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  1. If this is true, then Ballard and everyone else made a bad group decision. You get the Jets 7th round pick guaranteed in one scenario (which was probably going to be a top 10 pick in the round at that time). The other scenario you have the Chiefs 6th round pick (who were likely to be a playoff team). These picks were likely to be 10-15 picks apart with compensatory picks added. Keep in mind the conditional 6th round pick isn't the Jets pick, it's the Chiefs. So Ballard is risking a guaranteed pick to move 10-15 spots in the draft. That's just a bad decision, especially when the Jets can manipulate the condition. Bad group decision if you want to call it that, and bad when you even look at the small reward it offers without hindsight if it works. Sorry to micro-analyze this so much, but Ballard made a mistake, with or without hindsight, and it cost us draft capital (albeit very small draft capital). Can't you admit Ballard isn't perfect and he made a wrong decision? I'm not saying he's a bad GM, but he was naive here to think Joe Douglas would not manipulate the condition.
  2. Thank you EastStreet, this is exactly what I was referring too.
  3. It would be interesting to see everything they do in regards to drafting players. Maybe I could replace Rex Hogan? In all honesty, I'd love to work as a scout. Not going to relocate to do it. I am 32, so I am young enough still. It's a learning process like anything else.
  4. I would buy this if it was a conditional 7th, but as a conditional 6th I believe Ballard was trying to squeeze more out of the deal. We'll never know, but I would bet he could of got a guaranteed 7th if he wanted too. #Jaredloveshisdraftpicks
  5. Absolutely, my issue is the "conditional" part. For a player like Hairston, who is a borderline starter and can easily be benched, it's easy to manipulate that "condition". Whether it's games started, games played, stats (that's a little harder). I'm surprised Ballard didn't think of this. I would immediately as a GM.
  6. Ac replacing a 6th was just a joke because I'm salty over losing the pick for nothing. Completely understand what you're saying in the paragraph. Ballard is a great GM, I'm just critizing him over a minor mistake because he can draft well, and that pick may of made the team. So it hurts all the more.
  7. AC to a 6th was a joke because I'm salty still about losing the pick lol. As a draft guy, I know you understand.
  8. The 6 for Constanzo was a little joke because, as a draft lover, I hate losing picks for nothing, no matter how small. I like Ballard more than anyone on this forum, but I still call him out on mistakes. Do you remember his end-of-season conference that you watched? He welcomes criticism from the fans. That's what this is. He's a great GM, but not perfect. I had no idea that pick was conditional until we lost it, and was surprised Ballard got taken to the woodshed by a rookie GM.
  9. Why do you let it bug you? Ballard made a rookie mistake getting the pick conditional and a rookie GM got one over on him. Don't tell me that's all he could of got, the Jets have a 7th rounder and the Pats got next year's 6th from them afterwards for Demaryius Thomas that wasn't conditional. Jets would of done either option without the condition. Plus, a conditional pick for a player can be easily manipulated by benching him, which the Jets did to Hairston. It's only a 6th rounder, but if it happens once a year, things like this add up.
  10. With FA and the draft coming up, I 100% agree we'd be in contention with Luck. Especially with our cap space.
  11. Forgot to comment here. Absolutely great news! This kinda cancels out losing that 6th round pick in a way. I still want to sign and draft depth o-lineman though. As Ballard said in his conference, we can work on our 6-10.
  12. That's what you have to do to get an elite franchise QB. Mahomes, Wilson, Watson, Lamar Jackson, Rodgers, Brady, etc... All drafted. Unless in the rare case you get Peyton Manning at 35 in FA because of a neck issue or trade for Garrapollo because he'll never start over Brady. Those are rare instances though. Have to draft your guy and hope for the best. If he fails, he fails. Now if you want to argue not to trade the farm to move up, that's a different discussion altogether.
  13. Appreciate the thread and links. Definitely interested in this. I'll check it out!
  14. Chad Kelly is akin to starting a rookie with upside, Brissett has proven he's not the guy. If we draft Love/Herbert, then yes, I want them starting over Kelly. However, if we draft a Fromm/Eason/Gordon type, and they need to develop a year, then I'm starting Kelly over Brissett this year. No sense in throwing away a year while your drafted QB is on the bench. If Kelly fails, at least we know and there was a chance. If he succeeds, we have our franchise QB potentially.
  15. I'm a Colts fan yes, not a glutton for punishment. Watching this team with Brissett as QB is the equivalent of being in an abusive relationship. I know what it is, I know he's bad, and I'm getting out as soon as possible. Just like an abuser isn't worth a women's time, Brissett isn't worth my time and money.
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