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  1. I have to disagree. Dallas will always be in the NFC East because like it or not they are probably the biggest brand in the league and Jerry Jones is not going to allow his team to lose their traditional rivalries with the Giants, Eagles, and Washington. Jerry Jones is probably the most powerful team owner in American sports and has a great deal of pull with how things are done in the NFL.
  2. Are we Kansas City or Baltimore? Not yet, but the Titans weren't last year and they were able to make the AFCGC. If you make the playoffs, then anything is possible. I do believe that this team is a playoff team. I see the Colts going 11-5 winning the South and hosting a playoff game. Because of that, I voted yes the Colts are contenders.
  3. I don't think San Antonio would get an NFL team. The market isn't very large, the city already has the Spurs, and there are already two other teams in Texas. I think if a team were to relocate that the NFL would try to get a team in London. With these things you just never know though. I still can't believe that the Chargers left San Diego and there are still people in Baltimore that can't believe we have the Colts in Indianapolis so I guess anything is possible.
  4. I would expect a freshman in college to act immature. I know I did at that age. Personally, I look at it as nothing more than a little brother goofing off. No big deal at all.
  5. A good man and a good coach. RIP Coach Shula.
  6. Dadgumit! I can't help but like this guy! I'm really looking forward to seeing him put on the Horsehoe. Go Rivers! Go Colts!
  7. I cannot wait for the season to get here! I am really excited about this team!
  8. Right now, I think Jax or Cincy will be the worst team in 2020.
  9. It still goes back to my question who do you see them beating on the schedule? In their division they will be predicted to finish last. Pittsburgh will be improved with Big Ben returning, Cleveland will be expected to be better, and Baltimore is probably considered to be the 2nd best team in the AFC. They play the AFC South and I think most everyone would agree that other than the Jax game the Bengals will be expected to lose. Their NFC opponents are the NFC East so I gave them 2 wins there. They also play the Chargers who depending on who they have at QB could be a win and the Miami Dolphins who played much better last year than everyone expected. I just don't see where there are more than 5 wins on their schedule this season even with Joe Burrow.
  10. I just don't see how they get to 7. That's the fun of the offseason though, we can all speculate and give our opinions. I think this will be a fun thread to look back on at the end of the season. If I'm wrong I'll be happy to admit it and then make my 2021 predictions.
  11. Well we can always come back at the end of the season and see who was right. But look at their opponents for this season and tell me where you get more than 7 wins. I would like to see who you think they are going to beat this year.
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