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  1. Mel Kiper's Hair

    Tyreek Hill being investigated / abuse involving minor

    The Browns are already clearing out some locker space for him!
  2. Mike Trout is about to become a very very rich man!
  3. Mel Kiper's Hair

    2019 Browns

    On paper this team looks pretty tough, but maybe we should at least wait until the preseason before declaring them Super Bowl Champs. To be honest, I'm excited for the city of Cleveland and hope that the Browns do well. The can lose in the AFC Championship Game to the Colts!
  4. Mel Kiper's Hair

    Official complaints about Free Agency thread (merge)

    You are more than entitled to your opinion. I was giving mine. You can't honestly say that you want our franchise to be run like the Jets can you? The Jets are the definition of mediocrity. Yeah they've signed some players this off season. Personally, I think Bell is a risk to sign. They ran him into the ground in Pittsburgh. The guy has a ton of miles on his tires. He also took a whole year off from the game. Maybe the year off will help and he'll come in fresh and run roughshod over the league or he could come in very rusty and just not the same player he was in Pittsburgh. He also won't have Big Ben at QB or AB at WR. The weapons the Jets have are nowhere near as good as the weapons they had in Pittsburgh. I like what they are doing in Cleveland but it has already been pointed out I believe earlier in this thread that the Browns have been doing for years what the Colts are doing now. They have built a strong nucleus through the draft and now they are adding to that. Personally, I would have loved to picked up OBJ and maybe Ballard made an offer for him. Just because we didn't get him doesn't mean Ballard didn't try. We don't want to throw away a bright future for just one year. The goal is sustained success and that takes time to build.
  5. Mel Kiper's Hair

    Official complaints about Free Agency thread (merge)

    When was the last time the Jets won anything? And what about the dumpster fire that is the NY Giants. Thank God in Heaven Chris Ballard isn't running the Colts like the GM's in NY! I'm sorry but your post makes no sense to me. We shouldn't spend the money just because we have it. We have to make sure we are getting the most bang for our buck. Will Ballard get every signing right? No, he won't. He has however hit on more of his signings and draftees than he has missed so let's trust him to do his job. He wants to build a winner as badly as we want him to build one. Winners are built throwing money around all willy nilly at every big name free agent. They are built by finding the right guys at the right price.
  6. Mel Kiper's Hair

    Official complaints about Free Agency thread (merge)

    Revis was released by the Bucs and then signed to a 2 yr deal that was really a one year deal. Moss was not signed as a free agent but was traded to New England by the Raiders. Revis at the time the Pats signed him was also the best CB in the game. As far as I know no one on the current free agent market is considered to be the best in the game. Ballard isn't sitting on $100 million. He is being smart with it. This team needs depth across the board. One or two big name free agents aren't what this team needs right now. We still need depth and I think over the next week you'll see Ballard add to that depth.
  7. Mel Kiper's Hair

    Not Excited about Free Agency/Can we all just relax? (merge)

    I totally understand that, but signing guys like Landon Collins would affect our cap space and ability to keep our own guys down the road.
  8. Mel Kiper's Hair

    Not Excited about Free Agency/Can we all just relax? (merge)

    I agree that you can't build a team exactly like the Patriots, but I think that you can look at how they handle their business and do it similarly. The Patriots have a reputation for not overpaying for free agents and even letting guys leave when they still have good years left in them. Very rarely do they overpay for a player or keep a guy too long. I'm not saying we need to be the Indianapolis Patriots and run the same offense or defense but I do thing we can take a page from their playbook when it comes to our approach to free agency. I think Ballard is doing that now and that is going to allow us to keep Darius Leonard in 3 years, Quenton Nelson in 4 years, and other guys down the line.
  9. Mel Kiper's Hair

    Not Excited about Free Agency/Can we all just relax? (merge)

    Why not? I don't understand why you wouldn't want to mimic the most dominant franchise in professional sports over the last 2 decades. Maybe that's why they stay so dominant no one has been smart enough to emulate them.
  10. Mel Kiper's Hair

    Official complaints about Free Agency thread (merge)

    Can anyone tell me how many "big name" free agents who are in their prime the Patriots have signed from other teams over the last 2 decades? I honestly can't think of them making any big "splashes" in free agency. I would rather mimic the approach of proven winners like the Patriots over going out and trying to sign every big name free agent like teams like Washington and Oakland have done over the years. What approach has been more successful?
  11. Mel Kiper's Hair

    Colts sign Devin Funchess (Merge)

    Is it really going to be like this every year during free agency? Ballard has said over and over that he intends to build this team primarily through the draft. Yet every year people get all bent out shape because he doesn't go after the big name big money players. Ask the Washington Football Club how chasing big names has worked for them over the last 15 years. Ballard has proven to hit more than miss with his draft picks and free agent signings. Cut the guy some slack. Besides, we are still very early in free agency. Technically, it hasn't even begun yet so let's see what happens around the league before we circle the Colts facility with pitchforks and torches!
  12. Mel Kiper's Hair

    Who's in?

    If the Giants would be foolish enough to make this trade, I would do it immediately. OBJ is one of the top 5 WR's in the NFL and pairing him with Hilton, Ebron, and Doyle our passing game would be almost impossible to stop. I don't see the Giants trading him anytime soon though.
  13. Mel Kiper's Hair

    From the NFL to... curling?!

    I would love to see them make the Olympics. This is a pretty cool story. I just wonder if Jared Allen would grow his mullet back for the Olympics.
  14. Mel Kiper's Hair

    Report: Jaguars expected to sign Nick Foles

    Good stuff there!
  15. Mel Kiper's Hair

    Schrager First Round Mock

    I would be shocked if the Colts took a RB in the first round.