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Colts Vs. Vikings Game Day Thread


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Man I hated everything about that last possession. A three score lead would put this thing to bed, but the play calling was so passive. Instead now here we are...

I'm very surprised by this. I thought Brees would be just fine. But man, they are struggling bad.

I guess that much disruption and distraction going into a season is killer. So much for the "it'll fire them up" theory.

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satele is bck on sideline no ice on knee good sign but maybe not

Injured over an hour ago... gonna stop writing stuff on here....I see things written hours ago...brought up as 'breaking news...' Love LOS's game day thread. Some cannot stay up with the class.
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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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    • This plus #1 Defensive ranking? Ya, I don't give a rats behind who we have played. This is worth being giddy about.    I am pumped, geeked, thrilled, and every other out of date word that fits.  
    • Flus was awaken with all the heat on the seat he was sitting on.....He's proactive now, just hope we don't use too much of the Zone defense. Go Colts.
    • The beat indicator on the severity of an injury? The player in most cases. He was crying. I think he himself knows that his season is over but we shall c.
    • Looks reasonable with the exception that's mark with ***.   Dolphins 26 Jaguars 24 Niners 27 Giants 20  *** Football Team 16 Browns 23 Bengals 28 Eagles 24  *** Raiders 16 Patriots 27 Bears 22 Falcons 24  *** Rams 27 Bills 23 *** Texans 27 Steelers 30 Titans 27 Vikings 21 *** Panthers 13 Chargers 23 Jets 17 Colts 23 Cowboys 30 Seahawks 34 Lions 7 Cardinals 27 Bucs 24 Broncos 10 Packers 31 Saints 30 Chiefs 24 Ravens 31    
    • As for the tackles, smith is decent in pass pro, very good run blocking, AC is great in pass pro, and decent in run game.....
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