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  1. Personally I think Tom Brady has enough respect for Kraft and Belichick that he isn't using this as a negotiating ploy. As to where he goes, I think Nashville, San Diego, or Las Vegas would be the best potential fits for him.
  2. I know it is hard to believe anything you hear at this time of year but this off season could really change the whole dynamic of the AFC. I'm sure the Buffalo Bills are hoping that Tom Brady moves on. I think it would be interesting to see how Brady and Belichick did without each other. Neither of them has won a Super Bowl without the other. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/28793123/sources-tom-brady-open-new-home-free-agency
  3. I think that if you want to trade up for a QB it is going to have to be to 3. I think if the Colts were to trade to 4 that Miami would just make a deal with Detroit to go to 3.
  4. If I were running Carolina and wanted to tank there is no way Cam Newton would be on my roster and I would probably look to see what I could get for Christian McCaffery. If you have a healthy Cam Newton and Christian McCaffery I think that you would win too many games to get the number one pick. I could be dead wrong but if the goal was to get Trevor Lawrence next year I wouldn't let Cam Newton see the field again.
  5. The only way the Bengals don't take Joe Burrow is if they are dead set on throwing away the 2020 season and tanking for Trevor. If you could get a team like Carolina to trade their 1st this year and at least a couple of other first round picks. Then maybe you consider it, but there is no guarantee that you'll be back at 1 next year. There is no such thing as a "sure thing". No matter who you draft there are going to be questions but Joe Burrow looks like a legit NFL QB. I would be hard pressed to pass that up!
  6. I would think that if the Raiders were going to trade Carr that they would do it before free agency and the draft to maximize his value. If they wait until they have Tom Brady or draft someone else then he probably loses value on the trade market. If I were Chris Ballard, I would be on the phone right now with Mike Mayock and Chucky trying to work out a trade for Carr.
  7. I hope that Drew Brees makes it to the Super Bowl next year and loses a shootout to the Colts. If that can't happen then I would love to see him win another Super Bowl. He is a great player and from everything I've ever seen and heard is just as good of a person off the field as he is on it. Good luck in 2020 Drew!
  8. There is no tampering because this isn't an official offer from the Raiders. All this is is a tweet that someone has heard that the Raiders are prepared to offer 2 years 60 million. It isn't like the Las Vegas Raiders twitter account said this. Larry Fitzgerald's dad is the one who made the tweet.
  9. I think the Patriots are the team that TB12 will be playing for next season. They are the team that gives him the best shot at winning another Super Bowl. Until I actually see Tom Brady in another uniform I have a hard time believing that he will be anything but a Patriot.
  10. I would love to have Andrew Luck at QB. Since that ain't happening, I think that Derek Carr is the best option for getting this team immediately back in the playoffs. I'm not a huge fan of any of the QB's that we could possibly draft and I think that Carr is a better option over any of the free agent QB's. I don't want to sound like I think he a savior or anything like that. i think he is a good solid starting NFL QB.
  11. You are asking this about the Raiders? This is a franchise that historically makes bad decisions. They are looking to make a splash in their new home town. Which name is flashier Tom Brady or Derek Carr? This may be a commitment to cash more than a commitment to excellence. Tom Brady will put more people in the seats in Vegas than Carr will.
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