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1 minute ago, JCPatriot said:


You have to play smart and not try to cut in these conditions.  Run downhill.  You have to change the way you play.  It becomes more of a power play.  You can't go out there and try to play like you're playing in perfect conditions.

You're right.  I noticed a few of the running backs slip a little when trying to cut.  Definitely have to be careful.

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2 minutes ago, Coltsman1788 said:

Yes...think of it as a rough game of soccer.  We might just yell GOOOOOAAAAL! if the Colts cross the pylons today.  lol


Also, in a game like this, field position matters a lot.  A drive where you can pick up 20-30 yards and punt actually helps you a lot.  In many games, a drive like that would be considered a failed drive.  In a game like this, it might take several drives like that to get you into scoring position.  It's a different game, but I like it because it's something that you rarely see now that the rules have been skewed so much in favor of the offense.  Nowadays, you score a go-ahead TD with 0:30 left in the game and you get criticized by your fans for leaving "too much time" for the other team to score.

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3 minutes ago, oldunclemark said:

        I dont think Buffalo's ever going to host the Super Bowl.

Just my guess


We were one day away from having weather like this for the Super Bowl in NJ when the Broncos forgot how to play football against the Seahawks.  We got hammered with a blizzard the Saturday before that game, but it cleared up by Sunday afternoon.

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