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15 minutes ago, Two_pound said:

Is anyone watching Sunday night game? That is putrid offense by both teams. If we sit back and let Denver complete easy10 yard throws because we play a super soft zone I will probably throw up. Both Wilson and Garrapolo look bad.

This is a crazy sloppy game.  It's been a weird day of football.

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Best win of the day was us and it isn't even debatable. KC was rated either #1 or #2 in every power ranking and we were #32 in one them. We took them down and Mahomes is the best QB that never loses in September. Party goes on The Simpsons GIF by KiwiGo (KGO)- I bet we move up to at least 15 now lmao . 32 was just dumb, they don't know our team. They can take that 32 and stick it where the sun dont shine.

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4 minutes ago, TaylorTheStudMuffin said:

Broncos game will be tough in two weeks. A short week in altitude Wont be easy. Defense will probably struggle more then offense. That why titans game is so important.

We will win the next 3 games now, today has the players pumped. Tennessee here, at Denver, and the Jags. I see us at 4-1-1 shortly. 

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