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    • the tie is gonna hurt without it we could of gotten top 3 .   need the bears and broncos to win two games .  a lot of those teams in front of us have a chance to win games steelers should get hot saints are always dangerous packers will def win more games
    • This team is so bad.   First of all stop feeling bad for the defense.  They are really good until the game is on the line and then they let the other team March right down the field for a game winning drive without making a play.   Parks is in way over his head as a play caller and it’s starting to show up more and more.  Aikman was right the only thing you could do well most of the night was run Taylor and they kept trying to be a pass first team.  The Colts have gotten away from what they are.  Run with Taylor until the other team shows they can stop it.  Also enough with this short of the line or gain on third down plays.  The Colts hardly ever get YAC because they can barely get open so calling plays that depend on that needs to stop.     This defense can’t get constant pressure or force a turnover to save its life.  They let QBs have way too high of completion % and now they are becoming sloppy tacklers.  I can understand them getting blown off the ball in the run game tonight given the fact Buckner and Stewart are both playing hurt and they really miss Kwity and yes Leonard.  Those that don’t like Leonard watch how many times Franklin didn’t fill his gap tonight and like it or not Leonard was a turnover machine and this team can’t buy one without him.     The line actually played fairly well given how they have played this season but that’s still grading on curve and they still give up way too much heat on pass plays.   Ryan isn’t confident in what he’s seeing or in these receivers and it shows.  At the end he finally started airing it out and what do you know they started moving the ball with chunk plays.  Yet he won’t pull the trigger on those throws until he has too.  He settles way too much for tight windows underneath and our guys are not good enough at running patterns to get open on those.  I think they are coached that way because Sam would do the samething when he was in there.     the Colts drafted the wrong WR.     Fumbling simple handoffs on the goalline just can’t happen.  Taylor is an amazing player but he loses focus at times and I think that’s why he has turnover problem.     I don’t know what in the world they were doing with clock management there at the end but that person needs to be fired.     All and all this a bad football team looks like it needs to be blown up and start over with major overhaul.  They don’t have enough play makers on either side of the ball and the ones they do have they don’t use enough.  It wasn’t just the QB (Wentz or Ryan) and it wasn’t just Reich.  This is a bad team.  
    • Hopefully we lose the majority of our remaining games and get the highest pick possible for a QB, Ryan is not the answer, Sam is not the answer. Neither is another washed up vet from another team to join the merry-go-round.   I know a lot of the more pure sports fans will say hoping to lose is not the "proper" way to be a fan. But really think about it, you NEED a QB to win in this league, when your not good enough for playoffs, and not bad enough to draft high enough to get your QB, your in purgatory, the worst possible scenario. Thats when you get 5 years of a new washed up vet QB every year. 
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