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  1. I agree. Who do you pull in? It's likely to be three games. I like Vaughns.
  2. Keyes seems like more of what Ballard likes. Also seems like someone who can play safety and corner. Good GM's never take things personally. Decisions often seem cold, but Ballard is trying to do what it takes to improve the team.
  3. The reality of this is that these guys are someone else's waiver from being cut and an injury or two from being on the field. Preseason was an audition for every team.
  4. As far as the linebackers, I really liked how Speed was playing before he got hurt. Adams and Franklin are solid. Tell doesn't have to be great. He just has to be better than RYS. I've lost faith that RYS is ever going to live up to what they want.
  5. I think Blackmon is good at FS. My concern is what happens if and when one of them gets hurt. Same with CB. If Rhodes or Moore goes down, the air raid sirens are going off.
  6. Name the 2 roster cuts you are most surprised about (all cuts below) - Probably Shawn Davis and maybe Andrew Brown. Hard to argue about DL since they kept so many. Guessing Shawn Davis will end up on the PS. Name the 2 roster keeps you are most surprised about (roster below) - Maybe Patmon and Rochell just because of the numbers at those positions Name two general/misc things (unit size, health recovery, etc,) that you are surprised about - Number of DL and WR kept. - How thin the secondary still looks. Name two cut players you hope make it to the PS - Tyler Vaughns - he just looks like a Zach Pascal type. Nothing spectacular except his consistency. - Deon Jackson - I think he just needs more work. There is some talent there. What are you most happy about? - There is nothing really surprisingly stupid. The whole process seems to be unspectacular and improves the team. What are you most unhappy about? - Again, how thin the corner group is. Maybe they will look better with a full pass rush and playing to scheme, but beyond Rhodes and Moore, it does not look good.
  7. There's a reason he was a fourth round pick and not first round and that reason is not physical ability. Could the problem have been coaching or some other circumstance in college? No idea. During the preseason, he looked like a rookie. Guess what? He really is since last year was such a mess. Can Reich game-plan to his strengths and win some games with him as a starter? Of course he can. Could he be a true NFL starter? Possibly, under the right circumstances. Learning the decision-making it takes to be a good quarterback in the NFL can take years. Peyton didn't have it all down as a rookie and he may be the smartest QB ever. Brady won a Super Bowl in his first year as a starter, but not as a rookie. We have no idea how good Eason can be and we may never know.
  8. He's not getting cut. There's too much potential and no way to get him to the PS or anything like that.
  9. May not even get there since they have to clear waivers first. Not sure of all the rules. It's a risk you take though.
  10. I said this initially about Strachan, but I really want him out wide. It's not a bad thought. Who they keep as a sixth wide-out or a fourth tight end really depends on a willingness to block and get better at it and the willingness and ability to play on special teams.
  11. If Tevi or Davenport makes the roster, they should be very tense as Ballard looks at what other teams cut.
  12. I may have been thinking of Dulin when it comes to special teams. That's another place where Wilkins has value.
  13. LT situation may not look as bad when the rest of the O-Line are starters. There may also be someone who gets cut from another team on the last cut. Definitely not a great solution in either case. Best solution would be to get Fisher fully healthy.
  14. I hate to be wishy washy, but I am a bit on this. I also realize that I am not an NFL coach or executive and that I do not spend every day with these guys. If I'm trying to win one game right now, which may actually be the situation, I want Ehlinger. In general, "mobile" quarterbacks in the NFL not named Mahomes get killed. Everyone is so much faster than in college. However, for one or two games, it may give a better chance to win. Being able to move does slow down the rush. If I want a quarterback to develop into a starter or backup who delivers from one game to the next, I want Eason. You can teach a big armed quarterback to have touch. You cannot teach someone to throw the way Eason does. I'm old enough to remember when John Elway was young and everyone claimed he threw everything too hard. Eason is not Elway, but the term "Eason Cross" may be applicable at times. The other question, then, is how quickly each can read and make decisions. Apparently, Ehlinger is better at this right now, at least in practice. This is another thing that can be taught, to an extent, but as I've said before, there are plenty of "cannon" arms who washed out in the NFL. Guys like Kyle Boller and Jamarcus Russell are more the rule than the exception.
  15. Harris's value is on special teams. I think it would be easier to stash Patmon on the PS. Strachan would be on another team's roster in a second. The genie is out of the bottle. The depth is nice to have, though. If our top four was not already solid, there would be even more talk about all of these guys. Also, if someone like TY is hurt, it will be easier to hold them out and let them heal more. It's a long season.
  16. There have also been plenty of "cannon" arms which have ended up being nothing.
  17. I hate to jinx things, but injuries will play a role here too.
  18. I kind of like that anywhere. Want to use "cover corners"? Try to take the ball from the big boys or tackle them after they get it. Want to go with big corners or safeties? Good luck catching the Ghost or Parris Campbell. Then try to deal with "reliable" Jack Doyle and Zach Pascal smacking you in the mouth blocking.
  19. Peyton was a statue. So is Brady. They didn't get blitzed because they read them and took advantage. Can Eason learn to do that? It will most likely take a while. A strong running game and a good defense will hopefully help a lot. Running around would get him killed.
  20. Writers love to express opinions way on one side or the other so that if things go well or go badly, they can pull the "I told you so!!". If they are wrong, no one cares.
  21. I think if it's 1 - 3 games, you trust Eason and try to take all the pressure off him you can. If it goes beyond that, you look to find someone who can fill in for however long it takes. The dilemma is if you are successful and then you have to decide if/when Wentz is ready.
  22. Supposedly, what he has is speed (4.4 40 on his pro day). What he may not have is ball security. Can that be coached? We might see.
  23. It might depend on how someone like Deon Jackson does in camp. Could he be the 4th RB who plays on special teams? It also depends on Mack's achilles.
  24. QB #2 is Eason's to lose. Transition of the game plan from Wentz to him would be much easier than anyone else. DE, I think belongs to Paye and Lewis unless Turay shows he can hold up to the run. Turay will get his chance on passing downs. My fantasy here is that Turay and Banogu both improve and they can be put together in a "NASCAR" type of lineup. Remember, too, that Eberflus likes to rotate the DL, so everyone may play a role. Receiver will be interesting to watch, but I think we are set up pretty well. The best you can do is to have a number of guys with the talent to make plays. I'm hoping Wentz learns to spread the ball around and find the matchups we want. I'm concerned about LT, but I don't see much else they could have done without emptying the vault for an average free agent. I think CB still has work to do at LB with either a late free agent signing or someone cut by another team.
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