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  1. Yeah, that's why I picked a QB and am protecting his blindside, so he can carry the offense. With only 7 choices, there will be defeciences at certain positions, so hopefully an elite QB can handle the offense by himself and raise his receivers games a bit. Any roster with only 7 choices will have some major holes, just relying on the QB in mine and sacrificing the receivers.
  2. For the first year yes. I would build the trenches and see what my QB can do, and plan to draft the other positions. If I get top 5 players at those 7 positions, I believe I could build a long term winner with the help of the draft around those elite players at important positions.
  3. Mine is in order, tell me what you think of my opinion above.
  4. QB, LT, C, LG, DE, DT, MLB Get your franchise QB and build the trenches around him on both sides of the ball. Afterward, get a field general mlb to command the front 7. Should be able to dominate on both sides of the ball.
  5. The NFL is an entertainment industry. As such, they are allowed to rig games and have predetermined outcomes legally while posing as a legit sport (just like the WWE). People are just starting to figure this out now. #NFL is rigged.
  6. The only downside to the game was Brissett played poorly IMO. The O-Line looked incredible though, Mack found holes, and the rookies did a decent job. We head into the bye week with a big win, and we should get our defense back. I will say this win over KC has me very curious for the rest of the season!
  7. I go by odds and logic. We had a lack of talent and lots of injuries. Vegas had us as 11 point underdogs. I'm not going to have random faith in my team when every factor proves otherwise. I'll root for them to win, but probability says they lose 9 times out of 10. We have no control if our sports team wins. I could tell my kid if he plays well, he could possibly win his team the game, so bad comparison. As for the military I could care less, and you're not wrong for supporting your team 100%, but you're wrong if you expect people to put "blind faith" in the Colts, when in reality, it's a number of other factors mentioned that decides the game. Probability>Possibility
  8. Not sure who will be active in two weeks. If we get pressure on Watson, we'll beat them. If not, he'll carve us up like he did the falcons. Fuller has broken out for them, so it'll be a tough test. Lets hope for the best.
  9. Very happy. Tremendous heart by this team all-around. Proud of these guys, and lets enjoy the bye week! I'll eat my crow
  10. I was thinking more like an all-out-blitz on most plays to put pressure on Mahomes. Something like that is a huge risk, but would need to be done to win this game.
  11. That was a fun game. Sat Godwin in fantasy because he was questionable and facing the Rams in LA and he destroys them lol. This will be a fun offensive game, but our defense will be offensive as well lol.
  12. Leonard played really poorly that game if I remember right. Not worried about the offense if Hilton and Mack plays, they could put up 25-30. The defense will give up 40 points though in all likelihood and we will just get pulverized. Agree with the coin toss bit. If we defer, they will score first and we'll never catch up.
  13. Ok, "we" aren't faced with adversity, the Colts are. We are merely bystanders rooting for them to win. I don't have blind faith, remember this equation, probability>possibility. I base my opinion on the probability we will lose based on worse talent, injuries, and other things. The possibility crowd (or blind faith crowd) bases things on possibility, where there's a chance, or "any given sunday". Would you realistically bet on the Colts straight up? Of course not. The odds of winning this game are slim, and the fans being realistic about it isn't lying down or being soft, it's being honest. We have no control and in all likelyhood will watch the Colts get their butts whipped this Sunday.
  14. I know what you mean. First Colts game I get to watch is against KC in arrowhead with a bunch of injuries lol. We needed Leonard.
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