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Gavin Mock Draft 2022 -- Make your Picks here. Big Board and Full Draft Order included on 1st Page

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Welcome to the 2022 Edition of the Gavin Mock Draft, named after a former Forum member who loved the draft and was respected by many here.


@csmopar, @VikingsFanInChennai, @John Hammonds, @danlhart87, @SaturdayAllDay, @Archer, @stitches, @Colt.45, @PureLuck, @WarGhost21, @LV-FrontRow, @Clem-Dog, @coltsfanej, @runthepost, @RNGDShobby, @Zoltan, @Jared Cisneros, @Kangaroo, @PRnum1


Thank you for joining us this year. Most of you who are  participating are veterans of this.  This year's Gavin Mock Draft will be held similarly to how it was held last year with a couple of changes. 

  • The Draft will take place every evening from 7pm to 10:10PM EDT (Indianapolis time), starting Monday, 4/18/22 (Tax Day this year.)
  • Each of you will be assigned a time when you will be on the clock. You will have 10 minutes to make your pick before the next GM is on the clock. 
  • If you do not believe you will be there at the time assigned, please send me a personal message with names of players in the order of preference.
  • If you do not send me a message and you miss your time, you can make your pick whenever you are ready to do so as long as it is on the same night. So, if you are assigned to select a player on Monday, if you miss your time, you can select your player anytime before the end of Monday evening/night. I will give you until 20 minutes after the night's draft ends to submit your pick. If you miss your pick altogether, I will select best player available or one of the fellow participants will select for you after 10:30 PM EDT. So, try to avoid what the Vikings did many years ago when they drafted their player late and another team jumped in front of them.
  • I did not incorporate any breaks for the first day. Let's see how it goes. I may do so if needed for the following days. 
  • We will try to go at least 3 rounds. We usually do 4 to 5. After round 5, participants often become less interested. 
  • Trades? So far no one has reported any trades. You may discuss trades amongst yourselves.  To make it easier, I am allowing only the trading of draft picks, not existing NFL players.  See https://www.drafttek.com/NFL-Trade-Value-Chart.asp for a draft trade value chart. 
  • If possible, I will try to keep the draft on this thread to minimize multiple threads. Other forum members (non-participants) have complained in the past if they saw too many Gavin Mock Drafts pinned at the top of the section. If we unpin them, then they are hard to find. So, I would like to keep everything on this thread.
  • I will update the Big Board and the list of draft picks after every selection. See the Big Board below. (Note: on my laptop, this Big Board looks clear, clean and organized. It is not as  "clean" when viewing it on my mobile. @VikingsFanInChennai posted a different Big Board from another site which looks "clean" on mobile. Let me know if the one below works for you.)
  • If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to ask me on the thread. 
  • Enjoy!


TEAMS and their GMs


Bengals  -- Stitches

Bills -- LV-FrontRow

Broncos -- Jared Cisneros

Browns  -- LV-FrontRow



Chargers -- PRnum1

Chiefs -- Colt .45

Colts -- danlhart87

Commanders -- archer

Cowboys -- VikingsFanInChennai

Dolphins -- Archer

Eagles -- runthepost

Falcons -- PureLuck


Giants -- Clem-Dog

Jaguars -- Kangaroo

Jets -- coltsfanej

Lions -- RNGDShobby

Packers -- stitches

Panthers -- csmopar

Patriot -- @Archer

Raiders -- @LV-FrontRow

Rams -- @John Hammonds

Ravens @warghost21

Saints -- @SaturdayAllDay

Seahawks -- @VikingsFanInChennai

Steelers -- @Zoltan

Texans -- @John Hammonds

Titans -- @danlhart87

Vikings -- @VikingsFanInChennai


Here is a Big Board compiled by Drafttek https://www.drafttek.com/2022-NFL-Draft-Big-Board/Top-NFL-Draft-Prospects-2022-Page-1.asp


Players still available:


106     Verone McKinley III            Oregon                              S              5'10"     196     RJR

109     Jalyn Armour-Davis              Alabama                            CB           6'1"       192     RJR

112     John Ridgeway                     Arkansas                            DL1T      6'5"       325     RSR

115     Darrian Beavers                   Cincinnati                          OLB        6'3"       242     RSO

122     Tre Sterling                            Oklahoma State               S              6'1"       207     RSR

123     D'Vonte Price                        Florida International      RB           6'2"       215     RSR

126     Myron Tagovailoa-Amosa Notre Dame                      DL5T      6'2"       270     RSR

129     Zakoby McClain                    Auburn                               OLB        6'0"       220     SR

132     Jayden Peevy                        Texas A&M                       DL3T      6'5"       319     SR

133     D'Marco Jackson                  Appalachian State           ILB          6'1"       225     RSR


135     Abram Smith                         Baylor                                RB           5'11"     221     SR

137     Chris Hinton                          Michigan                           DL3T      6'4"       306     JR


139     Dontario Drummond           Ole Miss                            WR         6'0"       220     RSR

140     Tariq Castro-Fields               Penn State                        CB           6'0"       191     SR


142     Jake Ferguson                       Wisconsin                          TE           6'5"       246     RSR


144     Jerome Ford                          Cincinnati                          RB           5'11"     215     RSO

145     DeAngelo Malone                Western Kentucky           EDGE      6'3"       243     RSR

146     Alontae Taylor                      Tennessee                         CB           6'0"       198     SR


148     Brian Robinson Jr.               Alabama                            RB           6'1"       228     SR

149     Austin Allen                           Nebraska                           TE           6'8"       259     RSR

150     Damarri Mathis                    Pittsburgh                          CB           5'11"     196     RSR


152     Kyren Williams                      Notre Dame                      RBC        5'9"       194     JR

153     Terrel Bernard                      Baylor                                ILB          6'1"       222     RSR


155     Cordale Flott                         LSU                                     CB           6'0"       175     JR

156     Michael Clemons                 Texas A&M                       EDGE      6'5"       263     GR

157     Jerreth Sterns                       Western Kentucky           WRS       5'8"       180     SR

158     Malcolm Rodriguez             Oklahoma State               ILB          5'11"     225     RSR

159     Charleston Rambo               Miami (FL)                         WR         6'0"       175     RSR

160     Cole Turner                            Nevada                              TE           6'5"       240     SR


162     Matthew Butler                    Tennessee                         DL3T      6'3"       299     SR

163     Mike Rose                             Iowa State                         OLB        6'4"       245     SR

164     T.J. Pledger                            Utah                                   RBC        5'9"       193     RJR

165     Thayer Munford                   Ohio State                         OG          6'6"       315     SR

166     Erik Ezukanma                      Texas Tech                        WR         6'2"       220     RJR

167     Justin Shaffer                        Georgia                              OG          6'3"       330     RSR

168     Obinna Eze                            TCU                                    OT          6'7"       315     RSR

169     Tyler Badie                            Missouri                             RBC        5'8"       194     SR


171     Christopher Allen                 Alabama                            EDGE      6'3"       242     RSR

172     Jeremiah Gemmel                North Carolina                 OLB        6'1"       225     SR

173     Ty Fryfogle                             Indiana                               WR         6'2"       214     SR

174     Mika Tafua                            Utah                                   EDGE      6'3"       250     JR

175     ZaQuandre White                South Carolina                 RB           6'1"       215     SR

176     Chase Garbers                      California                          QB          6'2"       225     RSR

177     Akayleb Evans                       Missouri                             CB           6'2"       188     SR

178     Isaac Taylor-Stuart               USC                                     CB           6'1"       195     RJR

179     Hassan Haskins                     Michigan                           RB           6'0"       220     SR

180     Otito Ogbonnia                    UCLA                                  DL1T      6'3"       320     SR

181     Leon O'Neal Jr.                     Texas A&M                       S              6'1"       210     SR

182     Reggie Roberson Jr.            SMU                                   WR         6'0"       200     RSR

183     Luke Wattenberg                 Washington                      OC          6'4"       300     SR

184     Gerrit Prince                          UAB                                    TE           6'4"       241     RSR

185     Derion Kendrick                    Georgia                              CB           6'0"       190     SR

186     Ty Chandler                           North Carolina                 RBC        5'11"     205     SR

187     Aaron Hansford                    Texas A&M                       ILB          6'4"       236     GR


189     Tyreke Smith                         Ohio State                         EDGE      6'3"       254     SR

190     Daniel Wright                       Alabama                            S              6'0"       195     RSR

191     Kalon Barnes                         Baylor                                CB           6'0"       186     SR

192     Rasheed Walker                   Penn State                        OT          6'5"       313     RJR


194     Mykael Wright                      Oregon                              CB           5'11"     181     JR

195     Kaleb Eleby                            Western Michigan          QB          6'1"       215     RJR



198     Jalen Green                           Mississippi State             CB           6'0"       197     SR

199     Tycen Anderson                    Toledo                               S              6'2"       210     SR

200     Jack Sanborn                         Wisconsin                          ILB          6'2"       235     RSR



202   Brad Hawkins                 Michigan                      S           6'1"  218 SR

203   Lecitus Smith                  Virginia Tech                OG       6'3"  320 RSR

204   J.T. Woods                      Baylor                           S           6'2"  193 SR

205   Danny Gray                    SMU                             WR       6'2"  199 SR

206   Esezi Otomewo              Minnesota                   DL5T    6'6"  275 SR

207   Darien Butler                  Arizona State               OLB      6'0"  225 SR

208   Qwynnterrio Cole           Louisville                      S           6'3"  190 SR

209   Chigoziem Okonkwo      Maryland                     TE        6'2"  244 SR

210   Zonovan Knight              North Carolina State    RBC      5'11"        206          JR

211   Jaivon Heiligh                 Coastal Carolina          WR       6'1"  190 SR

212   Kolby Harvell-Peel          Oklahoma State           S           6'0"  210 SR

213   Mario Goodrich              Clemson                       CB        6'0"  190 SR

214   Antwan Collier               Florida A&M                S           6'3"  195 SR

215   Kennedy Brooks             Oklahoma                    RBC      5'10"        214          RSR

216   Nolan Turner                  Clemson                       S           6'1"  205 SR

217   Cameron Dicker              Texas                            PK        6'0"  216 SR

218   Arron Mosby                  Fresno State                 OLB      6'2"  248 SR

219   Velus Jones Jr.                Tennessee                    WRS     6'0"  200 RSR

220   James Empey                  BYU                              OC        6'4"  300 RSR

221   Tayler Hawkins               San Diego State            CB        6'1"  205 SR

222   Myron Cunningham       Arkansas                      OT        6'6"  325 RSR

223   Slade Bolden                  Alabama                      WRS     5'11"        194          RJR

224   Delarrin Turner-Yell       Oklahoma                    S           5'10"        198          SR

225   Kalia Davis                      Central Florida             DL3T    6'1"  310 RSR

226   D'Jordan Strong              Coastal Carolina          CB        5'11  175 SR

227   Jaquarii Roberson          Wake Forest                 WR       6'0"  182 RSR

228   Lucas Krull                      Pittsburgh                    TE        6'5"  260 SR

229   Zach VanValkenburg      Iowa                             DL5T    6'3"  270 RSR

230   Ellis Brooks                     Penn State                   ILB        6'1"  233 RJR

231   Jeffrey Gunter                Coastal Carolina          EDGE   6'4"  260 RSR

232   Jordan Stout                   Penn State                   P          6'3"  209 SR

233   Percy Butler                    Louisiana                     S           6'0"  194 SR

234   Zachary Carter                Florida                          EDGE   6'4"  268 RSR

235   Isaiah Pola-Mao             USC                               S           6'3"  205 RSR

236   Ricky Person Jr.               North Carolina State    RB        6'1"  222 RJR

237   Ali Fayad                         Western Michigan       EDGE   6'2"  249 SR

238   Bo Melton                      Rutgers                         WRS     5'11"        190          RSR

239   Josh Ross                        Michigan                      OLB      6'2"  230 SR

240   Yusuf Corker                   Kentucky                      S           6'0"  192 RSR

241   Brock Purdy                    Iowa State                    QB        6'1"  220 SR

242   Isaiah Thomas                Oklahoma                    EDGE   6'5"  267 RSR

243   Nate Landman               Colorado                      ILB        6'2"  236 SR

244   Makai Polk                      Mississippi State          WR       6'2"  200 RSO

245   Matt Henningsen           Wisconsin                    DL5T    6'2"  286 RSR

246   Keegan Cryder                Wyoming                     OC        6'3"  309 RSR

247   Ben Brown                      Ole Miss                       OG       6'5"  315 RSR

248   Michael Maietti              Missouri                       OC        6'1"  290 RSR

249   Bubba Bolden                Miami (FL)                    S           6'2"  200 RSR

250   Daniel Gutierrez             UNLV                            PK        5'11  220 SR

251   James Houston              Jackson State               OLB      6'1"  240 RSR

252   Tyler Goodson               Iowa                             RBC      5'9"  200 JR

253   Cal Adomitis                   Pittsburgh                    LS         6'2"  250 RSR

254   Dane Belton                   Iowa                             S           6'2"  205 JR

255   Emeka Emezie                North Carolina State    WR       6'2"  220 SR

256   Cam'Ron Harris              Miami (FL)                    RBC      5'9"  210 RJR

257   Decobie Durant              South Carolina State    CB        5'11"        180          RSR

258   Tayland Humphrey        UL Lafayette                 DL1T    6'5"  349 RSR

259   Jashaun Corbin              Florida State                RB        6'0"  215 RSO

260   Amari Burney                 Florida                          S           6'2"  224 SR

261   Devin Harper                  Oklahoma State           OLB      6'0"  234 RSR

262   Eric Johnson                   Missouri State              DL3T    6'4"  297 SR

263   Alex Wright                    UAB                              EDGE   6'7"  270 JR

264   Jermaine Waller             Virginia Tech                CB        6'1"  180 SR

265   Jonathan Ford                Miami (FL)                    DL1T    6'4"  318 RSR

266   Jason Poe                        Mercer College            OG       6'0"  300 GR

267   Chandler Staton             Appalachian State       PK        5'11  195 SR

268   Kyron Johnson               Kansas                          OLB      6'1"  235 RSR

269   Andrew Ogletree            Youngstown State       TE        6'7"  250 SR

270   Tyler Vrabel                    Boston College             OT        6'5"  305 RJR

271   Marquan McCall            Kentucky                      DL1T    6'3"  379 SR

272   Jesse Luketa                   Penn State                   OLB      6'3"  255 JR

273   Reed Blankenship          Middle Tennessee       S           6'1"  200 RSR

274   Colin Schooler                Texas Tech                   ILB        6'1"  230 GR

275   LaBryan Ray                    Alabama                      DL5T    6'4"  283 RSR

276   Jack Coan                       Notre Dame                 QB        6'2"  223 RSR

277   Noah Elliss                      Idaho                            DL1T    6'4"  367 RSR

278   Ryan Stonehouse           Colorado State             P          5'11"        180          RSR

279   Devin Taylor                   Bowling Green             CB        6'1"  200 SR

280   Grant Morgan                Arkansas                      ILB        5'11"        230          RSR

281   James Skalski                  Clemson                       ILB        6'0"  240 GR

282   Ja'Quan McMillian         East Carolina                CB        5'9"  181 JR

283   Isaih Pacheco                  Rutgers                         RB        5'11"        210          RJR

284   Tre Williams                   Arkansas                      EDGE   6'5"  260 JR

285   Cody Roscoe                   Syracuse                       DL5T    6'1"  275 RSR

286   Tay Martin                      Oklahoma State           WR       6'3"  186 SR

287   Tomon Fox                     North Carolina             EDGE   6'3"  260 GR

288   Micah McFadden           Indiana                         ILB        6'2"  227 SR

289   Chris Paul                       Tulsa                            OG       6'4"  324 RSR

290   Connor Heyward            Michigan State             FB        6'0"  230 RSR

291   Zander Horvath              Purdue                         FB        6'2"  230 SR

292   Chandler Wooten          Auburn                         OLB      6'3"  232 SR

293   Jalen Nailor                    Michigan State             WR       6'0"  190 RJR

294   Shaun Jolly                     Appalachian State       CB        5'9"  180 RSR

295   Josh Sills                         Oklahoma State           OG       6'5"  325 RSR

296   Zach Tom                        Wake Forest                 OT        6'4"  297 RSR

297   Chris Steele                    USC                               CB        6'1"  190 JR

298   Russ Yeast                      Kansas State                 CB        5'10"        195          SR

299   Blake Hayes                    Illinois                          P          6'6"  225 SR

300   Luke Goedeke                Central Michigan         OT        6'5"  310 SR




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Draft order for all seven rounds as of April 16, 2022. (** indicates mock draft trade)


1st Round (Monday 4/18/22 and Tuesday 4/19/22) -- All Times EDT (Indianapolis Time)


1) Jacksonville Jaguars   7PM @Kangaroo  -- Ikem Ekwonu  OT North Carolina State              
2) Detroit Lions   7:10 PM  @RNGDShobby  -- Aidan Hutchinson, EDGE, Michigan
3) Houston Texans  7:20PM @John Hammonds -- Evan Neal, LT, Alabama
4) New York Jets ** Seahawks  7:30 PM @vikingsfaninchennai  -- Malik Willis, QB, Liberty
5) New York Giants  7:40 PM  @Clem-Dog --  Travon Walker  EDGE    Georgia 
6) Carolina Panthers 7:50 PM  @csmopar -- George Karlaftis Edge Purdue.
7) New York Giants (from Chicago Bears)  8PM  @Clem-Dog Ahmad "Sauce" Gardner , CB, Cincinnati    
8) Atlanta Falcons  8:10 PM  @PureLuck  Drake London, WR, USC
9) Seahawks from Denver ** Jets  8:20 PM @coltsfanej   Kayvon Thibodeaux   EDGE Oregon    
10) New York Jets (from Seattle Seahawks)  8:30  PM  @coltsfanej  Jameson Williams WR Alabama.

11) Washington Commanders  8:40 PM @Archer Garrett Wilson, WR, Ohio St.
12) Minnesota Vikings  8:50 PM @VikingsFanInChennai  Kyle Hamilton, S, Notre Dame 
13) Houston Texans (from Cleveland Browns) 9 PM @John Hammonds  Chris Olave, WR, Ohio State
14) Baltimore Ravens  9:10 PM  @WarGhost21  Derek Stingley Jr, CB, LSU
15) Philadelphia Eagles (from Miami Dolphins)  9:20 PM  @runthepost Trent McDuffie CB Washington. 
16) Saints (from Colts through Eagles) 9:30 PM @SaturdayAllDay Treylon Burks, WR, Arkansas
17) Los Angeles Chargers 9:40 PM @PRnum1  Jordan Davis, DL, Georgia. 
18) Titans (from Eagles ** from  Saints) 9:50 PM  Danlhartz  Matt Corral, QB, Ole Miss
19) New Orleans Saints (from Philadelphia Eagles) 10 PM @SaturdayAllDay Charles Cross, OT, Mississippi St.


(continue on Tuesday, 4/19/22)
20) Pittsburgh Steelers  7:00PM  Kenny Pickett, QB, Pitt

21) New England Patriots 7:10 PM  @Archer Boye Mafe, EDGE, Minnesota
22) Green Bay Packers (from Las Vegas Raiders) @stitches Jermaine Johnson, EDGE, Florida State
23) Arizona Cardinals 7:30  Tyler Linderbaum, C, Iowa
24) Dallas Cowboys 7:40 @VikingsFanInChennai Andrew Booth Jr., CB, Clemson
25) Buffalo Bills  7:50 PM @LV-FrontRow Devin Lloyd, LB, Utah
26) Eagles (from Titans) 8:00  @runthepost WR Christian Watson from NDSU 

27) Tampa Bay Buccaneers  8:10  Zion Johnson, G, Boston College
28) Green Bay Packers  8:20  @stitchesDevonte Wyatt, DL, Georgia 

29) Kansas City Chiefs (from through Dolphins)  8:30 @Colt.45  Roger McCreary, CB, Auburn
30) Kansas City Chiefs  8:50 @Colt.45 Jahan Waltè Dotson, WR, Penn State
31) Cincinnati Bengals  9:00 @stitches Kenyon Green, G,  Texas A&M 
32) Detroit Lions (from Rams) 9:10 Sam Howell, QB, North Carolina @RNGDShobby

10 Minute Break between rounds


Round 2

33) Jacksonville Jaguars -- 9:30     Arnold Ebiketie, EDGE, Penn State  
34) Detroit Lions -- 9:40                Dean, ILB, Georgia
35) New York Jets -- 9:50               Kaiir Elam, CB, Florida

36) New York Giants -- 10:00         Trevor Penning, OT, Northern Iowa


Wednesday, 4/20/22
37) Houston Texans, 7:00PM @John Hammonds Desmond Ridder, QB Cincinnati
38) New York Jets (from Carolina Panthers) @coltsfanej  Daxton Hill, FS, Michigan
39) Chicago Bears @csmopar 7:20PM   Kyler Gordon   CB  Washington    
40) Jets (from Seattle Seahawks** (from Denver Broncos) Tyler Smith, OL, Tulsa
41) Seattle Seahawks @VikingsFanInChennai David Ojabo, EDGE, Michigan
42) Bears ** (from Colts, from Commanders) @csmopar          David Bell, WR, Purdue

43) Atlanta Falcons @PureLuck       Bernhard Raimann, OT, Central Michigan
44) Cleveland Browns  @LV-FrontRow Wed, 8:10PM EDT   Cameron Thomas, EDGE, San Diego St
45) Baltimore Ravens  @WarGhost21   Drake Jackson, EDGE, USC
46)  Jets** (from Minnesota Vikings) @coltsfanej       Breece Hall, RB
47) Washington Commanders (from Indianapolis Colts)  @Archer Sean Rhyan, OL, UCLA.
48) Colts ** (from Bears, from Chargers)  @danlhart87  Trey McBride, TE Colorado State 
49) New Orleans Saints @SaturdayAllDay     Jaquan Brisker, S, Penn State
50) Kansas City Chiefs (from Miami Dolphins) @Colt.45 Travis Jones, DT, UConn
51) Philadelphia Eagles @runthepost 9:20PM EDT Wed.   Ed Ingram, G, LSU
52) Pittsburgh Steelers @Zoltan 9:30PM EDT Wed.   Lewis Cine, S, Georgia

53) Green Bay Packers (from Raiders) @stitches       George Pickens, WR, Georgia
54) New England Patriots  @Archer @9:50 Wed   Troy Anderson, LB, Montana

55) Arizona Cardinals  (no GM; Commissioner's pick) Kingsley Enagbare, EDGE, South Carolina
56) Colts (from Cowboys)**  @danlhart87  Calvin Austin III, WR, Memphis


Thursday, 4/21/22 (all times EDT)
57) Buffalo Bills -- @LV-FrontRow Kenneth Walker III, RB, Michigan State
58) Atlanta Falcons (from Tennessee Titans)  @PureLuck  Leo Chenal, ILB, 
59) Green Bay Packers @stitches  Tariq Woolen, CB, USTA
60) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (commissioner's pick) DeMarvin Leal, DL5T, Texas A&M
61) San Francisco 49ers  (Commissioner's pick)  Jalen Pitre, S, Baylor
62) Kansas City Chiefs  @Colt.45  Dameon Pierce, RB, Florida
63) Cincinnati Bengals @stitches Josh Paschal, EDGE, Kentucky
64) Denver Broncos (from Los Angeles Rams) @Jared Cisneros Chad Muma, LB, Wyoming


(Continuing on Thursday, 4/21/22; all times EDT)

Round 3

65) Jacksonville Jaguars  @Kangaroo                        Darian Kinnard, G, Kentucky
66) Detroit Lions  @RNGDShobby                              Skyy Moore, WR,  Western Michigan     
67) New York Giants @Clem-Dog                              Jamaree Salyer OG Georgia
68) Houston Texans @John Hammonds                     Greg Dulcich, TE, UCLA
69) Vikings (from New York Jets)**  @VikingsFanInChennai   Perrion Winfrey, DL, Oklahoma 
70) Jacksonville Jaguars (from Carolina Panthers) @Kangaroo John Metchi III, WR, Alabama
71) Chicago Bears  @csmopar                                    Jalen Tolbert WR- South Alabama
72) Seattle Seahawks @VikingsFanInChennai                Nicholas Petit-Frere, OT, Ohio State
73) Denver, from Cowboys** from Colts (from Commanders) @Jared Cisneros Logan Hall, EDGE, Houston
74) Atlanta Falcons @PureLuck                                     Nick Cross, S, Maryland
75) Cowboys from Denver Broncos**  @VikingsFanInChennai NIK BONITTO, EDGE, Oklahoma 
76) Baltimore Ravens @WarGhost21                             Damone Clark, ILB, LSU


Friday (continuing with 3rd Round)   All times EDT
77) Minnesota Vikings @VikingsFanInChennai 7:00 PM   Cam Taylor-Britt, S/CB, Nebraska
78) Cleveland Browns @LV-FrontRow  7:10 PM              Alec Pierce, WR, Cincinnati  
79) Los Angeles Chargers  @PRnum1 7:20 PM              James Cook, RB, George
80) Houston Texans (from New Orleans Saints)  @John Hammonds  Coby Bryant, CB, Cincinnati
81) New York Giants (from Miami Dolphins)  @Clem-Dog  Jelani Woods TE Virginia
82) Atlanta Falcons (from Indianapolis Colts)  @PureLuck Kyle Philips, WR, UCLA 
83) Philadelphia Eagles  @runthepost                       Phidarian Mathis DL from Alabama
84) Pittsburgh Steelers                                               Brian Asamoah, LB, Oklahoma     
85) New England Patriots @Archer                        Zyon  McCollum, CB, Sam Houston St.   
86) Las Vegas Raiders  @LV-FrontRow                   Kellen Diesch, OT,  Arizona State   
87) Arizona Cardinals  (Commissioner's pick)            Christian Harris, LB,  Alabama 
88) Jaguars (from Dallas Cowboys) @Kangaroo    Cade Otton, TE, Washington           
89) Buffalo Bills  @LV-FrontRow                             Martin Emerson, CB,  Mississippi State   
90) Eagles (from Tennessee Titans)** @runthepost Myjai Sanders, EDGE,  Cincinnati 
91) Tampa Bay Buccaneers  (Commissioner's pick)    Carson Strong, QB, Nevada
92) Green Bay Packers @stitches 9:10 PM            Khalil Shakir, WR, Boise State

93) San Francisco 49ers (Commissioner's Pick)         Abraham Lucas, OT, Washington State 

94) Kansas City Chiefs @Colt .45                           Isaiah Likely, TE, Coastal Carolina
95) Cincinnati Bengals  @stitches                         Kerby Joseph, S, Illinois
96) Denver Broncos (from Los Angeles Rams) Marcus Jones, CB, Houston
97) Detroit Lions (compensatory selection) @RNGDShobby Bryan Cook, Safety, Cincinnati
98) New Orleans Saints (compensatory selection) @SaturdayAllDay Dylan Parham, OG, Memphis  
99) Cleveland Browns (special compensatory selection) @LV-FrontRow Haskell Garrett, DL, Ohio State
100) Baltimore Ravens (special compensatory selection)  @WarGhost21 Daniel Faalele, OT, Minnesota
101) Eagles (from Saints; special comp selection)  @runthepost  Rachaad White RB Arizona St
102) Dolphins (from 49ers; special comp selection)  @Archer Channing Tyndall, LB, Georgia
103) Kansas City Chiefs (special comp selection) @Colt.45 Wan'Dale Robinson , WR, Kentucky  
104) Los Angeles Rams (special comp selection)  @John HammondsZamir White, RB Georgia
105) San Francisco 49ers (special comp selection) Commissioner's pick  Quay Walker, ILB, Georgia 


Round 4  (all selections made on 4/25/22)


106) Cowboys (from Jacksonville Jaguars)**      Sam Williams, EDGE, Ole Miss
107) Houston Texans (from Lions through Browns)  Brandon Smith, OLB, Penn State
108) Houston Texans      Smoke Monday, S, Auburn
109) Vikings (From Jets** (from Seahawks** (from Jets)     Cole Strange, OT, Chattanooga
110) Baltimore Ravens (from NY Giants)        Eyioma Uwazurike, DL, Iowa State

111) New York Jets (from Carolina Panthers)   Neil Farrell Jr.  
112) New York Giants (from Chicago Bears)   Tre Turner, WR, Virginia Tech  
113) Washington Commanders     Markquese Bell, S, Florida A&M
114) Atlanta Falcons     Pierre Strong Jr, RB, South Dakota St
115) Denver Broncos    Cam Jurgens C Nebraska
116) Denver Broncos (from Seattle Seahawks)  Tyler Allgeier, RB, BYU
117) Vikings from  New York Jets (from Minnesota Vikings) Joshua Williams, CB, Fayetteville State
118) Cleveland Browns @LV-FrontRow 8:00
119) Baltimore Ravens    Dominique Robinson, EDGE, Miami (OH)
120) New Orleans Saints    James Mitchell, TE, Virginia Tech

121) Kansas City Chiefs (from Dolphins)  Braxton Jones, OT, Southern Utah
122)  Cowboys (from Colts)   Romeo Doubs, WR, Nevada
123) Los Angeles Chargers    Justyn Ross, WR, Clemson
124) Philadelphia Eagles     Amare Barno, EDGE, Virginia Tech
125) Miami Dolphins (from Pittsburgh Steelers)  Isaiah Spiller, RB, Texas A&M
126) Las Vegas Raiders  @LV-FrontRow  8:40
127) New England Patriots    Alec Lindstrom, OL, Boston College
128) Baltimore Ravens (from Arizona Cardinals)  Luke Fortner, C, Kentucky
129) Dallas Cowboys    Dare Rosenthal, OT, Kentucky
130) Buffalo Bills  @LV-FrontRow 9:00
131) Tennessee Titans    Josh Jobe, CB, Alabama
132) Green Bay Packers   Jeremy Ruckert, TE, Ohio State
133) Colts (from Buccaneers**) Bailey Zappe, QB, Western Kentucky
134) Detroit Lions (from San Francisco 49ers**) Marquis Hayes, Guard, Oklahoma
135) Kansas City Chiefs         Jojo Domann, LB, Nebraska
136) Cincinnati Bengals   Charlie Kolar, TE, Iowa State
137) Vikings (from Panthers (from Rams through Texans)  Thomas Booker, IDL, Stanford
138) Pittsburgh Steelers (compensatory selection)   NO PICK
139) Baltimore Ravens (compensatory selection)  Tyquan Thornton, WR, Baylor
140) Green Bay Packers (compensatory selection) Dohnovan West, C, Arizona St.
141) Baltimore Ravens (compensatory selection)   Matt Araiaza, P, San Diego State
142) Los Angeles Rams (compensatory selection)   Jalen Wydermyer, TE, Texas A&M
143) Tennessee Titans (compensatory selection)   Max Mitchell OT Louisiana 


End of Gavin Mock Draft selections. 


Round 5  

144) Carolina Panthers (from Jacksonville Jaguars)
145) Seattle Seahawks (from Detroit Lions through Denver Broncos)
146) New York Jets
147) New York Giants
148) Colts** (from Chicago Bears (from Houston Texans)
149) Carolina Panthers
150) Colts** (from Chicago Bears)
151) Atlanta Falcons
152) Denver Broncos
153) Seattle Seahawks
154) Philadelphia Eagles (from Washington Commanders)
155) Dallas Cowboys (from Cleveland Browns)
156) Minnesota Vikings (from Baltimore Ravens)
157) Cowboys (from Jaguars**,from Minnesota Vikings)

158) New England Patriots (from Miami Dolphins)
159) Indianapolis Colts
160) Los Angeles Chargers
161) New Orleans Saints
162) Philadelphia Eagles
163) New York Jets (from Pittsburgh Steelers)
164) Las Vegas Raiders (from New England Patriots)
165) Las Vegas Raiders
166) Philadelphia Eagles (from Arizona Cardinals)
167) Dallas Cowboys
168) Buffalo Bills
169) Eagles (from Tennessee Titans)**
170) New England Patriots (from Tampa Bay Buccaneers)
171) Green Bay Packers
172) San Francisco 49ers
173) New York Giants (from Kansas City Chiefs through Baltimore Ravens)
174) Cincinnati Bengals
175) Los Angeles Rams
176) Dallas Cowboys (compensatory selection)
177) Detroit Lions (compensatory selection)
178) Dallas Cowboys (compensatory selection)
179) Indianapolis Colts (compensatory selection)


Round 6

180) Cowboys (from Jacksonville Jaguars)
181) Detroit Lions
182) New York Giants
183) Houston Texans
184) Minnesota Vikings (from New York Jets)
185) Buffalo Bills (from Carolina Panthers)* *
186) Chicago Bears
187) San Francisco 49ers (from Denver Broncos)
188) Jacksonville Jaguars (from Seattle Seahawks)
189) Washington Commanders
190) Atlanta Falcons
191) Minnesota Vikings (from Baltimore Ravens through Kansas City Chiefs)* *
192) Minnesota Vikings
193) Dallas Cowboys (from Cleveland Browns)
194) New Orleans Saints (from Indianapolis Colts through Philadelphia Eagles)
195) Los Angeles Chargers
196) Baltimore Ravens (from Miami Dolphins)
197) Jacksonville Jaguars (from Philadelphia Eagles)
198) Cowboys (from Jaguars** (from Pittsburgh Steelers)
199) Carolina Panthers (from Las Vegas Raiders)
200) New England Patriots
201) Arizona Cardinals
202) Cleveland Browns (from Dallas Cowboys)
203) Buffalo Bills
204) Tennessee Titans
205) Houston Texans (from Green Bay Packers)
206) Denver Broncos (from Tampa Bay Buccaneers through New York Jets and Philadelphia Eagles)
207) Houston Texans (from San Francisco 49ers through New York Jets)
208) Pittsburgh Steelers (from Kansas City Chiefs)* *
209) Cincinnati Bengals
210) New England Patriots (from Los Angeles Rams)
211) Los Angeles Rams (compensatory selection)
212) Los Angeles Rams (compensatory selection)
213) Atlanta Falcons (compensatory selection)
214) Los Angeles Chargers (compensatory selection)
215) Arizona Cardinals (compensatory selection)
216) Indianapolis Colts (compensatory selection)
217) Detroit Lions (compensatory selection)
218) Los Angeles Rams (compensatory selection)
219) Tennessee Titans (compensatory selection)
220) San Francisco 49ers (compensatory selection)
221) San Francisco 49ers (compensatory selection)


Round 7

222) Jacksonville Jaguars
223) Cleveland Browns (from Detroit Lions)
224) Miami Dolphins (from Houston Texans through New England Patriots and Baltimore Ravens)
225) Pittsburgh Steelers (from New York Jets)
226) Cincinnati Bengals (from New York Giants)
227) Las Vegas Raiders (from Carolina Panthers)
228) Green Bay Packers (from Chicago Bears through Houston Texans)
229) Seattle Seahawks
230) Washington Commanders
231) Buffalo Bills (from Atlanta Falcons)
232) Denver Broncos
233) Kansas City Chiefs (from Minnesota Vikings)
234) Denver Broncos (from Detroit Lions (from Cleveland Browns)
235) Jacksonville Jaguars (from Baltimore Ravens)
236) Los Angeles Chargers
237) Philadelphia Eagles (from New Orleans Saints)
238) Los Angeles Rams (from Miami Dolphins)
239) Indianapolis Colts
240) Washington Commanders (from Philadelphia Eagles through Indianapolis Colts)
241) Pittsburgh Steelers
242) Carolina Panthers (from New England Patriots through Miami Dolphins)
243) Kansas City Chiefs (from Las Vegas Raiders through New England Patriots)
244) Arizona Cardinals
245) Houston Texans (from Dallas Cowboys)
246) Cleveland Browns (from Buffalo Bills)
247) Miami Dolphins (from Tennessee Titans)
248) Tampa Bay Buccaneers
249) Green Bay Packers
250) Minnesota Vikings (from San Francisco 49ers through Denver Broncos)
251) Kansas City Chiefs
252) Cincinnati Bengals
253) Los Angeles Rams
254) Los Angeles Chargers (compensatory selection)
255) Los Angeles Chargers (compensatory selection)
256) Arizona Cardinals (compensatory selection)
257) Arizona Cardinals (compensatory selection)
258) Green Bay Packers (compensatory selection)
259) Kansas City Chiefs (compensatory selection)
260) Los Angeles Chargers (compensatory selection)
261) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (compensatory selection)
262) San Francisco 49ers (compensatory selection)

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  • NFLfan changed the title to Gavin Mock Draft 2022 -- Make your Picks here. Big Board and Full Draft Order included on 1st Page

@Archer @John Hammonds Are you able to see this thread? I noticed that no one has yet acknowledged this; I wonder if it is not showing. Thank you. 


@Shive How is everything?  Let me know if you see this thread. If so, let me know if it is clear and if I should make some changes. Thank you. Also, someone asked to post the Drafttek Trade Value Chart. I have not been able to post it in a way that can be easily read. Are you able to do it. 

Thank you! 

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41 minutes ago, NFLfan said:

@Shive How is everything?  Let me know if you see this thread. If so, let me know if it is clear and if I should make some changes. Thank you.

Busy! I can see the thread.


41 minutes ago, NFLfan said:

Also, someone asked to post the Drafttek Trade Value Chart. I have not been able to post it in a way that can be easily read. Are you able to do it. 

Thank you! 

I wasn't able to find a quick way to post the chart itself here, but we can at least add the link to it:


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1 hour ago, NFLfan said:

@Archer @John Hammonds Are you able to see this thread? I noticed that no one has yet acknowledged this; I wonder if it is not showing. Thank you. 


@Shive How is everything?  Let me know if you see this thread. If so, let me know if it is clear and if I should make some changes. Thank you. Also, someone asked to post the Drafttek Trade Value Chart. I have not been able to post it in a way that can be easily read. Are you able to do it. 

Thank you! 

I see it!  All good on my end…

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OK folks, it's 3.00am here, and I'm just about to go off to work and will be unable to make my pick for the Jags at the correct time, so here is pick #1.


I don't think this is the guy the Jags will pick, but he's the guy I would go for.  Last year they picked their Franchise QB and, as Colts fans will testify, there is a major need to keep him upright.


Therefore, with pick #1 of the 2022 Gavin Mock, the Jacksonville Jaguars travel to North Carolina State and select:


Ikem Ekwonu OT

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5 hours ago, Kangaroo said:

OK folks, it's 3.00am here, and I'm just about to go off to work and will be unable to make my pick for the Jags at the correct time, so here is pick #1.


I don't think this is the guy the Jags will pick, but he's the guy I would go for.  Last year they picked their Franchise QB and, as Colts fans will testify, there is a major need to keep him upright.


Therefore, with pick #1 of the 2022 Gavin Mock, the Jacksonville Jaguars travel to North Carolina State and select:


Ikem Ekwonu OT


Got it. Your pick is in. :applause:   


With the overall #1 of the 2022 Gavin Mock draft, the Jacksonville Jaguars select 


Ikem Okwonu, OT, North Carolina State


When was the last time an offensive tackle went first overall??

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The following eight are:


(Times are EDT -- time in Indianapolis)

3) Houston Texans  7:20PM @John Hammonds
4) New York Jets  7:30 PM @coltsfanej
5) New York Giants  7:40 PM  @Clem-Dog
6) Carolina Panthers 7:50 PM  @csmopar  (sent me his picks)
7) New York Giants (from Chicago Bears)  8PM  @Clem-Dog
8) Atlanta Falcons  8:10 PM  @PureLuck  (sent me his picks)
9) Seattle Seahawks (from Denver Broncos)  8:20 PM @VikingsFanInChennai
10) New York Jets (from Seattle Seahawks)  8:30  PM  @coltsfanej


Thank you to @VikingsFanInChennai for assisting me. If you are interested in doing trades, discuss the trades among yourselves and let @VikingsFanInChennai know. Would you like a separate thread to discuss trades??

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23 minutes ago, NFLfan said:

When was the last time an OT went first in the real NFL draft?


I see that this draft class has 3 OTs that are rated highly. Should the Colts move up to get one if one drops to, say, the middle of the first round?


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25 minutes ago, NFLfan said:

When was the last time an OT went first in the real NFL draft?


I see that this draft class has 3 OTs that are rated highly. Should the Colts move up to get one if one drops to, say, the middle of the first round?

Fisher  I think

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2 minutes ago, csmopar said:

Yep Fisher and then before that was Jake Long in 2008 and then you have to go back to like 1991-1992 before another T was taken that high


I did not remember. I thought it was one of the Matthews brothers but I am not sure if one went #1. 

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35 minutes ago, NFLfan said:

When was the last time an OT went first in the real NFL draft?


I see that this draft class has 3 OTs that are rated highly. Should the Colts move up to get one if one drops to, say, the middle of the first round?



I think, Baker Mayfield, in 2019...


He's not offensive tackle, but I found that offensive, heehe.. 


To really answer the question, I'm not sure I remember 


A quick check:


2013 Eric Fisher

2008 Jake Long

1997 Orlando Pace

1968 Ron Yary

One of them was vikings. 


I'll create the thread for trades shortly



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Just now, csmopar said:

Not at number time. 

2013- Fisher

2008- Jake Long

1997- Orlando Pace


I should have known all of those. Orlando Pace was a no-brainer, IIRC.


Did you know? In the last 30 years, the Vikings have not selected any higher than 4th.  Guess who?  (No, not Adrian Peterson)

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2 minutes ago, VikingsFanInChennai said:



I think, Baker Mayfield, in 2019...


He's not offensive tackle, but I found that offensive, heehe.. 


To really answer the question, I'm not sure I remember 


A quick check:


2013 Eric Fisher

2008 Jake Long

1997 Orlando Pace

1968 Ron Yary

One of them was vikings. 


I'll create the thread for trades shortly


Ron Yary was even before I was born. Lol.

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With the 4th overall draft pick in the 2022 Gavin's mock draft, 


Seattle Seahawks select


Malik Willis, QB, Liberty


He's got to progress on the job, I believe he's capable of doing it, and his leadership and hunger will make him a competitive QB i in the NFL. 


For the #5 overall pick, @Clem-Dogand the Giants are on the clock. 

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With the 5th overall draft pick in the 2022 Gavin's mock draft, 


New York Giants select:


Travon Walker                      Georgia                              EDGE      6'5"       272     JR

@csmoparis on the clock

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With the 7th overall draft pick in the 2022 Gavin's mock draft, 


New York Giants select:


Ahmad "Sauce" Gardner                    Cincinnati                          CB           6'2"       190     JR


@PureLuck is on the clock.



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5 minutes ago, John Hammonds said:

Wow, Kyle Hamilton is in free fall.

He's possibly the best player in the draft. Its his position/versatility that will likely cost him on draft day. I think he will still be a top 10 pick though... possibly to the Jets at 9?

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