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  1. This is quite possibly your worst post ever as a poster on this forum. You are basically saying as fans we shouldn't think about football in any sort of professional way and completely deevolve our brains from 50+ years of evolution from the SB era. Sorry, things don't work like that. People think of the team if they were in the GM and Coach's shoes. How they run the team. Is it right? Would I do this different? Should they of paid out this contract? Is the cap being handled well? Is that the right draft pick? Madden and fantasy football may have a big part in it, but it's still a step in the right direction and it creates a smarter, more informed fan. You are literally wanting the opposite with a lot of your posts lately about JB and the cap and such, for people not to think at all and blindly watch as the FO does it's job while keeping their mouth shut. That's the WORST thing you can do is just to keep quiet in this world. That's how people pass you by. Even Ballard said in his draft series this series that if you have something to say, say it. He wants to hear your thoughts. You hold this team to a God like status (you're not the only one here who does that) and it's really irritating from even a human point of view.
  2. The poster didn't give you an answer you asked as of 4 days later, but I share the same sentiment of not being a fan of Luck and I'll tell you why. 1.) The early retirement: It wasn't just about retiring early that turned me off to him, it's the timing of it. He not only screwed the fans, but Irsay, Ballard, Reich, and every player in that locker room. 2.) His lack of passion for the game: I was one of the few posters who were saying Luck was going to retire early. I got bashed for that. He didn't even give Ballard a chance with a top O-Line, he just quit on the team. However, I believe he would have done so a couple years later to pursue other interests and his new family anyway without the injuries. He just didn't care that much about football. 3.) I hated his personality: Bottom line, he was too much of a nice guy. At least in the cameras, he never showed much passion, emotion, or held anyone accountable. He seemed like a very poor leader. I loved how Peyton fired up the team and lead them to victory. Rivers does the same. These are the personalities I want with my QB and I couldn't take Luck very seriously. He was just the butt of many jokes like the chewbacca beard, the book club nerd, and the guy who said good job to everyone who sacked him. Never known as a winner. 4.) He couldn't win a big game: Luck always faltered in big games. He couldn't beat the Patriots, the Steelers, the Chiefs when they had Mahomes, and I doubt he would of beaten the Ravens with Lamar either. He struggled early in games (even against bad teams), and was a turnover machine. He came back in games and that was great, but he was the one who was responsible for those defecits. 5.) He wasn't football smart/never improved from when he got drafted: Andrew is a brilliant person as far as book smarts go, but he never got any better as his career went on from when he got drafted in 2012. He didn't seem to take the game seriously as this goes with the lack of passion reason. Peyton studied hard, got better, made football his life. Luck didn't do that. I don't believe he cared enough about football to care whether he was the best. To me, it was embarrasing that he didn't take the game serious and struggled for it, yet everyone here always compared him to Peyton while he played. 6.) Wasted time watching: This goes with number 1 as far as early retirement, but he just wasted 7 years of my football life. We accomplished nothing, he quit on us before 30 years old, and now I'm 7 years older in real life as well where I could of spent that time doing other things on Sunday with family and friends. I wouldn't of missed any Luck moment if it magically never happened. The bad taste in my mouth he left throughout his career made me completely dislike him by the time he retired. I idolized Peyton as a child and based my life around his actions. He was a top 3 QB of all-time. Luck treated the game like a hobby, like something he was going to drop as soon as he got bored of it. We all fell for it. Hook, line and sinker. Andrew Luck, wasted potential.
  3. @w87r I'm reading this now and trying to digest all the info. Just letting you know someone is here!
  4. Agreed. Nelson, Leonard, and I would argue Buckner now, are the heart of the team. I would keep them until the end of their careers. Luckily, we have a lot of average to above-average players to go with those 3 that this team is just loaded and will be for the forseeable future.
  5. I'll do my projections of every draft pick here Michael Pittman: 65 receptions, 750 yards, 8 tds. Johnathan Taylor: 210 carries, 950 yds, 8 tds. 20 receptions, 160 yards, 2 receiving tds Julian Blackmon: 40 tackles, 2 INTs, 1 FF Jacob Eason: 250 passing yds, 2 TDs, 1 INT Danny Pinter: 5 games started at RG, 1 sack allowed Rob Windsor: 25 tackles, 5 TFL, 1.5 sacks Isaiah Rodgers: 35 tackles, 1 INT, solid special teamer Dezmon Patton: Makes the team, 20 receptions, 180 yards, 2 tds Jordan Glasgow: Makes the team as a special teamer. 25 tackles
  6. So glad Pittman is now signed! Had mocked him to us in every mock I did on the internet, and the final couple here. He's a complete Courtland Sutton clone (coming from a Colorado native, that's a compliment). Can't wait to see him dominate the NFL! My favorite pick by far in the Colts draft and my favorite WR besides the big 3.
  7. 10-15% of making the SB. 5-10% chance of winning it. Should win the division easy and make the playoffs. The rest will depend on matchups, injuries, and some luck.
  8. I agree, we may even go 11-5. Jaguars will be in the trevor lawrence sweepstakes. Titans are our main competition and have a very underrated defense. Texans are interesting. I believe this is their last year of contending for a while. Hopkins, Clowney, and soon Watt will be gone. I believe Fuller is a FA soon as well. That's 4 first round picks. No first round pick this year or next year. Make that possibly 6 from 2011-2021. They will have to pay Watson as well. Bye bye salary cap. Bottom line, they will soon be the 2012 Colts with the Grigson damage (or BOB), already done. One more year. Colts 11-5 Titans 9-7 Texans 9-7 Jags 4-12 Competitive division that falls off a bit next year.
  9. No one believes Brissett isn't a top 100 QB. He wouldn't make the worst team in that case. If you have no problem with how Kelly was handled, then you're either A.) a casual fan (which I know you're not) or B.) you accept anything and everything Ballard and Reich say, for right or wrong. Pretty obvious you appeal to authority.
  10. This is not true. Everyone has Brissett as a top 40 QB or top backup here. We just hated how Kelly wasn't given a chance when Brissett was injured and the league figured him out. The only people oblivious to this were Reich, Ballard, and certain posters here who think Reich and Ballard always make the correct decision. Brissett is a good backup, I'll give him that. That's all he is though.
  11. Benching him may have hurt his confidence, but Reich could have been honest with him and I'm sure Brissett would have been ok with the news. He just had to tell Brissett he's still hurt, he's currently struggling, and the league has you figured out. Show Brissett his first-half numbers per game compared to his second-half numbers. Tell Brissett to heal up and work on improving your game while making adjustments. We're out of the playoffs, so we are going with Kelly, and you'll get a chance next year. Simple as that. JB has to learn as well that bad play is not rewarded. That would send a negative message to him and the team.
  12. Leaving Brissett in was not best for the team. He was injured and struggling out there while the league had him figured out. At best, what Reich did was stubbornness. At worst, it was completely irresponsible to damage Brissett's confidence, destroy our chances of making the playoffs, and not get any sample size on Kelly before the season ended. Reich was being a bad coach in multiple ways, that's not hindsight. It's not about what the fans want, it's about doing what's right, and Reich failed to do so.
  13. It doesn't matter if Kelly was ready. Brissett was injured and looked horrible out there. Hoyer showed he wasn't the answer. We weren't making the playoffs. You start Kelly and see what you have in him. Brissett looked embarrassing and it accomplished nothing except ruining his confidence and losing games. Kelly losing games at least accomplishes something and you learn what he can do. Also, what kind of message does that send to the locker room? Brissett can play like garbage, and keep his starting job all year. If you're a backup, why would you even care knowing Reich will stubbornly play his veterans? Kelly should of started a couple games, to show Brissett that his job isn't safe with poor play, and to get a sample size on Kelly. Now we have two QBs that have never played a game in Kelly and Eason.
  14. Just like 2012-2014 when Pagano was here and Luck played. Luck was the main reason we were winning. Yes. I don't know 100% if Brissett's struggles were due to injury or the league figuring him out, but Reich knew and kept him in, which was inexcusable with Kelly on the team. It hurt Brissett, the team, and the fanbase. As far as Adam goes, Reich kept him in as well after falling apart, he was done last season. They then advertise fake kicking competitions so they can say Adam is still the starter. Reich's fault. I give Ballard the credit for the O-Line in 2018. He drafted Nelson and Braden, and signed Glowinski. The only thing Reich deserves credit for is possibly teaching Luck to get rid of the ball faster. This was Luck's team though and he carried it despite Reich. Brissett certainly didn't earn the starting job in the 2nd half, and Reich tanked the season to prove a point to Kelly, and now we didn't even gain any info on him. He's still just as much of an unknown as Eason. The only person to blame for last years failures is Reich. Brissett and Adam were bad, but they didn't keep themselves in.
  15. I think this team is like 2018, except we have Rivers instead of Luck. Better team too. Love getting Buckner, liked the draft a lot. I think we win the division with a shot at the SB if things go right. Lets hope for the best!
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