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Packers @ Colts, November 22, 2020, 4:25pm EST


Message added by Nadine,

FYI, chat isn't working and I'm doubtful it will be fixed by game time

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47 minutes ago, HOZER said:

“YOUR?” You mean “OUR?” C’mon, you’ve been around here long enough for the Colts to be your team too, I mean you can have two favorite teams anyway right? 


haha  I think Colts fans would "report" me if I wrote "Our". You all might accuse me of trolling.


57 minutes ago, HOZER said:

Woah, I just noticed you’re a moderator now too! Awesome! :hat:You see, you’re totally invested in this team, you’re one of us!


Thank you. I have to be nice now. :thmup:

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