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    • I like Maui most.  Been there 4 times for a total of 7 weeks and never ran out of things to do.   Black sand beaches Red sand  beaches  Classic normal beaches Bamboo forest Pinapple plantation All the wonderful hiking.  We found a place where you can jump off a cliff into a hidden waterhol.  About a 40-50 foot jump.  We did that about 10 times.  There is an app (Shaka) thatwill direct you to lesser known cool tHings.  We were doing thedrive to Hana and Shaka says to pull over in 1 mile.  Then it directs us to * in the rock on the side of the road.  Go throughthe hole and it opens up to a huge cave.  Walk through and come to a big opning and waterfall.  Took about an hour and there were another group there but it wasnt an advertised experience.
    • You was here in 2006, you are old (sarcasm) lol.
    • 99 is a good ranking. Just joking @NewColtsFan. I am at 100, makes me Mr irrelevant. On a serious note, it is cool we have someone in here that has worked in the media from the west coast.
    • We might have a shot at Williams.  I am not expecting 2023 to be a good one because I think we really need to retool the entire OL and roster.   I also do not think the D will be this good next yr.  I think a lot of the guys who are playing well this year will be gone next yr.     Zak Kefer and Cox said it best after the MNF game.   “Story of the season,” Alie-Cox said after the Colts’ fourth loss decided by a score or less this season. “It’s like a movie that just keeps repeating.” Keefer said, "It does because the Colts keep repeating the same mistakes. It’s who they are. For a team lacking a true identity all year, maybe they’ve finally found it: they’re good enough to make you think they’re something more than they really are."
    • This is a heckuva post.   One of your very best!   I’ll give you one of my highest compliments by simply saying I’m sorry I didn’t think of it.    I’d say the one area where I might offer some pushback is the issue of his arrogance.  First, I think this is the first year for me that it’s really come to the surface in ways that are glaring.   Second, compared to most GMs Ballard’s arrogance is mild, honestly.   I thought Grigson was FAR more arrogant, I don’t think it’s even close, at least not for me as a former media guy.     But if Ballard’s son ever reads this I’d tell him to pass this along to his dad.   If CB can’t handle the Indy media, good luck handling media most anywhere else.  If he ever becomes the GM elsewhere he’d be eaten alive in most any other media market, large or small.    When CB meets the media in early January he needs to be much, MUCH more humble because his hour long final presser is going to much, MUCH harder than he’s used to.   And deservedly so. 
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