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Thanks for coming online for Colts NFL Game Day, Colts fans!  :)  Our 7-4 and AFC South leading Indianapolis Colts continue their course to clinch the AFC South title for the third  straight season, as they host the visiting, and 3-8  Washington Redskins, in an NFC East interdivisional battle.  Indianapolis must win today to ensure, and maintain their one-game lead in the AFC South over the Houston Texans, who are hosting the Tennessee Titans at the same time.


Colts and QB Andrew Luck, would play opposite the Redskins QB, Colt McCoy, who is the third Redskin QB to start after Washington's Head Coach Jay Gruden decided to bench second-year QB Robert Griffin III this week.


Both the Indianapolis  and Washington  are playing in their 32nd all-time regular season meeting this afternoon, with the Colts leading the all-time series 19-12-0, the rivalry that began when both teams were together in the NFL, with the Redskins defeating the Colts in the first game  at Baltimore's Memorial Stadium 38-14, back on September 17, 1950. Colts also has outscored the Redskins 773 points to 651 in the previous 31 games.


Indianapolis is on a two-game winning streak over Washington,, defeating the Redskins at the RCA Dome by the score of 36-22, played at the RCA Dome on October 22, 2006. Colts later, and again,  defeated the Redskins at FedEx Field in Landover, Maryland, by the score of 27-24, on October 17, 2010.


Today is also the return of former Colt wide receiver Pierre Garcon, who served his first four NFL years with Indianapolis.


LOS's roof will be closed to keep everyone dry and warm, because the game forecast outside the stadium area in Downtown Indianapolis for the 1:05PM Eastern Standard Time kickoff is cloudy skies at 63 degrees, 0% precipitation, and south/southwestern winds at 14 miles per hour.


Visiting Redskins are wearing their white jerseys, and gold pants, while the host Colts are wearing their traditional blue jerseys, and white pants.


Both the Colts and Redskins, and the rest of the NFL teams playing today and tonight, may wear authentic camouflaged-colored authentic NFL apparel and equipment, to conclude the NFL's 'Salute To Service' campaign, to honor all our soldiers serving the US military and it's braches, active and retired, past and present, in Military Appreciation Month in November.


NO further injuries, continue to stay Colts Strong, and GO COLTS!!!!!   :cheer:  :coltslogo:  :1colts:  :colts:  :helmet:  :blueshoe:  :coltshorse:  :coltslogo:  :cheer:  :D


Colts Vs. Redskins Pre Game Press Release On Adobe PDF Reader, Live NFL Game Centers, and NFL On FOX TV Distribution Map In Blue:










Colts Vs. Redskins Pre Game Injury Reports:





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I can see it now...The Colts, up by 18, with 5 minutes left in the 3rd quarter. The Skins bring in RG3, who leads the Skins to a come-from-behind victory, giving Skip Bayless more chances to say RG3 is better than Andrew Luck....(SARCASM PEOPLE..LOL).


Seriously..Boom goes for 100 yards and a TD (busting 1 for at least 50 yards), TY gets 2 more TD balls for little GG, and the Colts romp to a lopsided victory...

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Our Offense should be on the field the majority of the game, running well.  Look for a lopsided time of possession.

We win easily going away.  Heck, we may even end up with Matt at QB.

I now feel less about this game being a trap game than I did earlier in the week.  Just my gut...

Go COLTS!  All day, every day!

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    • When Frank has had a good quarterback, he wins and makes the playoffs.   The two years he didn’t make the playoffs were the two Luck years where things went to heck at the last minute.   And one of those two years we looked like a playoff team until JB got hurt.  From there, things went downhill.   This year, we never lost two games in a row.  When we lost a game, we won the next week.  A very good sign of a well coached team.   We had one bad loss, week one in a season where Covid wiped out the entire off-season and all pre-season games.   Ballard speaks glowingly of Frank.   He knows how hard it is to find a good coach.   I’m not sure why you think we’re not a well coach team, but for some strange reason you do. 
    • So you don’t really agree with most?
    • Whether I've heard of them or not is irrelevant. What's relevant is that our coaches can lead our team to a SB win. You can bash me because of my lack of knowledge all you want. The real question is, do you trust Ballard to hire coaches over 31 other teams? Do you trust Frank Reich's word that these guys are good? You are being positive and trustworthy just for the sake of it too. I don't trust anyone for us until they prove they can do their job at the highest level, in the NFL and on the Indianapolis Colts.
    • Joe Tiller coached future HOFer Drew Brees at Purdue.  He's the father of "basketball on grass."  One of the most brilliant offensive coaches of his generation with an outstanding coaching tree.    I say this with no disrespect, but the fact that you haven't heard of someone is pretty meaningless.    Your responses regarding the listing of several coaching legends, together with your reactions toward the several up-and-coming NFL coaches that have been named in this thread, has established you're pretty much only familiar with a few household names that virtually every casual NFL fan is familiar with.   If that was the criterion by which all coaching decisions and hires were made, no coach would ever move up the ranks and have the chance to become successful.    Sirianni was pretty much a nobody before the Colts hired him.  He's still only 39 years old.  Now he's the HC of the Eagles.  Eberflus had never coordinated a defense before he got to Indy.  I'm guessing you had no idea who Gannon was until he was hired away.    In sum, there's no reason to be overly negative about things just for the sake of being overly negative.  It may be more rewarding to expand your horizons and learn more about the game and how many great coaches permeate every level of it.  Some coaches that you perceive as "bad" because of their tenure with a certain team go on to do great things in a different environment.  Same can be said for coaches that you've never heard of (which is seemingly a pretty big list).  That's the nature of the business. 
    • I've never heard of any of these guys besides Levy and Kush, so I have no idea if they are even good or not.
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