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Indianapolis Colts

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5 minutes ago, danlhart87 said:

Anna Kournikova

Dude what the blank? How are you thinking of these names so fast, I think you have a white pages of sports and celebrity names sitting on your lap as you type lmao

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Walter Mattau


^^^ Lol. Wrong thread. 


Wally Szczerbiak (spelling?)

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23 minutes ago, Mel Kiper's Hair said:

Tom Brady


Barry Bonds 

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    • That's a nuanced question. First, how are you defining #3. Is it third "best", or projected third in snaps. In a base C2 D, I'd say it depends on your individual personnel skillsets, how often you use subpackages, how much do you use Ss as a big nickel or dime, etc..   Looking at our personnel.... Hooker - rangy FS best suited to lurk and cover, and a guy who might be better suited in a C1 D.   Blackmon - played in system that was uber "man", has a CB background (he struggled at CB though), and is much better tackling than in coverage (he can really lay the wood though).   Willis - Great nose for the ball, excels near the LOS, but struggles big time in coverage on the back end.   Based on that specific personnel, I see our talent depth chart (not actual depth chart) FS - Hooker, Blackmon, Odum SS - Blackmon, Willis Nickel/Dime S - Willis, Blackmon   So all that said, I see Willis, who is a SS, as the #3.
    • I don't mind lists at all. It's just entertainment.    And I agree it should be "projected best graded", but at the end of the day, their grading system needs to be tweeked so that projected best graded is the same as projected best.   Not going to crown Mahomes as best ever yet, but he certainly has the potential.
    • With Mahomes anything is possible. He’s that good. He’s the difference between the Chiefs and the rest of the pack. That said, watch out for the Ravens. They have a heckuva QB too, and the better D. 
    • I agree, we may even go 11-5.   Jaguars will be in the trevor lawrence sweepstakes. Titans are our main competition and have a very underrated defense.   Texans are interesting. I believe this is their last year of contending for a while. Hopkins, Clowney, and soon Watt will be gone. I believe Fuller is a FA soon as well. That's 4 first round picks. No first round pick this year or next year. Make that possibly 6 from 2011-2021. They will have to pay Watson as well. Bye bye salary cap.  Bottom line, they will soon be the 2012 Colts with the Grigson damage (or BOB), already done. One more year.   Colts 11-5 Titans 9-7 Texans 9-7 Jags 4-12   Competitive division that falls off a bit next year.
    • Don't get any classier than Frank.  I want to go through a wall for him and I don't  even play for him. Lol
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