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    • Not defending anyone. This is just a double standard IMO. If a negative person is wrong about a negative opinion, then people want him to admit when he/she's wrong. However, if a positive person is wrong about being positive (even in a situation like this where they say we'll win just to be positive even if they are faking it), then they never have to admit they're wrong because it's "better to be positive and wrong than negative and right" since that's what good fans do. Just a double standard on here that's food for thought.
    • Combination of things.   1. Cap is dropping $20m+ 2. Buckner contract($21m) 3. Kelly extension($15m) 4. Grover extension($10m)     Thats $66m flip.
    • We have rising issues, not the least of which is the 49ers not having a place to play or practice and Denver having no Quarterback to use.  We have lost 3 starters, other teams are worse off.  So here's my plan to address it:    1. Every team gets to "drop" any two games (for playoff purposes only) from their record.  This means we don't need to add weeks and teams can opt out of 2 games if things get bad enough and still have  fair chance to compete in the playoffs.  So all teams records would only include the results of 14 games of their choice.  (I know tie breakers etc. would be effected, but some sacrifice must be made).  So if you are 9-7, you could drop two losses to 9-5.  If you are 11-5 you drop two to 11-3.  This is simply so they can finish the season with a full playoff seeding that is as fair as possible.  Teams that play full seasons would get credit for all of them for all purposes except playoff seeding.  Stats etc. would all count as normal.     2. Teams that elect not to play could drop that game (and up to one other) if they really can't play.  The opposing team would, by default, get a win at 2 to 0.  (Which I believe I saw is the score of a forfeited game).  To keep one team from quitting in a case where both teams wanted to, they would have to submit a yes/no to the commissioner in secret in case BOTH teams planned to drop the game.  Those games would be a 0-0 tie.  This would also allow teams that have locked up a spot from even risking their players health on needless games, as well as teams eliminated.  Not perfect, but better than what we might see happening.  I think league approval would be necessary for a team to not play at all.     3.  I believe we'll see the 49ers end up playing out the season in Dallas or Phoenix.  Other teams have already considered options in case their states shut down (I think it is absurd what has happened in the SF area, but that is what people voted for, so be it.     4.  All players should be allowed to opt out in the next week just as they could pre-season.  They may want to be with their family.  Let them.  The rest of the players should go into a hotel until the season ends to shut down Covid for good among teams.  If they do it immediately, then instead of dropping 2 games, they may be able to make it one.  Again, this would ONLY be for playoff seeding purposes.     That's my thought.  No plan (including what they are doing currently) is perfect.  What are your ideas?      
    • I'd put him at average because of his ability to catch the ball and his lack of fumbles (only one so far when fumbling was a concern coming out of college). He's not perfect, but he's getting the job done. I still think his bad performances correlate with his ankle injury. We'll see if that's true or not.
    • The point was that if your back up is good enough to make the playoffs if your new 2nd year QB flops, that's a guy you want. I can't see a team that would pay Brissett starter money.  We would need a backup, so why wouldn't we just hang on to Brissett as backup to Eason if he's ready?
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