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  1. If Ballard is offering up that much, which is unlikely, other teams will also be offering attractive packages. Houston probably would take less to ship him outside division and maybe even to nfc.
  2. 0% chance Houston trades him to division rival. He is too good and it would create an incredible obstacle for them to win the south for the next 12+ years. I refuse to believe they could be that stupid.
  3. Great fact. Thanks for sharing. Being a Jersey guy, love to hear that. Hoping to bump into Q someday.
  4. We have the front office, coaching staff and talent on the roster. Stars are aligned. Our year!
  5. Clearly Ballard is working to win now. Pittman and Taylor will help us in the near term. They both seem NFL ready, or close to it, and will take the pressure off of Rivers. Even trading #13 for Buckner plays into that win now mindset. Taylor will certain jack up our running game and Pittman is the big body receiver that is well suited for quick routes and the possession game, as well as competing on 50/50 balls. Consider the Burton and Nix additions, along with one of the best o-lines in the league, and you can see how they want to bully the opposing defenses. It se
  6. Buckner signing is tremendous. Can his influence on the d-line be similar to Q’s influence on the o-line? If so, and the d-line becomes that good, it should positively impact the linebacker and secondary play. Can Buckner be the defensive piece to unleash a top 5 defense?
  7. Lef


    I can still see those 3 plays in my head: dropped Hail Mary coryatt’s missed int lamont Warren getting tripped by shoestring what a run that year.
  8. Probably just a giant smoke signal or smoke stack or smoke something.
  9. Now that his blind side protector will be back, next piece of good news ???
  10. This post highlights the potential with this defensive class coming into their second year. Bulk up the d-line this offseason and the defense could be high caliber.
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