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How can you accidentally call hands to the face, and the tv not show the replay?!? Do your job NBC.

Chris Collinsworth had to swoon over Peyton some more, they don't have time for replays that benefit the Colts. It's good to know that if things fall apart with Ashley that Peyton has another suitor waiting.

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    • Because the offensive line has been terrible and guys like Mo-Allie Cox have been used primarily for blocking this season. Hopefully getting a guy like Jelani Woods back into the lineup will change that a bit.
    • This post couldn't be further from the truth. Ballard's ego failed to re-sign two starting caliber guards and decided to take the cheap route by not signing a legit LT in free agency. He opted for a guy who is a backup talent on his best day and refused to bring in any legit competition to the LT/LG positions and basically handed the starting roles to Pryor and Pinter. The collapse of the offensive line this season is 100% on Chris Ballard.
    • Ballard should be fired.    We have no Oline depth. No Dline depth.  (if Buck or Grove get injured, we have late rounders backing them up, Ben Banagou is still on the roster somehow?) Hole at QB  Our best secondary player is an aging veteran that we signed in FA, behind him is Moore and Rogers ..) Moore probably not gonna be here too much longer, and Rogers Sr is the only quality depth piece there.    We drafted well at safety this year, and he had a quality signing with McLeod (bridge player) Thomas II has played above expectations, and Cross needs some time.    The main problem is there's no depth for the Oline (hole at RG, possible need at LT) Similar problem at DE --> Yannick hasn't been all that great, probably lost the trade overall. Kwity is often injured. Dayo is alright but nothing special yet, Tyquan Lewis is solid but often injured. Turay isn't on the team, Banagou is a bust.    for DT depth we have Cowart and Johnson II ? It's poor, it's very poor when you look at it. We've got some real talent in the starting spots, but when you really look at the roster, to use ballard's own terminology, "the cupboards are bare"    
    • Nothing is new here. The Oline has been struggling.  Yeah our offensive line has regressed since it's top level play.  But to say "after 2 games we r seeing the issue with this team is" doesn't make sense because they've improved, at least from what i've seen, since saturday has been here.    We have a rookie at LT, and a 7th round backup at RG. --> with almost no good depth, outside of an aging dennis kelly. 
    • we need more depth at DT. If we lost Buckner or Grover we'd be in trouble. 
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