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  1. Ballard has a long term plan and it doesn't change much from year to year. I'm glad of it. It seems to work as he has not had one draft yet that I thought was poor. Stick to it Chris.
  2. If the left tackle spot is filled correctly (and I feel it will be) I think Wentz will do a fine job. Numbers? I don't have anything flashy in mind because the Colts can "run the damn ball". He hopefully won't need anything flashy.
  3. The good: The defense is playing very well and the injuries at LB will test the front 7 depth. I still like the D vs the Browns. Rivers is doing a good job with the ball (two of his picks bounced off our receivers). If the Browns are forced to win with the passing game, I like the Colts' chances. The bad: I just have to get on the "please stop jamming Hines up the middle" bandwagon. It has been a pitiful play thus far. The ugly: Coach's play calling thus far. The Colts offense appears to have been outcoached several times this year. They win with talent.
  4. I know the Colts have not yet played the elite, but you don't lead the league in yards against in the NFL with a fake defense. How good they can be will be revealed shortly. A lot will be determined by game planning.
  5. Never get in a fart contest with your center is, I believe, among the first 10 rules in the NFL QBs guidebook.
  6. With so many ex-Colts on this team, it might get pretty emotional. Those Jets will either be extra fired up or extra intimidated. Time will tell, but I bet its a good game.
  7. I am definitely not taking this personally in that your opinion of me is of no consequence one way or the other. I'd just like to see the Colts do better.
  8. And here was me thinking that 63 years of being a loyal fan might be worth something. I stand corrected.
  9. Oh for crying out loud. I've indicated that Frank should ditch this play for the immediate future. I don't expect he'll call Irsay. Just don't run this constantly failing play.
  10. So your highness thinks I'm silly. If Jim Irsay wants to put limitations on anything regarding the Colts I bet he can. I've been a Colts fan since about 1957 and don't need your arrogant self to tell me what to think or say. I have responded to what I've seen over many games now. So you can take your thousands of posts and put them in a dark place on your person.
  11. If and when Frank's tendency to run Hines in short yardage (3rd and 4th down) gets back to being a surprise then he can go back to it. As of now it is predictable and getting stuffed. Is that serious enough for you?
  12. This team held jax to 150 yds passing and allowed them to win. Someone needs to tell Eberflus its about Ws and Ls and not passing yards against. They even got 4 sacks. Isn't that what makes zone work? Apparently not one this bad.
  13. Okay Eberflus here is your defensive education tip for the day. You place your defensive backfield in locations where there is some chance of them getting between the opposing quarterback and his receivers. Then you tell these d-backs to either knock down any passes near them of if possible catch them. Pass defense is not just a tackling exercise. This is just plain unentertaining and ugly. You know, kind of like frank during the anthem.
  14. Eberflus has started an NFL tour of torch the Colts. I don't care about personnel at all at this point. It just needs to look like the Colts have a defense, even if they don't. Further Jim Irsay should have a heart to heart with Frank Reich and forbid him giving the ball to Hines on 3rd and short without permission.
  15. Since statistically the Colts are 3rd in the league on offense and 2nd on defense, I would think that a loss would be on the coach to a great extent. Obviously, the 2 picks didn't help.
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