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  1. Buckner signing is tremendous. Can his influence on the d-line be similar to Q’s influence on the o-line? If so, and the d-line becomes that good, it should positively impact the linebacker and secondary play. Can Buckner be the defensive piece to unleash a top 5 defense?
  2. Lef


    I can still see those 3 plays in my head: dropped Hail Mary coryatt’s missed int lamont Warren getting tripped by shoestring what a run that year.
  3. Probably just a giant smoke signal or smoke stack or smoke something.
  4. Now that his blind side protector will be back, next piece of good news ???
  5. This post highlights the potential with this defensive class coming into their second year. Bulk up the d-line this offseason and the defense could be high caliber.
  6. Haven’t heard any reports of him working out and keeping in football shape. Would have expected that if he had thoughts of potentially coming back.
  7. No doubt injuries are going to happen.
  8. TY, Funchess, Campbell, Inman, Pascal and Fountain? Would we be good going in to next season with that WR crew?
  9. Still in awe over that play. I can watch it over and over and. It get bored. Consider that he escapes Von Miller in the end zone, his absolutely perfect dart 35 yards to TY while on the run and the particular situation of the game. One of the greatest football plays I can remember seeing.
  10. Baldy’s video calling out Falcon’s DE and coaching in a harsh way. You you may not think this is Colt related but watch and listen halfway through. Gives us a huge compliment man. Respect!
  11. Lef

    Vic Beasley?

    Ballard won’t trade his draft picks. He is a build thru the draft guy, clearly.
  12. A case that big q could be in the discussion for mvp of the league, First he came in and transformed the entire attitude, demeanor and play of the most important position group in the game for the colts. Second because of his presence, and for the reasons stated above, we are recognized as having the best or one of the best o-lines in football. Third because our o-line is so dominant, QB has more time to pass and better passing lanes and we can impose our will to “Run the damn ball”, which we all know what that does to opposing defenses. Fourth for all the reasons above, we sustain drives, keep opposing defense on the field getting worn down, keep opposing offense on the sideline, and our defense rested. Fifth he is the ultimate team guy, i.e. first down the field to pick up his players and always around the ball after the play. All attributable to the presence of big q (in my opinion). He has a profound impact on every phase of the game.
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