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  1. What? That's how NFLN always structures their highlights. If you click any highlight clip its all the same. Eisen or another broadcaster type does the play by play and former players pipe in with their "insights" and conversations. That's why he pauses to give them space to jump in.
  2. Down 21 and Luck hasn't even thrown 3 passes...
  3. Thanks. Figured it must've been something still going on with that arm. He hasn't been fully extending it on some these targets.
  4. "There's a difference in explosion between Herron and Richardson." Lol. Understatement of the century...
  5. But I think the problem is what happens when another team (like the Patriots) forces them out of press.. Hopefully Manusky doesn't go with a soft zone again. Venturi was on all the 1070 shows talking about this last week. Check out Dakich from 10/29: Link
  6. Factish? This year the average is starting LOS is 29.52, 7th in the league. 2013: 27.84(14th) 2012: 24.35 (30th) 2012: 23.64 (32nd) Football Outsiders But that includes LOS after kick returns, punts, TOs... so maybe the special teams stats would be a better measure.
  7. I thought he'd left that kind of garbage behind at ASU. Guess not.
  8. Huh. Well here it is. I don't get why we only got one look at that? Huge moment in the game and we only get one review? Bleh.
  9. It's kind of amazing they're losing atm. Seems like they've made every mistake under the sun to keep Seattle in this.
  10. Maybe he was out of bounds. It really didn't look like it hit the ground.
  11. People are dragging you because you usually post garbage... But in this case I actually agree and it's something that's bothered me for years. He does tend to spread his legs beyond his shoulders which widens his base and probably does affect his velocity and accuracy. (Try throwing with your feet extended beyond your shoulders and you'll notice how much velocity you lose and how often the ball comes out high.) Seems like he does most when he climbs up in the pocket. I've never noticed the shoot gun vs under center difference.
  12. Messy game all around. Had to laugh though... Same situation as the end of the Eagles game. That time they got criticized for throwing the ball. This time they run it and still end up turning it over.
  13. Left ankle. When did that happen? Now they have to with Ponder. Ugh.
  14. Yep. I love the way this kid is looking. I still don't get why he fell so far in the draft. If I were a Browns fan I'd be sick. I bet that homeless guy wasn't even from Cleveland. Probably fresh off a bus from Cincy.
  15. Thank you Grigson! Bradshaw in a Colts uni is beautiful.
  16. Beautiful couple of plays from Flenner. Man if only he could be consistent and keep his feet through contact like that last play.
  17. Huh. I wonder how Griffin will respond to that... If he comes back by week 9 or 10 AND gets his job back that leaves a 6 to 7 week audition. Tough call. IIRC Cam was the only 1st round QB to have his option exercised. And from the 2012 class so far Weeden is already out and Miami probably won't w/ Tannehill... That would leave Luck as the only QB from that class to have his team pick up the option.
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