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  1. The Black Mambas was me, I was the commish and would have moved up, but again, just to clarify, I won't be playing this year due to some personal and health issues..Good luck to everyone this year... Hope everyone is doing ok...I'm doing better health wise. I'm hooking up with Indiana University hospital and liver clinic so they can monitor my care better. My first appointment with them is this week.... Again...I wish I could play this year, I could have beaten up on SilentHill, but perhaps maybe next year... Take care all.. Ray
  2. Hey there everyone... Due to health and other reasons, I won't be able to run the Joe's league this year...If you may have noticed I am rarely on the boards, or the computer much the past few months...I may join a league if time permits, but I've had a lot of health issues recently, moved here to Indiana, and in a few months will be moving again closer to where my better half works. Its too much on her to drive over an hour each way after a 12 hour shift as a nurse. I really wish I could have a team this year, but since I'm not sure about things, its not fair for me to hold a spot for someon
  3. Ifo Ekpre Olomu...CB Oregon...he got hurt last year so his stock will probably drop, so he should be there at 29...Armstead wouldn't be a bad pickup either.
  4. Marcus Mariota and De'Anthony Thomas are my two favorites. I just hope Mariota gets drafted by a decent team.. One guy I really respect and like watching is Darren Sproles..for a little guy he is so good.... Beckham Jr I'm starting to really like as well...
  5. I can't believe this state. I went to the Dr to get some prescriptions, since I just moved here. They had me sign some kinda contract to get my pain and anxiety medications. I know people abuse them, but its like pulling teeth to get medicines for my seriously arthritic knee, without people thinking you are a junkie....

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    2. Synthetic


      Punishing us who are disabled and need it, isn't the way to go after those that abuse it. It's a band aid over the problem. They do it in my state too, and it's a ridiculous thing cause it don't fix nothing. It just punishes us even more.

    3. Nadine


      Sorry! Hope you get that cleared up.

    4. radiogirl


      Welcome to the screwed up world of healthcare!

  6. Like Bobby "The Brain" Heenan used to always say. "Win if you can, lose if you must, but always cheat"
  7. I must've brought a little of the california weather to So Indiana...Haven't seen snow since I got here, and though I know tonight is going to get cold, its 46 outside right now.

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    2. southwest1


      You're just a guy with a warm weather personality TYG what can I say. Ha! Ha! Did you bring any San Diego or Oakland cheerleaders with you? Inquiring minds want to know. :)

    3. BrentMc11


      TY, you get that STL weather. Come up about 130 miles where it is cold. :) Far cry from Cali I know :(

    4. radiogirl


      This weekend is going to be WARM! I'll take this winter over last any day of the week and twice on Sunday!

  8. I don't know what you all can't see with Mariota, unless you haven't watched him much. I have seen every single snap, every single play this kid has made since his first game at Oregon. I said from the first time I saw him, that he is a special player, and that he would become the best QB in college, and then go onto a great pro career. People say he can't run a pro style offense...I read that around 80 percent of the plays in the nfl are run from the shotgun. How much does Luck go from the shotgun? I'm not comparing Luck to Mariota, as Marcus is still very young and needs to continue to work
  9. Just wanted everyone to know that the reason I've been gone for so long, is that I have moved from So Cal, and now live where I belong in Colts Country in Western Indiana. Its a little chilly, but I love it here. The move was rough, but for the most part everything is settled down and I'm getting used to the time and climate change. Its good to be home!

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    2. alawai


      Colts Country!

    3. southwest1


      Great to hear that you're in a new watering hole & I hope you're feeling better brother. I love your humor TYG. You always crack me up. :)

    4. Gramz


      HOW did I miss this status update...???

      So happy to hear from you, I have been thinking of you and wondering how you were doing.

      Welcome to the Midwest, and I hope you're doing okay with the Cold and Snow.

  10. Tonight is the night that Marcus Mariota caps his amazing Heisman Trophy winning season, leading the Ducks to victory, and Oregon's first National Championship over Ohio State.

  11. The Joe's League Championship continues into tonight's Denver/Cincinnati game. After Sunday Night's game, IndyD4U is leading my team The Black Mambas 90.44-70.62. Thanks to Odell Beckham Jr, I am close enough to possibly squeak out a victory, as I have both Emmanuel Sanders and CJ Anderson left to play, while IndyD4U is finished for the week..All this year I have been relying on Randy Bullock and the Houston D, along with Justin Tucker and the Baltimore Defense. Stupid me dropped both Bullock and the Houston D, and Tucker and the ravens got me only 3 total points, or it would be a LOT closer.
  12. Oregon has some decent back-ups at CB, but none to this guys level. Before this injury he was predicted a sure fire first round draft pick. This could impact the game, as Fla State has an All-American WR, and ifo could at least contain him enough. I don't know if the backups can cover that guy. But I do know this..There is no one on Fla State that will stop Oregon's WR's and TE, and the TE is a back up as well, but he's as good as any TE playing in college right now (his name is Stanford). What Fla St has to worry about is not only Mariota, but one of the best "unknown" RB's in the nation in
  13. Oregon All-American CB Ifo Ekpre-Olomu suffers serious knee injury He tore his ACL in practice. He's also their main PR as well..
  14. there goes the national championship. How can you replace one of the top corners in all of college football, who is also their main punt return specialist.. He is also a great tackler, with a nose for the ball..I'd still take him high, as its reported its an ACL tear. He should be ready by mid-season of next year.
  15. Lets talk about this more next year closer to the time. There may or may not be changes coming. Its way too early to think about next year before this year is even over.
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