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  1. Mel Kiper's Hair

    Had Andrew Luck Lived up to Expectations?

    I have been a Colts fan since the team moved to Indianapolis, and in that time, I have seen some very good and very bad QB play. Right now, Andrew Luck is the 2nd best QB of the Indy era. In my opinion, he has more than lived up to the expectations. He inherited a team with what most experts said was a horrible roster and took them to the playoffs his 1st 3 years. No matter what people want to think this is probably the ultimate TEAM sport. Let's be honest here the rosters that Luck has had have not been comparable to the ones that Manning had. Manning had a Hall of Fame GM and HC. Luck has had Grigson and Pagano. I love Peyton Manning. He was an amazing player and I truly believe that if the Colts hadn't drafted him that they would be in Los Angeles today. However, I do think we tend to romanticize the past. I remember when Peyton Manning was labeled a "choker" and when he "couldn't win the big game". I remember losing 41-0 to the Jets in the playoffs. Those are my on the subject.
  2. Mel Kiper's Hair

    Andrew got his wallet returned

    They still make cash? Just teasing. Although I rarely do use cash anymore.
  3. Mel Kiper's Hair

    Hunter S. Thompson, Colts Consultant?

    Thanks for clearing that up for me.
  4. Mel Kiper's Hair

    Andrew got his wallet returned

    Great story all around. It's good to see that there are still good people in the world who do the right thing and it is cool to see honesty being honored. So often we only hear about all that is wrong in our world it is a welcomed change to hear about the good!
  5. Mel Kiper's Hair

    Hunter S. Thompson, Colts Consultant?

    The strangest thing to me is why on earth would Irsay need a loan for 30 million. I'm very glad that the Colts didn't listen to Hunter S. Thompson. We dodged a bullet there. I honestly believe that if the Colts had taken Leaf instead of Manning that the team wouldn't even be in Indianapolis now. Thank God Irsay and Polian got that draft right!
  6. Mel Kiper's Hair

    A dead body found on the property of Janoris Jenkins

    I hope that Jenkins is not involved in this tragedy, but above all, I hope that there is justice for this young man who lost his life.
  7. Mel Kiper's Hair

    Tre Boston explains his Colts visit

    I hope they were having sloppy Joes!
  8. Mel Kiper's Hair

    Sometimes We Forget

    I think many people (especially the media) has forgotten just how good Andrew Luck is. I think a lot of people will be eating crow this season as the Colts return to relevance in the NFL.
  9. Mel Kiper's Hair

    Grigson Lands a Job in Seattle

    Who cares about Grigson, I just want to know where this awesome gif is from!
  10. Mel Kiper's Hair

    Take The Colts Out Of The Picture For This

    I honestly believe that if Andrew Luck is healthy and our O-Line plays like we think they can then the Colts will be in the hunt for the division title and a playoff berth. I think Jacksonville is the favorite because of that defense, but I'm not very high on the Titans or Texans. Just a gut feeling, but I think the Colts will finish 10-6 and end up with a wild card berth.
  11. Mel Kiper's Hair

    Max and Stephen A on luck throwing the ball

    If Andrew Luck played last year we would have been a middle of the pack team and we wouldn't have been able to get Q with our first round pick. Even though last year was tough to watch at times, I think that is could be the most important draft for the Colts since the year we got Andrew and T.Y.
  12. Mel Kiper's Hair

    Grigson Lands a Job in Seattle

    Is it me or does the 2,218 miles from Lucas Oil Stadium to Centurylink Field still not seem far enough away for Ryan Grigson to be? Haha.
  13. Mel Kiper's Hair

    PFF Explains how they Grade OL and DL....

    And that was after skipping training camp! It looks like he will be skipping again this year.
  14. Mel Kiper's Hair

    Andrew Luck is throwing a football

  15. Mel Kiper's Hair

    Andrew Luck is throwing a football