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  1. The Cubs are on a 3 game winning streak and only 2.5 games out in the Central, and the 3 wins were against the World Champion Dodgers so maybe the Cubbies are starting to turn things around.
  2. You can't make free agents sign here. Ballard makes smart, cap friendly deals that will allow us to keep proven vet elite talent like Buckner, Leonard, and Nelson.
  3. Personally, I want to have a GM who drinks his own Kool-Aid. You have to believe in your plan and can't second guess everything because Mel Kiper or USA Today or half the fans on this forum don't agree with it. I understand that there is a huge desire for NFL content online and on TV so guys like Kiper, and Jeremiah, and Prisco have to give out draft grades the second that Mr. Irrelevant finishes crossing the stage. But let's be honest, can you really judge what a draft class is going to do before they have even signed their rookie contracts much less step foot on the field? Let's not forget t
  4. I wish I knew enough about college football to be able to offer some insight but I very rarely watch college football. I may be a bit jaded but to me college football is basically 3 super programs (Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State) and then a bunch of wannabes trying to compete for 4th place. To me it just isn't as interesting as the NFL. I'm not trying to offend any college football fans or start any fights just explaining why I don't really watch college football.
  5. I really do not understand the idea of not paying Darius Leonard or Nelson because they don't play "premium positions". There are only so many elite talents at each position on the football field. I think most people would look at the Colts and say we have 3 or 4 elite talents (Big Q, Leonard, Bucker, and possibly Taylor). Would it be nice if we could fill each position on the football with an elite talent? Sure it would. Is it possible? NO. Elite talent covers for the deficiencies at other positions. Our offensive line was average at best before the addition of Big Q. Now the Colts OLine is l
  6. I could be wrong because I don't follow every team with the same fervor as I do the Colts, but I can't recall Bill Belichick making statements like "You want to raise your own" and "We want to have a sound structure in place where you're producing great talent for the Colts.". Perhaps he has, but he also has the benefit of winning more Super Bowls than any other Coach in NFL history on his side. Right now, Chris Ballard doesn't have the clout to be able to take such a hard line stance. To make statements about raising your own and producing great talent means that when guys that you draft go o
  7. The only way that Darius Leonard is not a Colt is if he demands something absurd like starting QB money and is unwilling to negotiate. Chris Ballard would lose all credibility with his locker room and across the league if he were to let Leonard walk or traded him because he didn't want to pay him. Ballard is now at the point where he is has to put Jim Irsay's money where his mouth is. Besides, our owner has never shied away from paying our best players top dollar when they deserve it. Leonard will be a Colt and a very rich man for years to come!
  8. It could just be karma. Karma for a poorly run franchise or karma for a star athlete who possibly did some vile things to multiple women.
  9. But you never want to minimize the value of your assets. You want to make each player look as valuable as possible just in case you do have to make a trade. They control his rights. If he wants to make $30+ million per year he has to do it with them. To try and make him look bad to keep him would be the ultimate in stupid moves.
  10. There is absolutely no way this came from the Texans organization. This does nothing but hurt the franchise. These accusations are either going to keep him off the field or lower his trade value so that the Texans get nothing in return for him. I think whether they like it or not both sides are stuck with each other for at least the upcoming season. The only way the Texans are cutting him is if they know he is on his way to jail or some sort of very lengthy suspension.
  11. Impossible for the Bengals to finish 9-7 this season! Don't forget the 17 game game schedule starts this season. Haha. Just joking around. I think if they protect Burrow this team could definitely finish around the 8-9 to 10-7 range.
  12. After 33 years as a head coach and 3 National Championships, Roy Williams is retiring as head coach of the UNC Tarheels Basketball Program. Congrats on a successful career and best of luck Coach Wiliams! https://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/31177433/north-carolina-tar-heels-basketball-coach-roy-williams-retires
  13. It may be deep but from what I've read there is a gap between Sewell and Slater and the rest of the class. Now is the time to make sure Joe Burrow is protected. Don't let an Andrew Luck situation happen where your franchise QB gets the stuffing beat out of him. Go ahead and pull the trigger on the best protection you can get.
  14. Now Watson's lawyers have started finding massage therapists to speak out in favor of Deshaun Watson. This is a mess. I have such mixed feelings about all of this. I want the victims to be telling truth because if they aren't it only makes it that much harder for future victims of sexual abuse to be heard and believed. I also want Watson to be telling the truth. Up until these lawsuits came I think just about everyone had nothing but respect for this young man. He appeared to be one of the faces of the league for the next decade. This is just a very sad situation. My biggest question is why is
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