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  1. Not sure how old you are. I'm 33, I've become disinterested after losing Luck. I'm not a poor sport or bandwagoner or anything like that, I'm a Colts fan who had a top 5 QB in Andrew Luck as my QB and lost him, and now I have to try and pretend to act like we have a chance against a powerhouse AFC conference without him at QB. I don't care if we have Ballard or a better team, with our QB situation the way it is, our chances of winning a SB are poor at best.
  2. Exactly, and we have to count on Ballard being able to continually draft well. Year after year. Can he do it? If so, we can wait a few years for our franchise QB to develop. If not, then we are in a limited window. In any case, you are right. We sign our elite guys and probably only keep the good ones that are at important positions. Guys like Braden Smith and such. Ballard did get an unfair hand with the loss of Luck, and now he'll have to "draft for his life" as I like to put it, in order to keep this competitive long enough for our franchise QB to develop, and to compete when he is develope
  3. This is a good theory. I would say Nelson, Leonard, and Buckner are our truly elite players, and you might add Ryan Kelly to that. However, there is another side to that that teams don't have a team full of pro bowlers and there are a lot of role players to supplement those elite players. In our case, we have so many good players with our handful of elite ones that it may come down to not being to pay all these guys and having to release some of them before getting our franchise QB? Maybe that's why Ballard signed Rivers? I don't know, but we need a young QB that has a chance to be
  4. Never heard of him, but seems like he did a lot back in the Baltimore Colt days. RIP Jimmy. Thanks for what you did for the old Colts! Prayers to the family as well.
  5. Mahomes definitely didn't fall in the 2017 draft. He was considered a late 1st-round pick when the draft happened and the Chiefs moved up to 10 to take him. He was projected behind Watson and Trubisky and was a high risk/high reward QB. I said this earlier in the thread. We're supposed to trust the GMs to make this decision. That's why they are on pro teams and we are armchair GMs discussing it on here and playing Madden. If Ballard can't figure out a decision on what to do for our QB, then someone else needs to help him. He could of traded up for Herbert or signed Bridgewater to a
  6. Or how about, "the QB is the most important player on the team, and we will do whatever we can to protect him and build around him in order to give ourselves the best chance to win the SB." Would that of been so hard?
  7. Alright, I'm out of this conversation. Nobody likes an analyst that breaks things down. If you guys want to believe Ballard is the "messiah", go ahead. I like him, but I don't worship him as @EastStreet would say. Thanks for the bro talk @2006Coltsbestever!
  8. No one signed Kelly yes, but what makes you think we'll use Eason at all? Certainly not this year. Next year, he'll be the only QB under contract, and Ballard won't trust him to start without any playing experience. We'll either sign a FA QB, or draft someone else, or god forbid, re-sign Rivers or Brissett. There is always a correct move in any case. You can say I'm using hindsight (and I am), but isn't that why we trust the GMs? Isn't that why we are the armchair GMs? Obviously, we weren't getting Burrow, we could of traded up 8 spots for Herbert. We could of signed Bridgewater to a multi-yea
  9. The first thing Ballard did when he got here in is introductory press-conference is basically downplay Luck by saying it's not about one person and it's about 53 guys, a team sport. His words. When Luck retired, he got a chance to prove that theory right, and it failed. Not only did he downplay Luck, but he made himself look dumb with his "53 man equality" speech in the process. He didn't fool anyone but casual fans. Like I said, it's just too bad nobody important remembers this or he'd get major heat for it right now. Ballard is lucky.
  10. Way to twist words, you are the king of that. He's dumb because he made the statement that it's not about one player and it's about a team when he had Luck. Fast forward 2 years, he loses Luck, and has to prove it's not about one player and about the team and we completely wet the bed because of it. That's why he's dumb there. I'm not over-reacting, I'm holding him to his word, which nobody seems to do in Indianapolis.
  11. Nothing gives me confidence Eason will even see the field as a Colt with the way Ballard and Reich handled Kelly. Ballard can't keep putting band-aids on this teams forever. Yes, it's a risk to trade up for a QB, and it's a unfair situation for him, but you have to play the cards you're given. That's just how it is. If Irsay understands that Luck leaving was unfortunate and bad luck, he should have no issue giving up draft capital to get a franchise QB. Irsay knows more than anyone how important one is. In any case, Ballard can't stall forever. These mediocre seasons will keep happ
  12. Looks bad to anyone who pays attention to what he says. My agenda is 100% honesty, your agenda is 100% positivity even if that means throwing credibility out the window. I said Ballard was the best drafter since 2018 in the league. Sorry that's not "positive" enough for your extreme bias. Also, it's on Ballard. He was cocky and said it wasn't about one player when he had a top 5 QB on his team like it wouldn't matter. 2 years later, he loses him and has to backup his words about it being a team sport. Now, he looks really dumb for it since he's been proven false. That's on Ballard. It's too ba
  13. Well... He said it was never about one guy (referring to Andrew Luck), and it was about the team (Luck retired). So he had to make it about the team with Luck gone and now that comment didn't age well at all. He may or may not have meant it that way, but that's what he said. Now, it's not about the team, it's about the QB. It was about Manning, it was about Luck. You need a team around them, but man did he word that poorly, and he looks bad because of that. It's not about one person Ballard? I think you have changed your mind on that one now. It's certainly about building a team ar
  14. Actually, read Shasta's comment about Ballard's introductory press conference above. I got the timeframe mixed up. My comment was originally correct, but Ballard made it in 2017 when he was the new GM instead of 2019 when Luck retired. It was still a bad comment in hindsight though, as now he looks dumb for saying that with Luck retired and an obvious hole at QB keeping us from contending for the SB.
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