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    • I strongly disagree. We have plenty of talent on O. Game plan, play calling, and personnel choice in situational downs have been highly questionable. The pass/run mix game 1 was heavy pass, and just didn't make sense vs Jax, and especially in game 1 after no preseason with the RBs we had to start the year. The heavy run in G2 was an overreaction to G1. The heavy run in G3 was just silly given it's the Jet's strength.   Reich has a history of not attacking a teams weakness while going heavy against their strengths (see Miami last year). Play calling in general, has been predictable and conservative. I'll cut him a break there since perhaps he doesn't want to show much this early, but if he doesn't open things up soon, I'll have to scratch my head on that too. Maybe it's partly covid, but other teams look far more dynamic. We had WRs and TEs open all game Sunday, and needed to get some of the young WRs experience. It was a lost opportunity.   And IMO, even JB regressed with Reich from 2017 to 2019. The stats were very similar, but JB in 2019 had a heck of a lot better OL, and was sacked half the amount he was in 2017.    I really like Frank as a person, but it's not like his track record can't be questioned. In his two years in Phily as OC, Pederson called the plays so not much to glean from. In his two years as OC in LA, he had horrible balance both years, and was fired after being last in the league rushing and a 4-12 record. He's not all the much better than Pagano thus far, and has a much better roster.    Not saying at all we need to fire Frank, or anything like that. I am saying though he's not done anything extraordinary thus far though. He's got no excuses this year.   I agree. I can understand him not playing early last year when we had Doyle and Ebron both, but we should absolutely see him get a good snap share this year. Maybe short term a little, but honestly I'm not worried. We did fine when he was out last year. Williams had two 100 games in a row when Mack was out. Taylor will be fine with our OL. Having Taylor and Mack was an embarrassment of riches, but we're just fine with Taylor/Wilkins/Hines.   Again, IMO, goes back to game plan. We didn't run the ball a bunch against a team (Jax) that was 5th worst in the league vs the run last year. Then, we ran the ball a lot vs MN (better than they appear vs the run) and NYJ (who were 2nd best vs the run last year). Sorry, that just doesn't make sense.   Then add in things like using Hines between the tackles in goal line situations. Luck leaving was the only truly big issue. Pagano had to deal with Luck being gone a year too, and gimpy a few other years. Pagano did better (record wise) his first 3 years with a healthy Luck, then Reich did with a healthy Luck in 2018, and had a better roster on both sides, especially OL.  Not really. Rivers did great using a ton of different pass catchers this week, when allowed to throw. And we had guys wide open all game. Mo did fine in Doyle's place. Both Hines and Taylor are catching the ball well and are 22/23 on targets. TY looked better this week. Pascal is still there. Fountain got his feet wet. Taylor's AVG was good running. Our OL has been balling out and Rivers only sacked twice (on track for only 11 total this year).
    • Goodness. This is how the outbreaks start.   The first real test of NFL protocols. Let’s hope they can get a handle on it.
    • But the Vikings also didn't have any trouble moving the ball or scoring on the Packers or those vaunted Titans. So maybe there is something to be said for this defense. Just another way to look at it.
    • Titans vs Steelers Vikings vs Texans   AFCS definitely needs to keep an eye on this. I wonder if they'd plan to keep the game schedule but force the Steelers to work remote until TEN can return, so as not to gain an insurmountable advantage. Same with the Texans if the Vikings ended up getting exposed by TEN as well.   Busy week ahead.
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