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Colts @ Texans, December 5, 2021, 1:00 PM EST


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17 minutes ago, EastStreet said:

Nah. Autry was a lot better. And Autry had tweener value. 

To me, he's like Pascal was last year. Nobody expected a lot, but he just worked hard, and overachieved. 

And as much as I love AQM, we really need Dayo to develop and replace him. AQM is great depth though. 

dayo can play inside in pass rushing downs .

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1 minute ago, TaylorStillTruckedYou said:

Anyone else notice everytime we "kill,kill" we "run,run" lol can we run a playaction off a kill kill for once?  Throw the defense off or something

To be fair


to be fair GIF

To be fair, I’d rather save that trick for another week at this point… probably one we’ll want against the Patriots when they come to town. 

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Just now, coming on strong said:

 i will keep saying every chance i get this is why you stay with the run. its been a tough day running and jt is now close to 100 2 touchdowns .   the defense will break soon for big gains

And they are stacking boxes.... Still working.


Not that I want to see 24 runs and 12 passes in a half though.


Can't a brother just get some balance 50% + or - 10% either way.... 

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