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Buckner was mic'd up last Sunday


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Buckner has been exactly what we traded/paid for. Houston has been just pretty good. I am liking the improvment of Tyquan Lewis. We are just missing that final piece opposite of Houston and I think by the end of the year entering the playoffs, Kemoko Turay becomes that guy and our pass rush becomes a consistent force.

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Here's an awesome quote from Darius Leonard this week about Buckner:


“It’s so crazy, because I’ve never seen him upset,” Leonard said of Buckner. “I’ve never heard him raise his voice. He’s very polite. He’s very nice. He’s well-mannered. He gets between the lines and he’s a different cat. It’s more so, ‘I’ve got to go out there and be a dog.’ Even in a game, he doesn’t talk as much in games, but he goes out and tosses people around like they have no family. He is just making people look silly. He’s by far one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met, very genuine. He’s got that little mean streak between the whistle. Once the whistle blows, he’s back to that 6-8, 290-pound sweet, nice guy.”

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