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  1. Mel Kiper's Hair

    Scott Linehan out as Cowboys OC

    Dallas is in the market for a new offensive coordinator after letting Scott Linehan go.
  2. Mel Kiper's Hair

    Andrew is PFWA comeback player of the year

    What does this have to do with Luck winning Comeback Player of the Year? I was disappointed with the loss in KC but I can celebrate the great things that took place this season. This post should've been made in a thread about the game.
  3. Hey now! Let's not bring that up! Haha. That moment is one of the reasons the NFL Draft is so popular today.
  4. I approve this post! Haha. I wish I knew as much about football as the various draft gurus and even many of the great members we have here on the forum. This time of year blows me away with the amount knowledge some of you have not just on NFL but college football as well. I struggle to keep up with the Colts roster and there are guys here who know about division 2 prospects who might be taken in the 6th round. I enjoy looking at the various mock drafts and then looking the players up. Football season never ends!
  5. Mel Kiper's Hair

    Shane Ray- A Ballard Mid-Level Gem

    I think Manning has higher aspirations than a front office job for and NFL team. I think that he wants to be an owner.
  6. Mel Kiper's Hair

    Leg Room

    You never know how Indiana weather is going to be. This winter, we didn't have our first accumulating snowfall until after the New Year. If you absolutely have to see snow then you may want to check out one of the ski resorts in the state. I've never personally been to one of them, but I'm sure they have snow machines. Hopefully that helps.
  7. Mel Kiper's Hair

    Letter from Frank Reich to Colts fans

    I really think that this is the man who will lead our franchise to another Super Bowl win. After reading that letter I wanted to go out and play for the man. With Reich and Ballard I think we are heading back to our place of prominence in the NFL.
  8. Mel Kiper's Hair

    Kyler Murray Declares for Draft

    All things considered I would agree with you if you could guarantee that he is going to be elite. Baseball is a sport where it is not uncommon for a first round pick to never really make it. My opinion was based on the known money he would make. Because of that, if I knew I was going to be a first round pick, I would go with the NFL. But I do agree that an elite baseball player (even an average player) will make more than an NFL player.
  9. Mel Kiper's Hair

    Leg Room

    The bad thing about it is that we have to hear them whine about how awful we are again! I don't know which is worse them hopping on the bandwagon or when they jump off having to hear them complain. haha.
  10. Mel Kiper's Hair

    Colts have fired OL coach Dave DeGuglielmo

    Just looking at it from the outside it looks like a head scratcher, but for now I will trust Ballard and Reich. Like others have said they can expect some grief if the line takes a step backwards next season.
  11. The Chicago Bears have not ruled out the possibility of signing Kareem Hunt. Matt Nagy has a connection with Hunt from his time in Kansas City. I know we are a long way from any signing but I found this interesting. I think maybe Nagy threw this out just to see if there would be any backlash from fans. It will be interesting to see if Hunt gets a second chance.
  12. Mel Kiper's Hair

    Kyler Murray Declares for Draft

    From a money standpoint it is a very good move for him. He received a little over 4 million for signing with the Oakland A's as a 1st round baseball pick. Lamar Jackson who was the last pick of the 1st round in the 2018 NFL Draft got a little over 8 million GUARANTEED. He stands to double his money just by getting into the 1st round and people are projecting him to make it into the 1st round. If it were last year when there were so many good QB prospects in the draft it wouldn't have been in his best financial interest to do this, but with a thinner QB class he has a legit chance at being a first round pick.
  13. Mel Kiper's Hair

    Concerning Super Bowl

    I'm an American, I thought watching the Super Bowl was a requirement for citizenship. I watch the Super Bowl every year regardless of the participants. I enjoy a day with food, friends, and football!
  14. Mel Kiper's Hair

    The Most Painful Playoff Loss So Far SD, Indy, Philly?

    For me as a fan, it would be the Colts losing. However, I would think that the Chargers loss was probably the most painful. The Chargers were playing very well and it looked like this could be the year and once again they lost in the Playoffs.