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Indianapolis Colts


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Colts Vs. Jaguars Game Day Thread

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Thanks. Hopefully we get this sorted out quickly. I don't want to give them any sense that they can win this game.

See what happened in Oakland...

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OLBs can not crash down the line until they know for certain that the QB does not have the ball.

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Can we get some blocking???!!! Seeing him run for his life all day is not gonna be good.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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    • What a fun thread.  So many apologists making no sense.  I like the way @EastStreet deflected the thread right off the mark.   Evidence suggests that if we had a healthy Luck, that the team's record would be just like it was when we've always had a healthy Luck.  13 and 3, 11 and 5; contending for the division or winning it, possibly playing in the AFCCG; just like in the past.  So the question, where would we be with Luck?  The answer: Pretty much where we always were with Luck.   Of course, @Moosejawcolt your statement highlights the problem.  Its not where would we be with Luck.  That's irrelevant.     When Luck was hurt, or, not playing at all, the statements were was "look how much Luck carries this roster"  as a support for their preconceived mob-ish narrative.   We now have JB, as lesser QB.  I'll say (but nobody else has the nerve)   "Look how much Luck carried this roster"   LOL.  In the past, it was said about 250 times in 2 years.  I just said it now.  I've got 249 more times to say it.   What a fun thread.
    • As a guy who follows IU football pretty closely, all signs point to Whop returning to school next year.  This year is incredibly deep at WR.... If he stays in school, he could ride a couple of rounds next year just by staying healthy, let alone increasing his skill or production.... But, he'd be a great guy in a future T.Y. role
    • I don’t even think he fits F. Reich’s offense. Career 59% completion pct.       
    • They tried to blow it just like the Texans did! I didn’t feel comfortable until the final whistle, not even during the victory formation. Remember the Chiefs vs Denver that year?
    • I think knowing your the guy going into the offseason will probably make him work a lot harder in the off season. I do think if he does start next season there will be improvements. It’s hard to break a mentality your a backup. The fact we have seen glimpses if he works hard in the off season I think some of it can be corrected.
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