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    • Need 1 RB, 1 WR, and flex.   RB: J. Robinson @Phi, Fournette vs KC WR: M. Evans vs KC, McLaurin @Dal, M. Hollins vs Den.    
    • Hope you and your family are safe.    Actually you have a point, there's some saying in NFLPA circles that concussion protocols followed in the game could be passed some times, and the player might continue to play and not be aware that he has some problem going on in his brain. They seem to be starting an investigation on how it was cleared for Tua earlier and if it was done right.    My opinion is, the concussion protocol should be able to identify such problems and make sure the player is assessed properly before entering the game. As long as it is done medically right, it is fine. If there could be holes in the protocol, they need to make it better.    But there are lot of gray areas here. Is it even medically possible to give a definite answer that quickly when the game is going on, without visiting a hospital and just doing the procedure in the blue medical tent on an NFL field?    What if they make stringent protocol, and a good number of players get disqualified during the game?    What if Colts are playing the last regular season game that they need to win to qualify for playoffs, and Pittman and Ryan get removed from the game in the very first 5 minutes, and colts need to continue the game with backups?! What if such things surely would happen in playoffs? How would that team and fans feel about that? Some fans would then say that the league is using protocol as a reason to favor some teams to win Super Bowl.    I guess there's no good way to find a perfect solution when a player gets an injury or slight wobble for few seconds after a hit, which looks like a head injury to some and doesn't look so for the protocols that are in place. 
    • but that happens in almost every game when a team loses or wins. They played sloppy but the only real break we got was when they fumbled the punt and we turned into 7 points. I can make excuses to why every team loses every week and point out 2 or 3 plays in every game that was close. We tied the Texans because we couldn't make a 43 yard FG.    I can counter and say we played average in reality, Taylor only had 71 yards, not only that KC caught 2 huge breaks, Taylor not getting a first down on 4th and a foot when we had a good drive going and when we got cheated on the 2 pt conversion. That 2 should not have counted, the league even said so. I will admit KC didn't play their normal game but not giving us any credit for the win is MEH. We stopped their run and kept it close, Matt Ryan was great on the final drive, they gave us a chance to win and we delivered. End of story.
    • we can spread out the pocket on them. our line is good enough to get what they want and more
    • i agree with this. i was only stating that straight line speed, tannehill is faster. Mahomes is clearly the better quarterback, especially in the pocket and on the move.
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