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Ugh I've been with holding judgment on Pep but man some of the things he does is just strange.  Running Brown on third and short when you have two other power backs in the roster, running in the two minute drill at mid field with timeouts.  I just don't understand it sometimes.  Then he has a drive like he did to start the game so I know he can game plan I am just wondering about his in game play calls at times...

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    • Tampa Bay stood out to me.  They are second with no apparent stars that I can recall.  Brady, Gronk, and Suh were FAs.   I thought Murray is the classic case of a team riding the trendy hype wave of athleticism in a Qb, when being able to extend a play by running sideways is only a small part of playing the position. 
    • 100%.  I don't want NE style reporting either but sometimes the Indy press corps are just not athletically inclined.
    • They could just force him to sit out, allow him to throw his temper tantrum and not report.  Maybe HOU would get lucky and he will ultimately retire from the NFL.  Making comments about the teams hiring process should be seen as "conduct detrimental to the team" since it immediately undermines the effectiveness of Culley, so they have several legal options at this point under the NFLPA.   If I'm a GM picking high in a round, I'd just start the rebuild process now by taking a QB. I wouldn't let the team be in a position like Luck put us in....having Watson failing to report to TC ore preseason AFTER the draft took place.  I'd just start with a rookie QB now.   Maybe cut Watson eventually.  Let him negotiate the contract with whatever team wants to pay him whatever price he would demand, and with whatever team wants a player with that attitude.   At this point, I would think that simply allowing Watson to sit out, stay at home, and getting no official compensation for him would still be a net win (by removing a negative).   
    • This is based off of pff rating, and they had him pretty high last year.  I have not followed the rest of their picks closely though.  He had a high QB rating too
    • I dont disagree with the fact that Ballard has his own BPA list (That is usually different than what the fans list is)   We also know that he tends to favor building the lines   I WOULD be surprised if QB was the option at this point. First as I dont see anything "special" making it to pick 21   My ONLY point is that its NOT a pure BPA,    Team Needs are taken into account in addition to BPA   They go together.....  
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