing to remember is that there is a new OL coaching staff and it may take a couple of games to get everyone in synch.
  7. I'm really caught between wanting them to prove what they can do as a team and wanting the ability to draft a franchise quarterback next year. Do I hope Jacoby Brissett becomes an elite quarterback? Of course I do. Do I hope Chad Kelly can correct his personal issues, become a model citizen and clubhouse leader and then become an elite quarterback? That would be great too. However, I know both of these scenarios are fairly unlikely. Being a sports fan overall, I will watch and cheer and hope that the stars align, the offense runs through, around and over everything in it's path, the defense becomes frightening for opponents, and Jim Irsay hoists the Lombardi at the end of the season. Being the realist, though, I will hope for anything but mediocrity. Please no 8-8 or 7-9. In any case, though, I will watch.
  8. The booing was a knee-jerk reaction to people being upset. This was a gut-punch for all the fans and the last thing anyone expected. No one in the organization will ever say anything bad about it, but the timing does set things back an extra year. Knowing this in March would have been better. Do I think Andrew will regret this? Yes, I do. In a month when the team is struggling under Jacoby Brissett, in a year (or less) when his body feels "fine", and in 10 years when those who played with and against him are being inducted into the Hall of Fame. Certain things can only be done when you are young physically, mentally, and psychologically. All that being said, the decision was always Andrew's and none of us have to live with the consequences in any way.
  9. Extending Brissett is a good decision. I don't think he is the answer, but he is the best choice until we can draft next year and then have Brissett help develop someone over the next one or two years.
  10. Here is the reality of the situation: 1. Andrew Luck is not coming back and you do not want him to. If he were to reverse his decision, the cloud of his retirement would forever loom until he finally did. I also don't think his heart would ever truly be in it again. 2. Getting to a Super Bowl with Jacoby Brissett is not impossible, but it is very unlikely. Nick Foles has a ring. From further back, Trent Dilfer has one too. These are the exceptions, but far from the rule. 3. The Colts are at least three years from any hope of real success. The timing of Luck's decision set this back at least another year. If he had announced this in March, they could have drafted a replacement by possibly trading to move up. At best, they draft the future QB next year. He takes a year to develop. Then maybe there is hope again. 4. As everyone has observed over the years, drafting a top-level QB outside of the first few picks is a total crap shoot. There are two ways to get there. One is to have a terrible record this year. The other is to give up some draft capital and hope to find a suitable trading partner. This further delays the development of other positions. 5. While we wait for the future QB to develop, there will be losses of the last of quality years to currently good to great players. The first that come to mind are T.Y. and Castonzo. I also love Frank Reich, but how long would he want to coach with no championship possibility? 6. The worst the Colts can do is to be mediocre. 8-8 or 9-6 gets you draft picks after top-rated QBs are gone and either no playoffs or a likely first round playoff exit.
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