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  1. Never...in my 40 years as a fan, have I seen an offseason like this one. Thanks for all the work you are doing folks. This is being compiled in a very convenient way for the fans.
  2. I officially loath fan whinership.

  3. If we still had talent....why did all of the players let go not named Manning either retire or fizzle out? We were getting it done on smoke and mirrors on many fronts (that is PM's incredible ability to elevate those around him). You are entitled to your feelings, I hope you get some closure in the future. As a fan since 70', I have not felt this good about a young defense with a horseshoe upside their head in like forever.
  4. I got that album in your avatar for Christmas. Blow By Blow, great stuff, I knew I seen that album cover from somewhere. Jeff Beck can shred!

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    2. pacolts56


      Forgive me for butting in guys....but yes....Jeff Beck is fantastic. He and Stanley Clarke performed in 2006 at the "North Sea Jazz Festival" and blew the roof off. If you haven't heard that show I posted one of their songs in the "What Are You Listening To?" Forum thread. Really great stuff.

    3. Synthetic


      I'll check that out, and yep Beck is fantastic. I can't believe I had never picked up any of his cds before. I have been missing out on some great stuff.

    4. alawai


      Wow bringing back some names from yesteryear!

  5. 2012 Colts have built a special place in my heart....forever.

    1. Coltsince4
    2. southwest1


      In 1 word, the 2012 Colts are: Resilient...

    3. BrentMc11


      I agree whole-heartedly!

  6. Go team...no more penalties in the second half. You can do it!

    1. southwest1


      Yes, we had way to many penalties in this game WH. Gotta fix that problem fellas. Keep working, Keep grinding, & keep improving...

    2. BrentMc11


      We basically lost a football field in penalties.....not going to complain about lack of calls on the Phins...23-20....

  7. Go team...no more penatlies in the second half. You can do it!

  8. Go team...no more penatlies in the second half. You can do it!

  9. OS 6-0!!

    1. BrentMc11


      The Beavers have a team!!!!!

    2. Nobody
    3. Warhorse


      Thanks all-ya'll.

  10. The OS Beaver train just keeps rollin...

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    2. MAC


      I saw some of their game against BYU. QB was impressive considering his lack of experience.

      My Rutgers Scarlet Knights are now 6-0. Bowl eligible, ranked 20th with a top defense (amusing in the first year after Schiano left for TB.)

      Of course their only opponent with a winning record plays division two. Leading the Big East isn't what it used to be. Any good team should shut their offense down cold.

    3. Warhorse


      Rutgers....home of Jeff Saturday!

    4. MAC


      Nah, unfortunately. I wish!

      Home of Colts Gary Brackett, Joe Lefeged, Eric Foster though. (And Ray Rice, Kenny Britt, Sean O'Hara, and the McCourty Brothers among others).

  11. Oregon State going into the top ten!

    1. BrentMc11


      Playing well.....Beavers!

    2. Warhorse


      Even the coach didn't see this coming.

  12. Then my Beavs take down the Wildcats on the road.

  13. Then we beat the Bruins in LA!!

  14. OS Beaver defense shuts Badgers down!

    1. BrentMc11


      PAC 10 made 2 statements.....Beavers and Bruins....well 3 if we want to discuss 6 TDs from Barlkley of USC.

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