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Colts @ Bills Game Day Thread


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Just now, Chrisaaron1023 said:

sooo stupid... lets waste 20 secs looking stupid in the snow... i hope shaddy rips off an 80 yarder.. f these stupid decision makers. leave em buffalo


Yeah even the commentators were like “uhhhhh why not try to get extra yards to make it easier for Adam???”

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6 minutes ago, mahagga73 said:

I got  lower bowl seats for 75 bucks a pair.  Don't care about records,  that is going to be nice for an NFL game.


I got lower bowl tickets for about $50/pair for the Colts/Ravens game in Baltimore the year that Manning was out.  Seven rows from the field behind one of the goal posts.  That was awesome, even if that season sucked.

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1 minute ago, HungarianColtsFan said:



Going for 2 waste right decision IMO, going for a 43 yrd FG attempt on planet Hoth, was plain bad...


Going for the 43-yard FG wasn't bad.  Getting into position for a 43-yard FG and then just running down the clock and not attempting to pick up any additional yardage was bad.

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Gotta say, these "2nd tier" (or lower) free agents Ballard brought in have exceeded my expectations, or even hopes really.

Hunt, Woods, Simon,Sheard,Desir, Bostic,Mingo.  

It appears Ballard has an eye for value.  I'm excited to see what the roster looks like opening day next year.

i gotta give the guys credit today too.  This would be an easy game to pack it in.  With our season and especially this weather.  Gore even impressed me, which i didnt think he could impress or surprise me more than he has.  I bet his attitude today has helped to keep our team mentally and physically tough today. I want that dude next to me in a bar fight.

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