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  1. Jared Cisneros

    You're the GM

    Thanks for the link on Norwell, good to see we passed on him. However, Guice probably doesn't blow his ACL if he's here, he was on a different team in a different situation in a preseason game. Likely it happens different if he plays somewhere else. That was just his result on the Skins. Remember, I'm being brutally honest on what I'd of done as GM. Not lying, and not sugercoating it. A lot of my moves would of been wrong, and some of them we wouldn't of known.
  2. Jared Cisneros

    Marcus Johnson to IR, Inman Signed

    He either got called up from the practice squad or released is my guess. Hopefully the former.
  3. Jared Cisneros

    Marcus Johnson to IR, Inman Signed

    You can catch a ball? I think you have a shot!
  4. Jared Cisneros

    Marcus Johnson to IR, Inman Signed

    @ColtsBlueFL The reason I didn't know that, is that I thought if you had available spots on your practice squad, that you could just sign players off other teams practice squads and fill those spots. That's why I was saying to call up Fountain and Ishmael, because I thought with two empty spots on the practice squad, you could just sign the players from one squad and put them on yours automatically.
  5. Jared Cisneros

    Marcus Johnson to IR, Inman Signed

    I actually did not know that rule. Thank you for telling me. My knowledge learned for the day!
  6. Jared Cisneros

    Marcus Johnson to IR, Inman Signed

    Probably true the way this team is getting hurt. Manning himself would be injured if he was playing for us today.
  7. Jared Cisneros

    Marcus Johnson to IR, Inman Signed

    Yeah, I'll run screens, crossing routes, slants, and reverses. My speed alone can change the game for us, and I don't fumble.
  8. Jared Cisneros

    Marcus Johnson to IR, Inman Signed

    I was wondering the same, I'm 31, can catch the ball, am very fast, and can run routes and learn the playbook quickly. I'm only 5'8, but I can make a good speed receiver for this team on a 1 year contract. I've also never got injured in my life.
  9. Jared Cisneros

    Marcus Johnson to IR, Inman Signed

    The Inman signing is a good thing, now we need to call up Ishmael and Fountain from the practice squad and sign two replacement WR's from other teams practice squads to our practice squad.
  10. Jared Cisneros

    How about this trade. Brisett for Dorsett

    Cooper I would love, as I think he still has a lot of potential away from Carr. Bell, I just worry about how hard it will be to sign him to an extension. So I'd probably avoid him.
  11. Jared Cisneros

    I should be angry right?

    Honestly, I'm not even that upset, because I realize we have lots of pieces to build around. I have a friend who's a Raiders fan, and she absolutely hates watching the team after they traded Mack and are in fire sale mode. A team like that has nobody and are hoping to hit on the picks that they traded Mack for, where we already had a draft where we hit on some nice players for real. We are at least a year into the plan, where the 2018 draft was a success and we can build off of that. With another potentially high pick, and Luck healthy at QB, we have the potential to make some real noise next year, and that's more than any other team in the top 10 will be able to say.
  12. Jared Cisneros

    How about this trade. Brisett for Dorsett

    Hypothetically, if we traded Brissett to the Giants for a 2nd rounder, we'd have almost recouped all of Dorsett's "value" as a 29th overall late 1st round pick. Would be quite genius actually and would erase a mistake by Grigson.
  13. Jared Cisneros

    You're the GM

    I actually don't know how he's doing on Jax, but I would of signed Norwell for a million or two extra a year than he got on their team. I would of drafted Nelson, Leonard (best friend told me about him before day 2), and took Josh Jackson CB instead of Braden Smith. I would of also taken Derrius Guice instead of Turay, and then someone else besides Wilkins down the line as I knew about Hines and not Wilkins. Definitely would of signed Ebron as well, and probably would of went after Allen Robinson with our receiver problem as I think he'd of been better with Luck.
  14. Jared Cisneros

    How did the Colts offensive line do?

    I didn't get to see this game live as the Chargers and Browns were on in my area. I just saw gametracker and certain highlights of the game. I'm asking this to anyone who saw the game live or on tv, how did the offensive line do? I know we didn't allow any sacks to Luck, but how did each individual player in particular look? Did Constanzo and Kelly look 100%? Did Nelson shine against Leonard Williams? Did Braden Smith have a nice game at RG? Who started at RT and did they hold their own? I would really appreciate it as it's hard to find stats on the O-Line. Thanks!
  15. Jared Cisneros

    Patience is the key fans

    It definitely is still perception to an extent, but enough of what we hear from "sources" and the FO itself is accurate enough to where we do usually have a clue. I do agree though that people are more impatient then they used to be.