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***Colts Vs. Packers Game Day Thread***


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    • I guess I’m in the minority that thought Patmon wouldn’t see the field, even with injuries. And that’s coming from somebody who expected to see Cain play early on when we drafted him.   Everything I read about him made him seem like quite a big project. A big WR who doesn’t yet know how to consistently play as a big WR. 
    • Watched him at LB, in a few games, this season, for Jacksonville. Looked impressive to me. Made some solid tackles.
    • Pascal runs great routes, and gets open, but he doesn't really get good separation comparatively. His average sep/targ is 2.5 this year, which is ranked 95ish. IIRC, the average separation in the league is around 2.8. He did well last week in that area though with a 3.23.   As far as trust goes, route running is key. That's likely why Pascal and TY get over targeted, while at the same time less than the league average in separation. But it also ends up impacting things like catch %, which both TY and Pascal are poor compared to league average, while Rivers is actually top 10ish in completion %. It's also why they rank relatively low in YAC.
    • Supposedly, the winner of two undefeated AFC teams with 5 or more wins typically makes the SB. So whoever wins the Steelers-Titans game makes the SB?? I remember in 2007, the Colts and Patriots were undefeated and the Patriots came to the RCA dome and beat the Colts 24-20 and both of them were at least 7-0 if I remember right.   https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/steelers-titans-to-make-history-when-the-afcs-last-two-undefeated-teams-face-off/      
    • Philly is trading their 20 yard line and irrigation manager who manipulated the turf monster to stop Daniel Jones to a future undisclosed team led by Bill O' Brien for a 5th round pick. 
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