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  1. I love Mahomes, but this week will be just his 22nd or 23rd NFL start. Let's pump the brakes a little before we crown him the GOAT. The kid has all world talent and so far he has been amazing but I think we need a larger sample size before putting him on the Mt. Rushmore or NFL greats.
  2. Is there any way that both of these teams could lose? That would make me happy!
  3. The Ravens looked legit this week. Of course they were playing the Dolphins, but they went out there and crushed them and didn't play down to Miami's level. I think the Browns will be looking up at the Ravens at the end of the 2019 season.
  4. Always nice to see the Texans lose. They better get an O-Line to protect that kid or in a couple of years they might end up with a retired QB!
  5. I love how sports can make us completely irrational. One epic performance and we love a guy and we want to name our dog or firstborn after him and with one crappy performance we want to put the player in a nursing home. In situations like this I always think about the mob in the Adam Sandler classic The Waterboy . One second they are cherring for him and the next they want to cut his bleeping head off. Come on everyone let's at least wait until after week 2 before storming the Colts complex with pitchforks and torches!
  6. Andrew Luck was 1st class all the way and represented the Indianapolis Colts in an honorable way. I am sad to see him go, but I wish him nothing but the best.
  7. Who are you suggesting we take? We are going to be too good to get one of the top QB's in the draft, so to me your suggestion is just doing the same thing we might be doing this year with CK. I am of the mindset that we keep CK and see how he develops over the next year. Personally, I think JB has a shot at being a top 10-15 QB. There are QB's worse than Jacoby who have won Super Bowls.
  8. If I were Jerry Jones I would handle Dak like the Washington Football Club handled Kirk Cousins. I would tag him for a couple of years before I committed anything long term to and average NFL QB. I'm sure Jerry will make him the highest paid QB in the game though. Probably why the Cowboys haven't won a Super Bowl since the '90's!
  9. Not ashamed to admit that I cried tears of joy that night. That is far and away my favorite all time sports moment. I'll never forget that night!
  10. I think Suh could be an asset for the Colts, but I doubt that Ballard signs him. Suh just seems to be the type of signing that the Patriots would make. I wouldn't be surprised if he wasn't lining up for the Pats this season.
  11. The Cubs blew a lead in the 9th. https://www.mlb.com/news/jon-berti-hits-first-homer-as-marlins-rally
  12. Games like last night will come back and haunt the Cubs in September and October. You've got to win that game. I know it is still very early in the season but man we should've won that last night! Very disappointed with that loss. Today is a new day though and a chance to start a new winning streak!
  13. I am really excited about this upcoming season. I think this is the year where we take a step back into the upper echelon of NFL teams where we are considered contenders again. Personally, I am thankful for our owner Mr. Irsay and his ability to trust his guys in Ballard and Coach Reich. Very excited about the direction our franchise in heading in!
  14. I think this could definitely be our year. The Patriots and Chiefs were both better than us last year without a doubt. However there are question marks for both of those teams going into the new season. How will the Patriots do with Brady being another year older and also losing one of his favorite targets in Rob Gronkowski? How will Patrick Mahomes respond to losing one and possibly two of his biggest weapons? Also how will the Chiefs adapt now that the league has a year of tape on Mahomes? How will Nick Foles respond to having to be the man all season and not just for a small stretch? Has Tom Coughlin and his old school way of doing things caused problems in the locker room? For the Rams how is Todd Gurley's knee and how will they respond after losing the Super Bowl? There are plenty of questions for all of the teams including the Colts, but I think we are definitely in the mix to win the AFC and even the Super Bowl this year.
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