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  1. I feel that is an understatement of us. We have the best Gm and best qb in the league. We have have great young talent and are on the upswing in a major way. Returning just about all starters and another good draft class and Lombardi trophy is ours.
  2. Don’t forget our secret pass rush weapon, Kenny Moore. He had 1.5 sacks late in the season and 3 in the two playoff games. Once they started sending him, he was very productive at getting pressure.
  3. Well there you go. Desir signed.
  4. Clearly desir doesn’t fit in to Ballard/Reich’s plans. Doesn’t get more complicated than that.
  5. I am real good with CB’s approach. Build the team with fiscal responsibility for long term success. Hope he keeps doing exactly as he has for past 2 years. Just can’t wait for the live action again though.
  6. Amazed you would waste so much time on that long post.
  7. Thanks for the video. Looking forward to seeing what he brings to the team.
  8. TE from West Virginia. Baldy said he could be the Big Q of the draft. 6’3” and 270 lb tight end. Big time blocker and can catch and run well for size Imagine the possibilities.
  9. Baldy had a breakdown on him. Went to YouTube to watch highlights. A bit Bob Sanders-like. Fast, solid tackler and he can cover. 5’11, 200 lbs.
  10. TY and Antonio Brown grew up together and are buddies. Just saying.
  11. Heard that Browns put in request to speak with him for head coach job. Hope he sticks around for another year or 2 because he is a talented coach for us. If he leaves, wonder how it will affect our defense.
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