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  1. If I were Jerry Jones I would handle Dak like the Washington Football Club handled Kirk Cousins. I would tag him for a couple of years before I committed anything long term to and average NFL QB. I'm sure Jerry will make him the highest paid QB in the game though. Probably why the Cowboys haven't won a Super Bowl since the '90's!
  2. Not ashamed to admit that I cried tears of joy that night. That is far and away my favorite all time sports moment. I'll never forget that night!
  3. I think Suh could be an asset for the Colts, but I doubt that Ballard signs him. Suh just seems to be the type of signing that the Patriots would make. I wouldn't be surprised if he wasn't lining up for the Pats this season.
  4. The Cubs blew a lead in the 9th. https://www.mlb.com/news/jon-berti-hits-first-homer-as-marlins-rally
  5. Games like last night will come back and haunt the Cubs in September and October. You've got to win that game. I know it is still very early in the season but man we should've won that last night! Very disappointed with that loss. Today is a new day though and a chance to start a new winning streak!
  6. I am really excited about this upcoming season. I think this is the year where we take a step back into the upper echelon of NFL teams where we are considered contenders again. Personally, I am thankful for our owner Mr. Irsay and his ability to trust his guys in Ballard and Coach Reich. Very excited about the direction our franchise in heading in!
  7. I think this could definitely be our year. The Patriots and Chiefs were both better than us last year without a doubt. However there are question marks for both of those teams going into the new season. How will the Patriots do with Brady being another year older and also losing one of his favorite targets in Rob Gronkowski? How will Patrick Mahomes respond to losing one and possibly two of his biggest weapons? Also how will the Chiefs adapt now that the league has a year of tape on Mahomes? How will Nick Foles respond to having to be the man all season and not just for a small stretch? Has Tom Coughlin and his old school way of doing things caused problems in the locker room? For the Rams how is Todd Gurley's knee and how will they respond after losing the Super Bowl? There are plenty of questions for all of the teams including the Colts, but I think we are definitely in the mix to win the AFC and even the Super Bowl this year.
  8. This is good stuff! Never satisfied. There are always ways to improve and to do the job better. True in football and true in life!
  9. https://www.colts.com/news/colts-sign-five-2019-draft-picks Colts have signed Banogu, Barton, Green, Patterson, and Speed to their rookie deals.
  10. Hill's lawyer denies abuse allegations http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/26655824/hill-lawyer-details-abuse-denial-letter-nfl
  11. Seeing our coach that excited about the players that were added should, in my opinion, ease the minds of those who have doubts about our draft class. This is the guy who is most directly affected by the players who are chosen and he is amped, running around the room giving out high fives! If he believes in who Ballard and the boys added then I think that should ease the minds of the armchair GM's who are doubting this class. I know for some people it won't mean a thing, but it said a lot to me that Coach Reich was that pumped over who we added in the draft.
  12. I can definitely see why we could be listed as a top 5 team. We should be the favorites to win the AFC South a division that could potentially have 3 playoff teams in it. Many of the previous AFC elite teams have some big time question marks going into next season. How will Pittsburgh do with no Bell and Brown? Is Lamar Jackson a legit NFL QB in Baltimore? How will Kansas City do in a full season without Hunt and possibly Hill? And at what point do older QB's in New England and San Diego have a drop in production? If the Colts remain healthy and build upon last year's success then they do have the potential to be a top 5 NFL team and maybe even a Super Bowl team this season.
  13. We see who still has their job 25 years later. Haha. I have watched that clip probably 100 or more times over the years and it cracks me up every time. That outburst helped make the NFL Draft the spectacle that it is today. Thanks Bill Tobin!
  14. http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/26607772/hill-barred-chiefs-activities-wake-audio After the release of the audio the Chiefs have barred Hill from all team activities. His days in Kansas City might be numbered. Listening to that audio made me sick to my stomach. I have nothing against a parent disciplining their child, but how can anyone justify punching a 3 yr old in the chest and then using a belt on him? It sounds like this guy has some serious issues and is in need of some help.
  15. Nice to see you put Kiper at #1. That's right where he belongs! I don't think Simmons will be there for us, but the man does have a nice head of hair! Thanks for posting this. Makes it easier than scouring half a dozen websites or apps to find out.
  16. Who is Mel Kiper? I'll tell you who Mel Kiper is. He's the man with the sweetest head of hair at the NFL Draft! That's who Mel Kiper is!
  17. I'm sure that he does speak to players about their former teammates. He seems like the type of guy that leaves no stone left unturned. Right now, I hope he has someone on the OUIJA Board And someone making a sacrifice to Jobu to make sure we get this draft right.
  18. I'm sure they will be out in force for the next few days.
  19. I think I have taken an over simplistic view. I agree with you that the vast majority of causal football fans could not build a Super Bowl winning team. In fact, most NFL GM's can't. Going back to what I originally meant was in reference to the article by Brooks and Jeremiah. They said (my paraphrase) you need a franchise QB, a pass rush, some playmakers on offense and defense. In my opinion, what they stated was pretty obvious and any NFL fan would know that. Based on the article, the casual fan would have a understanding of building a contender. That being said, would I want any fan from this forum running the Colts? Not in a million years!
  20. That's fine. But it is sports not rocket science. Sometimes I think we may make this harder than it really is. Just my opinion though. I don't mind if someone disagrees with me or tells me why they think I am wrong as long as they can be respectful about it. I love debate and discussion.
  21. The fundamentals winning football are pretty simple. We can all spout off things like "Protect the QB", be able to "rush the passer"and on and on.Almost every NFL team and fan knows what it takes to build a winner, the tricky part is being able to find the right players to do those things. Do I think that any Joe Schmo off the street can evaluate players and build a roster? Heck no! Most GM's can't build a Super Bowl winning roster but they do know what it takes to win in the NFL.
  22. I totally understand what you are saying. That would mean that guys like Trent Dilfer, Brad Johnson, and Mark Rypien were franchise QB's. I just have a hard time stomaching that sentiment. I'm not doubting that the Cowboys or Bears could win a Super Bowl with Dak and Trubisky but when I think of franchise QB's I think of guys like Rodgers, Brees, Luck, Brady, and Big Ben.
  23. Hey grandpa lighten up! Sorry I got on your lawn. I'm really sorry I said they didn't know what they are talking about. I should have said that what they said was a bunch of fluff and their analysis was garbage. I know they are both knowledgeable football guys, but with this article they got it wrong. I gave a couple of reasons why I thought they were wrong. Any one who has watched any amount of football can tell you what it takes to build a Super Bowl winner. You've got to learn not to read so much into what other people say. I didn't say I knew any better than they did about football. That would be silly of me to say. They have experience and insight with football that I'll never have. Going back to the previous paragraph, I shouldn't have said they don't know what they are talking about. My bad. However, I stand by my statement that their analysis is garbage. If you think that based on what Dak and Trubisky have done on the field makes them "franchise QB's" then I have to completely disagree. Could they be game managers for a Super Bowl winning team? Certainly, but in no way have they proven to be "franchise QB's" yet in this league. Maybe you just need to spend less time critiquing everyone else's opinions on this forum. I enjoy a lot of your football analysis and insight but you really do have a way of coming across as condescending. If you want to disagree with me that's great. I love debate and discussion. Part of what you said was very good. Pointing out the fact that both have served as NFL scouts was a great rebuttal, but they way you did it was just a little arrogant. I know who both of these guys are. So since you are giving me advice or"food for thought" I'll do the same for you. Stick to the football and avoid the life lessons. Thanks!
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