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  1. Great call my friend! Bragging rights for you and happiness for all of us!
  2. As he should. Kelly has potential as the backup to Brissett and the eventual backup to Luck. The only positives to Walker are that he's cheap and knows the playbook.
  3. I think we can start 1-1 with Brissett if Luck misses the first two games. We have a tough schedule though, so I hope Luck comes back by week 3 or we are in trouble.
  4. Voted Browns 7-13, Chad Kelly, and Deon Cain. Starters will start for a quarter, we'll probably get a FG, then Kelly will come in and light it up a bit to Cain afterward. Browns 24 Colts 16
  5. I'm somewhat desensitized to Luck at this point. With what happened in the Grigson years, 2017, 2019 now, and the fact we can't beat the Pats and now have Mahomes to deal with, it has taken a lot out of me, and my trust in Luck is very low at this point. I do question now how long he'll keep playing at this point. Just my defenses for occasionally bashing Luck.
  6. I would just go for it. I'd run behind Nelson until he knocked the defender down, and run for as much open space as possible until I got tackled and hold on to the ball for dear life. LOL!
  7. I think most of us knew something else was wrong. Guess Irsay felt it was the "right" time to spill the beans. I'm less than 50/50 on him starting the season now. Unfortunate it's happening like this, as Ballard has built a great team around Luck.
  8. Hopefully Luck coming back will fix it by itself. I think a lot of it is just that we have a good defense now.
  9. Rock-Ya-Sin is gonna get 10 INT's with 3 pick six's! Also a 39.3 passer rating against him (lowest in the NFL) DROY!
  10. I said since the day we drafted him that he'd start opposite Desir. Sticking to that prediction.
  11. Also nice to see Ebron, Desir, and Rock back. I was slightly worried with the Langley signing yesterday.
  12. I think Nelson out is merely precautionary. Last practice and he doesn't need it. Better to be safe than sorry.
  13. It's kind of an all-or-nothing scenario right now. If Luck is healthy week 1, we have a shot at the SB. If not, we'll be an 8-8 team at best. We've been fortunate with injuries thus far, (which is a positive). It's just going to take time with Luck to see if he's healthy (which is frustrating).
  14. Good, looks like the injuries are about over with. Doyle and Banogu back, Kelly and Campbell close to returning. It'll come down to how fast Luck comes back for the regular season.
  15. I don't know why Ebron is out. I hope Luck will be ok. I'm leaning toward yes, but not sure yet.
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