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  1. Wow, did not expect that! Hope Johnson comes up and makes some plays
  2. It's general consensus that T.Y. routinely destroys the Texans, so I decided to look up every game he's played against them throughout the years. I thought it was pretty interesting, so I thought I'd share. It seems the general consensus is correct. Let's hope he adds another monster game to this list on Saturday! 2012 Game 1: 3 receptions 78 yards 1 TD Game 2: 4 receptions 111 yards 1 TD 2013 Game 1: 7 receptions 121 yards 3 TD Game 2: 8 receptions 78 yards 0 TD 2014 Game 1: 9 receptions 223 yards 1 TD Game 2
  3. They keep mentioning the colts being top 5 in all of these categories and I'm starting to think this team is pretty good
  4. Mitchell has had a big game too. Forced that fumble and an INT. Good pickup!
  5. Ben is dropping dimes and his receivers can't catch the ball. Thats 2 deep balls missed. Cmon man
  6. Wow. New England's play calling is too good. There's someone open every time and Brady always hits them. Steelers better start scoring
  7. Pat, Reggie, Freeman, all hate him. Even Mathis is saying what Pat says is funny. This is giving a lot of insight to how the players thought of Grigson. Wow Good riddance.
  8. Oh, definitely. Theres a few other receivers that are better than him too. Still have to be happy with Hilton's performance this season though. The thing is, Hilton still has room for improvement. It felt like the dude dropped a bunch of passes this season. Congrats to him though, he's still my favorite Colt
  9. I also wouldn't be opposed to Adams/Butler in depth roles
  10. Why you gotta try to ice the kicker? He missed it the first time
  11. My only complaint on his play last game was his mis-timed jump in the end zone on a pretty good throw by Luck. The ball just barely went through his hands there. It would have made his day even better He's really becoming one of my favorite players, though. I'm glad he's producing
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